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!! ^o^

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Lord death rounded the corner just in time to witness Akuma jumping out of a window. He rushed over to the window, no way he survived the jump.He peered out the window and saw Akuma land smoothly on the ground, relief swelled up in him. He also needed to go after him, he flyed out of the window and down where Akuma landed.

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Mayu walked through the hall and guessed that Miku was sick because she wasn't chasing after her as usual. She looked at the floor as she walked, not paying attention. "Hey, theres the anti social girl" Some people would laugh while she ignored it and grinned.

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Toshi was peering out of an open window, resting his head on the small windowsill. He had a whole free period and being as he wss, he was spending it dutifully doing his classwork for the upcoming period. He had just sketched out a careful diagram of Saturn's rings for astronomy class, when a girl came bounding down the empty halls. What the heck is she doing here, does she think I'm weird because I'm sitting on the ledge of a 3-story window. Ooh, she's cute... what am I thinking all these thoughts ran through his head when he saw the girl.

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Mayu looked up and stared for a moment and shrugged. She had a laptop with her and she sat on the ledge of the other window. She was facing him but she didn't look up at him from the screen. "This is annoying." She muttered to herself hoping nobody had heard. Mayu was writing a story and she had writers block. She put in some ear buds and listened to music after giving the guy across from her a small smile.

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Toshi bit his lip nervously when the girl say a mere window apart from him, he was never to is at social contact and it intensified in the presecence of cute girls. He released a nervous breath abd continued working blowly his hair behind him. He kept glancing over at her, wondering what she was thinking. Oh My gosh, what do I say. I like your eyes? or your hair? WHAT! Just focus Hiro, maybe she'll go away? he thought, and just when it couldn't get any worse, he lost his butt grip on the windowsill and fell, papers falling everywhere.

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Mayu looked up from where she was sitting and set her laptop down. She stood up and started to gather the papers again quietly. When she had them all, she held them out to him and gave a small smile.

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Toshi stuttered and cleared his throat, carefully taking all his papers from her and making sure to avoid touching her. She's So nice helping me, does she like me or something? Of course not, she just met you stupid he thought, shaking his head and accidentally muttering aloud the word "stupid".

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Mayu looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. "Um..." She said quietly. She giggled a bit and stood up because she was still kneeling on the ground.

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Toshi gave her a puzzled look when she said "um". Why did she say um. What does that mean?? Am I ugly or too short or what? his mind frantically thought, them he realized his calling her stupid, when he meant that to himself. "S-sorry!! I didn't mean to call you stupid, I was er... calling myself stupid. I dont think your stupid, well I don't really know you... You're really pretty!" he rambled, and covered his mouth. as he realized another mistake. "Oh I'm such an idiot." He said, shaking his head. BAKA, BAKA, BAKA

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She nodded. "Oh alright.." Mayu blushed as he rambled. "My name's Mayu. What's yours?" She asked him trying to hide the blush. What an interesting guy. She thought to herself.

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((Sorry its so short))

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Toshi saw Mayu blush and felt like his whole world has turned around, he had never seen a girl so beautiful, but that wasn't saying much seeing as he never got out anyways. He held his hand out, then quickly pulled back awkwardly, while his head was screaming BAKA . "My names Toshihiro, but you can call me pyro, I mean Hiro or toshi. Whatever floats your boat" he said, his expression fighting to remain neutral.

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(( omfg! My internet it tripping!))

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She smiled. "Awesome. What are you doing right now?" She asked as she nodded to all the papers. Mayu ran her hands through her hair and stuck her hand out. "I hope we can be friends." She said with a crisp voice.

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(( I'm on my phone rn, so my replies will be a lil slow... I am gonna get in my new laptop tonight cause I'm been out of the house All day!!! and my internet tripping so yeah... XD))

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Toshi blinked and tried to register what she had said, but all and could focus on were her bright pink lips and smooth straight [ ¿ ] hair.... he quickly regained his focus and put the small stack of papers on the floor. "Well I was doing work for my favorite class.... Astronomy" he said, realizing how dumb that sounded and blushing.

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((White hair
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Mayu nodded. "That's cool." She said to him. "What's your favorite part about astronomy? I enjoy science the most." She said with a curious glint in her eyes.

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((You awake?))

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(( XD I WENT to Wal-Mart and then GOT HOME AND FELL ASLEEP!!))

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(( I'll respond soon, just er... stay up I guess? my mom thinks I'm neglecting everything except giodreads and that I only care about gr, and I'm like "um... that and anime!!" and now I'm grounded!))

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((Oh dang))

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(( Ikr!!! ))

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(( I'm literally sneaking on GR! THAT'S SAD!)(

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Toshi eagerly jumped up and down at the mention of astronomy, he was so glad the subject was being changed. "I love the stars and all their various alignments and they're all just so beautiful, celestial bodies. Ohhh, did you know that all the planets are named after roman gods? Oh, did you know that on March 31st, the moon turns purple! Did you know that on October 14th, Mars looks like a giant fingernail." he said, expressing his knowledge in astronomy proudly.

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Mayu widened her eyes at his sudden excitement and grinned. She agreed with his opinions on it and began answering the questions. "Yes, No, and no." She said looking at him. "Sound interesting."

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Toshio grinned and gathered his papers, quickly shuffling through them. He pulled out his latest sketch and showed it to her, "This is Saturn's rings, made of dust, ice, and nitrogen. I'm not a good artist, but my diagram eaa spot on according to the professor." he said, beaming. "Also you're name means, "Blossoming Lilies" if he didn't know. Its a beautiful name" she said.

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Mayu looked at the drawing amazed. "Wow..This looks perfect." She said. She handed it back to him and blushed. "T-Thanks.." She said with a small stutter. That made her blush a bit more. Oh no! I'm such a mess. She thought to herself.

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Toshi grinned, and noticed the small dimples that formed on her cheeks when she laughed. "T-Thanks. You're really kind." he said, laughing. "And you're welcome, t grandfather taught me how to tell the meaning of peoples names." He said, he walked over to the water fountain and took a drink to clear his dry throat. Am I sweating? Oh gosh, she is so cute, those dimples, and those eyes!!! No keep it together Hiro, just keep doing good. he encouraged himself. He walked back over to Mayu. "Sorry, my throat was a little dry. Um... What is your favorite class here and why?" he asked.

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(( You alive!))

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Mayu stared at Toshi. "Really? That sounds fun to learn" She said. Mayu watched him get a drink of water. "Oh, yeah that's perfectly fine. And my favorite subject..? It had to be science. It's like a puzzle combined with a secret.." She said as compassion filled her eyes.

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((Yes lol))

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Toshi was happy to know that school excited her almost as much as him. Most girls his age were all technology and no brains, like a bunch of baboons with smartphones. "Yeah, science is awesome! I really love learning about all the different body systems like the cardiovascular system..." He stopped as he realized he was rambling.

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She nodded and smiled. "I enjoy it to." She sat on the window sill and beckoned him to sit next to her.

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((Sorry it's so short!))

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(( that's fine lol, it's late anyway! I'm just up eating animal crackers and watching bleach, trying to find inspiration!))

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((Lol alright))

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(( XD!))

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Toshi glanced behind him, hoping she wasmt pointing to him. Unfortunately, the halls were empty beside them. He blushed and took a deep breath. Relax, she won't bite probably he thought. He slowly waltzes over to her and sits dangerously close to her. "Howdy" he said, nervously.

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Mayu grinned and started to laugh. She leaned her head on the window and smiled. "Do you come here often?" She asked him.

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Toshio looked right up at her beautiful blue eyes and felt as if time slowed down just to preserve her youthful beauty. "No, not really. I had a um... free period and I decided to do my work here instead of study hall." he said, softly. "How old are you?" he asked.

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She nodded. "That's cool. I come here a lot to escape everything." She said quietly. Mayu looked at him as he asked that. "Oh, I'm 17." She replied to him. "How old are you.?"

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Toshi considered it a little odd that she would come here in the middle of the hallways just to escape. He inwardly shrugged his shoulders, but flashed a bright smile at her. "I'll be 18 in 4 months" he responded, crossing his long legs together. He looked straight at her and accidently blurted out, "Do you have many if any friends?" he immediately cursed himself for saying that. What kind of dumbass question is that too ask, you prick. Of course she's for friends, look at his pretty she is he thought, clamping his hand over his mouth.

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Mayu beamed at him. "Awesome!" She crossed her legs and looked at the floor nervously. "Well actually..I don't have any..unless we're friends." She said with hope. "I don't usually talk to people that's why." Mayu explained.

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(( shoot me a link to your Cherrie?))

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((Of course))

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