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the grounds outside the school.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Akuma glances over his shoulder to see Lord Death closing the distance between them. With a shot of panic through his body, he sprints forward faster. Suddenly the bell rings for lunch and he lowers to his knees, cowering in fear of the loud noise. RUN, BAKA! HE'S GONNA GET YOU; HE'LL KILL YOU! With tears replacing the blood running from his eyes, he breaks into a sprint again, now having to shove a few students out of his way.

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Lord death was really getting tired of all this Chase and run, he would not be made a fool in his own school. His expression turned cold and formal, long ropes shot from his hands. They were meant to ensnare Akuma, not wound him. He shot him down and stood over him, " Hello Akuma" was all he said before releasing his power and putting Akuma into a deep unconsciousness that would hopefully subdue his power. (( Um... I don't know of you wanted to do that but...))

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (Um, it's cool... I'd kinda wanted him to get away, and I don't see Death as very impatient, but I guess...)

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(( ok! I just thought he wouldn't want a newly developed kishin rampaging his school and city... kind of reminded me of twilight! yep, he would've taken on a more.. defensive opposition to the situation))...

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(( I can edit if you like!))

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (Well, Akuma obviously isn't trying to hurt anyone amd he is scared. A better approach would be for Death to corner him, then knock him out in a gentler way, and then take him to his cell/bedroom in the school's catacombs.)

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Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (Do you not see my post? I'm kinda waiting for your response...)

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!(( where?((

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Crazy-Person (PleaseMoreKisses) wrote: "(Well, Akuma obviously isn't trying to hurt anyone amd he is scared. A better approach would be for Death to corner him, then knock him out in a gentler way, and then take him to his cell/bedroom i..."

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(( so sorry! coming))

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(( in the holding cell right??))

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (No. He specifically has a room in the catacombs under the school. I already made it. It is a cell that was turned into a room just in case something went wrong.)

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(( that's what I meant! I'll post first& I'm so sorry for all the inconvenience and... everything!))

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (It's fine.)

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Yuki sat in the grass reading a book as usual. She seemed lost in thought..not very interested in the book at all. Yuki sighed and closed her book, not finding any information..

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Yuki looked up and saw someone, scowling. Her pearly white eyes glaring, not in a rude way. She said nothing, just hoping that the person was passing by.

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She shook her head lightly "No..just looking" she mumbled, then looked down at her book. Yuki pretended to be interested in the cover, even though she had already read it.((I have to go))

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Yuki's looked back up, she thought What was that about... she stood up and grabbed her book. Yuki sighed and wondered what she should do now.

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Yuki looked a bit confused, she started walking and asked "Are you ok?" wondering what that was all about...she brushed her hair out of her face, still confused.

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"Are you sure? You don't seem fine.." she said, still following after, a bit worried.

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She shook her head "No, I cant say I have...sorry" she said, after she stopped walking, now a bit tired.

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Yuki looked a bit confused "What do you mean?" she asked, wondering what exactly was going on..

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"O-Ok.." she said, still a bit confused..she got confused alot but this was different..

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Shina sat in the grass, on a blanket. She had out a note pad and was writing a small essay for fun, it was about soul resonance. "Just five more pages.." she mumbled to herself. Shina sighed and set the notepad and pen down. Time for a little break she thought.

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Benjamin  ~Franklin~ (beesarewonderful) | 22 comments Landry stretched his arms wide as he walked along the ground, they had a late night and were still left quite tired from it. They didn't even noticed the person sitting on a blanket until they had almost hit into her. Landry stumbled back to avoid hitting her and yawning before smiling," Sorry about that! I guess I didn't see you there!"

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Shina smiled "It's fine!" she said kindly as she picked up her notepad and closed it. She set her pen on top of it and set it in her lap. Shina looked up at the person "My name is Shina! What is yours?" she asked with a smile.

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Benjamin  ~Franklin~ (beesarewonderful) | 22 comments Landry sat down on the grass in front of her, glad to have an opportunity to chat. "I'm Landry. It's nice to meet you Shina." They smiled warmly crossing their legs, not wanting to invade the other's space by sitting on the blanket.

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"It is nice to meet you Landry!" she said "Are you a student here also?" asked Shina, curiously. Shina wondered if they were a weapon or meister. They seem nice! she thought.

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Benjamin  ~Franklin~ (beesarewonderful) | 22 comments "I am a student here! Is it safe to assume that you are as well?" Landry replied wondering what her role was as well. If she was a Meister...
Well finding someone compatible would be wonderful.

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"I am! Are you a Weapon? Or a Meister?" she asked "I am a Meister, although I have no weapon.." said Shina. She scooted over and motioned for him to sit down next to her.

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Benjamin  ~Franklin~ (beesarewonderful) | 22 comments Landry scooted on to the blanket next to her, smiling at the kind gesture. "You're a Meister? I'm a Weapon! I haven't found my Meister yet, although I'm not too surprised by that." He shrugged and smiled. There was a hope that perhaps this girl could be their Meister.

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"Why wouldn't you be surprised by that? You seem like a nice and cool person!" she said, I don't have one..because..most people..are..kind of..rude she thought.

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Benjamin  ~Franklin~ (beesarewonderful) | 22 comments They blushed slightly because of the compliment," Ah well I'm not that great at being a weapon... Yet! I'm going to get better!" Landry laughed nervously for a moment, trying to avoid thinking about that stupid fear of blood that made them such a bad weapon.

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"Are you ok?" asked Shina, she noticed the nervousness in Landry's voice. She was a bit worried, but did not want to pry at all "If you don't want to talk about it, thats fine..if something is wrong..I mean" she said quickly.

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Benjamin  ~Franklin~ (beesarewonderful) | 22 comments "Oh no! Nothing's wrong just blah not the best weapon!" They smiled more nervously now, they didn't want to unload any of their problems on the other or seem weak. Slowly Landry crossed their arms in front of their chest, trying to appear calm.

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(_ is your character a yandere?))

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"Are you sure?" she asked, Shina picked up her pen was twirling it between her fingers, like she usually did when she was nervous or unsure what to say.

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Benjamin  ~Franklin~ (beesarewonderful) | 22 comments "Yeah! Let's change the subject, are you writing something? Like a story or..." They trailed off waiting for an answer, a subject change would be good. No need to get deep into fears the first time you meet a person afterall, and if she did turn out to be their Meister. There would be time for that later.

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"Yeah, I chose to write a small essay on Soul Resonance for extra credit. Although..I'm not doing so well on it" she said, followed by a small laugh. "I need about five more pages.." Probably one more all-nighter...and tons of coffee...oh well she thought. One more sleepless night wouldn't hurt..

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