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Wilmar Luna (wilmarluna) | 100 comments Hello everyone!

I am looking for reviews for The Silver Ninja: Indoctrination.

Below is a brief rundown of what to expect and how to reach me for your review copy.

-An empowered superheroine. That's right, a female protagonist who is a superhero and NOT objectified.

-High-speed motorcycle chases.

-A beach vacation gone awry.

-High tech nanosuits and technologies.

-New York City landmarks under attack.

-A mind control plot.

-And just a tiny dash of "saucy" if you know what I mean.

Please message me via goodreads or e-mail me at and I will e-mail you either a .Mobi, .EPUB, .PDF of the book. Whichever you choose, I've got it!

I hope you will consider reviewing this for me!


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Wilmar Luna (wilmarluna) | 100 comments I've handed out some free copies to a few people who are finishing the book as I write this. However, I'm still looking for more.

What do you have to lose? You get a free book and then you tell me what you thought of it. In case you need more convincing, here is an excerpt from one of the chapters:

He slammed the laptop shut and threw it on the couch. It bounced off the back cushion and settled precariously over the edge. He put his hand back on his chin and fumed into his knuckles.

“Whoa.” Cindy walked up to him and massaged his shoulder with one hand. “Why so melodramatic?” she joked.

“Melodramatic?” he gave her a confused look and went back to scowling on his hand. “You know what, Michael just told me?”

“When did you talk to Michael?”

“While you were in the shower, I was instant messaging with him.”

“What did he say?”

He slipped out of Cindy’s hand and waved her off. “Nothing. Nothing.” He leaned forward and rested his head on his hands. “I can’t deal with this right now.”

Cindy wasn’t sure what to make of his atypical behavior. Jonas was always the calm and levelheaded one, in contrast to herself. It suited his nature for tinkering and building things. To see him in such a random fury, so suddenly, so extreme, it could have only meant one thing.

“Let me put some clothes on and we’ll talk. Okay?” Cindy said.

“I don’t want to talk.”

Cindy ignored his response and walked over to the bedroom. A sudden panic gripped her chest and squeezed tight. It couldn’t be what she thought it was, but what else could Michael have said? He had been Jonas’s best friend and co-worker for many years, until the incident at Lucent Labs (the R&D company Jonas owns) ended their friendship. If Michael said what she thinks he said, it wouldn’t be long before Jonas would come looking for her.

She threw on an old v-neck and whatever jeans she could find then walked back to the living room. The recliner was empty; Jonas had moved to the kitchen. He held a pitcher with lemon wedges in it and poured himself a glass of water. He quickly downed the glass and refilled it again.

“That’s my workout water, buddy,” she said with a grin.

“It’s good.” He stared at her and drank the water down to half.

Jonas seemed fine, but over time the slouched posture and defeated gaze in his eyes settled back in. It was as if an invisible weight were pressing down on his shoulders. She knew this, because her shoulders had become huge from carrying that same weight.

Cindy walked up to Jonas and scratched his cheek. The prickly stubble jabbed her fingers like petting a hedgehog.

“You need to shave.”

He let out an empty chuckle. “I know, I know.”

She pulled him into a hug. “What’s the matter?”

“I feel heavy. Like, something bad is going to happen.”

“What do you mean?”

He set his half empty glass and pitcher on the granite counter. A small robot appeared with little claw arms and took the pitcher away. Another invention, one that Cindy hated. Every time she would cut up carrots or cucumbers for dinner, the robot would come out and steal all the ingredients behind her back. The counter would be left spotless and Cindy would be left fuming.

“It bothers me that my inventions were used when Raymond attacked the city. It bothers me that the CIA is spying on us and we don’t know why. But what bothers me the most is what Michael just told me. What he said brought back all the bad memories that I’m trying to forget.”

Jonas pulled away and Cindy’s gaze followed him. A sharp sting radiated from the back of her throat like someone snapping her neck with a rubber band. “What did he say?”

“He apologized to me.” Jonas stood by the kitchen entryway with his back turned to Cindy. “He told me that Raymond had promised him my job. All he had to do was finish programming project: Sapphire. I just, I thought I could trust him. Michael’s gone behind my back so many times now. He didn’t even have the guts to talk to me in person.”

Cindy deeply sighed. It wasn’t what she thought after all. “Well, that’s not too bad. At least he apologized.”

“Don’t try to distract me—” he stared off into a corner. “—you know what you did.”

A morbid chill sent pins and needles down her spine. She dropped her head and twisted her toe into the linoleum floor.

“You mean when I kissed, Michael?”

“Yeah.” He turned to his side and looked at her. The light of the room illuminated one half of Jonas’s face and brought out the gold flecks in his brown eyes. The other half lived in shadow. “I love you more than anything in the whole world, but you broke our trust.”

She was tired of discussing this issue. It always led to them sleeping in separate rooms at the end of the night.

“I don’t know how many times I can say I’m sorry. I understand why you’re still upset, but you know the suit affected my ability to make rational decisions. You’re the one who built it,” Cindy said.

“The suit only affected inhibitions, Cindy.” He pointed to his temple. “Subliminally, you wanted to do it. That’s the way the suit worked. Just because you wouldn’t have done it without the suit doesn’t make me feel better.”

A heavy silence sat between them and made itself comfortable. The kiss with Michael was burned into her memories and resurfaced in the ethereal form of nightmares every time she went to bed. She remembered Michael’s hand on her chest, their lips locked, the feeling of having dominance over him. At the end of the nightmare, Jonas bursts through the door and throws a glass beaker at her head. She wakes up before it hits her, but the feeling of shame and disgust never leaves.

The nanosuit brought out the worst in her: an assassin, a cheater, a person she didn’t recognize. That’s why Cindy hasn’t worn the suit since after the First Continental uprising. She didn’t know if she could trust herself.

“I don’t know how to cope with it,” Jonas said. “How would you feel if I kissed your sister and told you that I wasn’t in control because I was drunk? Wouldn’t that make you wonder if I had feelings for Jadie?”

His words lit the fuse to her explosive temper, but it wasn’t directed towards her husband. All he did was peel back the skin, in order to reveal the raw underbelly of the truth. She was angry at herself and her own inability to resist the influences of the suit.

“You know, I didn’t ask to become super powered. I was quite content being a gymnastics teacher and running my gym,” she said.

“What are you saying? It’s my fault that you fused with my top secret military project?”

“No, I’m saying you never should have created it in the first place.”

“You had no business being in the lab!” Jonas pointed at the door. “It’s because of you someone planted that camera outside.”

Jonas’s phone rang from the couch and defused the ticking time bomb that was about to blow up between them. Cindy swallowed her temper, which went down with the grace of a spiked ball. She grabbed his phone and accidentally caught a glimpse of the caller ID.

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Wilmar Luna (wilmarluna) | 100 comments Quick little update:

- For those who haven't picked up the book. It will be on sale on June 25th for 99 cents at Amazon. This is a one day flash sale and will give you an opportunity to pick up the book which is normally priced at $7.99.

- On June 26th I will be posting a second excerpt for the book. For those who are impatient, you can read an extended sample at my website. Http://

- After July 29th the KDP exclusivity ends and the book will be posted on Smashwords. This means it will be available on KOBO, Ibooks, Apple store, etc.

As always, I'm giving out free books for reviews. So if you're interested in taking the plunge let me know.

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Wilmar Luna (wilmarluna) | 100 comments The Silver Ninja: Indoctrination is now being featured at Masquerade Books for the month of June-July.

You can find out more here:

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Wilmar Luna (wilmarluna) | 100 comments Jonas picked up the fragments of the camera and poked the miniature gears and servos in his palm. The slam of a car door caught his ear. He grabbed the ringing phone and walked over to the window.

“Cindy?” He pushed the blinds and saw a woman in a black suit jacket and glasses walk up to the door.

The phone made the grating sounds of beeps, static, and distorted audio.

“Jo . . . ear *static*—me? —lo?”

“Cindy? My signal is breaking up, I can’t hear you.”

“*static*—as? Jo—”

Silence, the call dropped.

Jonas checked his phone and noted the lack of bars. How was that possible? He had installed a signal booster to his router years ago. He turned on the TV and saw that the channels were coming through clearly, so service wasn’t down. Something was interfering with the signal, he was sure of it. Jonas turned off the TV and peered out the window again.

No sign of the woman, just a black limo parked out front.

He heard a faint ticking and rattling.

“What is that?” He put on a pair of sneakers, thankful that he napped in his clothes. Jonas leaned against the wall and peeked out of the doorway. The house was quiet and empty, except for the gentle hum of the air conditioner. He stepped into the hallway and heard the sound of ticking again, like coins jingling in a wallet.

He followed the sound to the front door and watched the door knob jiggle up and down as if possessed by a poltergeist. His eyes widened and his heart thumped frantically against his chest. A glint of light caught his eyes and led them to the key rack hanging beside the door. He glanced at the rattling door knob then back to the keys.

He exhaled and his breath trembled. Jonas ran for the door and yanked the keys off the rack. The key ring caught on the hook and dropped everything to the floor. He cursed at himself and dropped to his hands and knees.

Tik, tik, tik, the doorknob went and his fingers couldn’t distinguish which key was which.

“Where the hell is it?”

The door burst open and slammed into Jonas’s arm, knocking him to his side. A woman’s leg stepped through the gap and Jonas kicked the door against it. She kicked back and pushed her way into the living room, towering over Jonas. He grabbed all his keys in a tangled heap and bolted for the garage. The woman reached out for his collar, but the fabric slipped out of her fingers.

Jonas entered the garage and slammed the door shut behind him. He stared into the jumbled mess of keys and pried them apart, searching for the ones to the garage. The door opened behind him and he quickly slammed it shut. He jammed the key into the lock and twisted hard until it clicked.

Jonas found the rectangular keys to the Saleen S7 sports car and pressed the unlock button. The lights flashed and he jumped into the driver’s seat and locked the doors. He pressed his index finger into the remote garage door opener, then started the engine. The woman crashed through the house door and stomped her way into the garage.

As the garage roll-up continued to rise, Jonas panted and watched the woman. He felt like a trapped cow waiting to be branded by a farmer. She grabbed a leaf blower from his rack of lawn tools and quickly walked up to the driver’s side window.

“C’mon, c’mon!” Jonas tapped his hands furiously against the steering wheel.

A sliver of sunlight crested at bottom of the roll-up, but the woman was already next to his window.

She raised the leaf blower to her shoulder, reeled it back, and smashed it through the window.

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Wilmar Luna (wilmarluna) | 100 comments Hello everyone. Since my 2nd book takes place during July 4th, I felt it only fitting to share an excerpt of what happens on America's birthday. If you're thinking that something blows up in a spectacular fashion, you may be on to something.

The beating of drums and cacophony of vuvuzela horns filled the New York City corridors as night fell across the skyline. The streets were near bursting with thousands of people clogging the arteries of the city. Drunk college guys sporting Uncle Sam top hats, lit illegal fireworks. Children with their faces painted in patriotic colors, drew invisible words in the night air with their sparklers. Homeless beggars conned gullible tourists for their change. The crowd was a mix of people from all walks of life: an immigrant from Ethiopia, a Chinese foreign exchange student, a young actress from the farmlands of Nebraska. All were here to celebrate the birth of a nation.

Jun watched the people whoop and holler like idiots from the command center of his ship. He imagined one of his gas bombs detonating in the middle of the crowd; thousands, maybe even millions, would be instantly infected with his Indocrex drug. His spacecraft, the Cestus Dei, pulled into port at the West River and lit up its lights. The crowd cheered.

“Let’s give them a show.” Jun snapped his fingers. “Anyone care for a glass of wine?”

The hatches atop the Cestus Dei slid open and a burst of energy shot out from the opening. The streak of fire projected high into the air and exploded in a glittering umbrella of violets and magentas. Soon the sky was a lit with patterns of hearts, flowers and smiley faces. When the fireworks’ radiant colors fizzled out, a sickly green smoke lingered behind. It grew into an enormous cloud and drifted over to the crowd of spectators.

Jun watched the fireworks light up the sky and thought back to distant memories.

(It was Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. The puppet dragons were dancing on stage, drums were beating loudly, and sparklers were shooting up past his grime covered apartment window. Jun was laying on his mattress that didn’t have a bedspread and listened to the sound of a ratty old air conditioner hanging from his window.

There was a gentle knock on his paint chipped door. “Come in.”

Mai entered the apartment with Styrofoam containers and chopsticks. The smell of pork buns and roasted duck masked her perfume.


Jun sat up from his bed and rubbed his hands together. “You know it.”

Mai brushed aside a roach from the counter and set the trays down. “Jun, you’re supposed to leave the windows open so that you don’t keep in the bad luck. Look at all this dust, you haven’t even swept.”

“You know I don’t believe in that Feng Shui nonsense.”

“Well you should.” She sat on his bed and wrapped her arms around his neck. “You know why?”

“Why?” He smiled.

“Because you’re going to be somebody one day. You’ll need all the luck you can get so you can learn how to cook for yourself.”

Jun laughed. “I’ll think about it.”)

Jun snapped out of his daydream and watched the spectators inhale the Indocrex gas.

Microscopic nanites hidden within the particles of the gas descended from the sky and flew in through the mouths and nostrils of the overjoyed on-lookers. The nanites flew down the trachea and scattered throughout the lungs and heart. From there, the machines deployed thousands of spores which attached to the lining of the organs. Slowly the spores expanded into a fungus that sucked the nutrients from the body. The nanites then flew up to the brainstem and waited for the trigger.

One woman attempted to clear her throat, but a deep, dry hacking sound erupted from her lungs. A man waving an American flag, coughed quickly, then banged on his sternum and continued to wave his flag. A photographer, taking a picture of the carrier sized Cestus Dei, coughed and then coughed again. He put a bottle of water to his lips, but before he could swallow, he coughed again and spattered water all over a woman next to him. Within minutes the crowd was overcome with convulsions.

Jun stared at the citizens from the safety of his ventilated command center and took a sip of wine.

“Play the advertisements.”

The Chinese spokeswoman for Indocrex flashed onto the digital billboards strategically placed throughout the city for maximum exposure. The nanites were activated via a remote signal received from the advertisements and began zapping the brain stem with tiny electrical bursts. The revelers stood up straight and stared blankly at the river. The city famous for never sleeping slowly grinded to a halt.

A red light flashed on one of the consoles near Jun. He slowly lowered his glass and stared at the blinking beacon. Suddenly an ear splitting alarm thundered throughout the ship. Jun covered his ears and dropped his glass, spilling wine all over the steel paneled floor. He rushed over to the technicians fumbling at the controls and grabbed the man by the shoulder.

“What’s going on?”

The technician stared at him with his mouth wide open. His body was trembling and beads of sweat stood on his forehead. Jun pushed him aside and looked at the holographic screen.

“What is this?” He grabbed the technician’s collar and shook him until his head wobbled back and forth. “Why are you arming the missiles?”

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Wilmar Luna (wilmarluna) | 100 comments I'm back with another excerpt and the announcement that The Silver Ninja: Indoctrination is now up on Smashwords.

“Jonas!” Cindy slipped out of her jeans and threw off her blouse as if it were on fire.

“Coming,” he said.

She ducked into the bathroom and in her rush, nearly crashed into the wall trying to get her bikini on. Cindy stared at the mirror and saw a fat girl standing in front of her. Flabby arms that flapped like wings, a gut that hung over her crotch, and enormous thighs that were riddled with jagged blobs of cellulite. She called this woman in the reflection, Ms. Pressure: pressure to be an athlete, pressure to eat right, pressure to be pretty, pressure to not be fat. Ms. Pressure was the sickness that followed her through gymnastics and high school. The longer she stared at this obese woman, the more Cindy considered purging into the toilet beside her.

“Stop, Cindy. You’re fine,” she whispered. There were two ways to get rid of Ms. Pressure and they involved techniques she learned when she was a sickly ninety pounds. The first step was to pinch her skin in order to collect a miniscule amount of fat. This small sample would contradict the size of the woman in the reflection. The second step was to tell herself that even if she were fat, with a huge gut and double chin, that it was okay to be that way. As long as she was healthy, happy and loved herself, it didn’t matter what her dress size was.

Ms. Pressure shrank down into a normal sized, lean, muscular, gorgeous Cindy. She threw on a semi-transparent camisole, put on a tweed hat, a pair of ridiculous bug-eyed sunglasses, and strutted her way out the bathroom.

Jonas sat on the lawn chair she had set up on the deck. Cindy pressed the outfit against her skin until hints of her body could be seen behind the camisole. She paraded past him and showcased her toned, muscled legs in front of him. He didn’t even pass her a glance. Worse, the bikini chafed and created an uncomfortable wedgie. She ambled awkwardly and tried to pick it out without him noticing.

“That’s real sexy honey,” he said.

“Sorry.” A flush of embarrassment reddened her face. Rather than give up, she leaned her back against the railing and puffed out her chest. She flaunted her ample endowments in front of his eyes. “Nothing?”

He looked up at her like a cat who was semi interested and then looked back down.

Her chest sank along with her self esteem. Ms. Pressure lingering in the back of her mind. “Should I just put my clothes back on?” she asked.

Jonas rose from his chair and held her by the waist. His eyes were bloodshot and baggy, yet empathetic and warm. His mouth moved aimlessly, unable to find the words. “I’m not really feeling it right now.”

“Jonas.” She took his hands off her waist and moved them to her chest. “We haven’t been together for months. Don’t you—want me?”

He took his hands off her body and let them fall to his side. “I do and I don’t. I’m too stressed to think about that now. Besides, having Michael around isn’t helping me forget what you did.”

“I wish you could let that go.” She caressed his neck. “I’m starting to think you don’t love me anymore.”

“Cindy, the CIA is after us.”

“I don’t care. In fact, the world could end in the next hour and I would still want this for us. You know why? Because I’d rather spend my last moments being with you, than worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. But if you don’t want me and you don’t love me, then we should talk about it.”

“Of course, I love you.”

Cindy took off her hat and glasses and threw them on the floor. “Are you sure?” She gently pushed up against him. “Prove it.”

Cindy closed her eyes and leaned in for a kiss.

Jonas grabbed her hand and pushed Cindy back. His eyes darted from side to side. Normally she’d welcome him gazing at her body, but this was uncomfortably different. She looked down to see what he was staring at and saw an unsteady red dot sweep across her chest.

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