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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Fantasy Novel about girl leaving/exiled from the House to what she thinks is a Wasteland [s]

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Anna | 3 comments I read this book between 2000-2008 (can't really remember when) and it was about a society that lived in what I think was called the House. There was a strict caste system where lower caste were essentially slaves to royals. The main character is a maid to a princess or lady who is a young teen as well. At some point an elder royal lady asks to see the maid and tells her / encourages her to leave the House. Everyone in this society has been told that everything outside the House is a wasteland but the elder royal tells the maid that there is actually an entire world out there. She is also told by the elder that she had been born to a princess who had tried to escape the house with her then as a baby and though her mom was able to leave, the girl was left behind. The maid goes out and ends up joining a gypsy type group. She meets a boy who is part of the gypsy group that she falls in love with who has a necklace that changes color when she meets him. He says that his late mother told him that when he found his soul mate, the necklace would change color and the two fall in love. Later in the series she goes back to House and has found out there has been a revolution where the lower castes are now in charge. She finds out that this happens every couple of generations. Also at some point in the series she finds out that she is extremely important (I can't remember in what capacity). She meets her mother and finds out that she has a sister whose name is Raven or has Raven in the name. Her new sister really hates her. Later in the story you find out that Raven hates her because Raven was supposed to be the soul mate of the boy. You also find out later that Raven's mother is in fact not the main character's mother but the best friend. The two mothers had plotted together about the She also almost gets married but escapes from the wedding ceremony. At that point the society she is in has people who levitate/fly using stones. Her engagement ring is what gives her the ability to fly. Later in the series she travels using a ship that has its own mind and helps prepare things for her. That ship breaks down and becomes a snake (I know I'm not describing this right but this is the gist of what I remember) She's walking through a forest and meets a talking tiger/cougar that she later finds out was actually a robot type creation voiced by a prince that was trying to manipulate her. Any help finding out the name of this book/the series would be much appreciated!

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Lou Rocama | 435 comments Sounds like Wolf Tower and its sequels.
Wolf Tower (Claidi Journals, #1) by Tanith Lee Wolf Star (Claidi Journals #2) by Tanith Lee Wolf Queen (Claidi Journals, #3) by Tanith Lee Wolf Wing (Claidi Journals, #4) by Tanith Lee

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Abigail (handmaiden) | 389 comments Wolf Tower, et al., is what I thought of, as well.

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Anna | 3 comments That's it!! Thank you so much!!!!!

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Anna | 3 comments SOLVED

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