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message 1: by Justin (new)

Justin Smith (halfgleason) Anyone else using Scrivener? I've been using it for a couple of weeks and really enjoy it. One of my favorite features is the cork board and index cards.

message 2: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Chamberlain (andychamberlain) | 272 comments Mod
I keep trying it J, and I keep giving up on it. I guess I need to persever with it because a lot of people cleaarly find it useful. So are you on the trial edtion or have you parted with hard $$$ for it?


message 3: by Justin (new)

Justin Smith (halfgleason) I started with the trial edition, however, after spending a few hours working through the tutorial (which I highly recommend) and actually using it for a few days, I gladly purchased it.

I first heard about it on Reddit, in the Writing subreddit. Seems like a lot of people enjoy it's flexibility.

message 4: by Kate (new)

Kate Rauner (katerauner) | 26 comments I heard so much about Scrivener being hard to learn - I saw some tutorial thing that said it would teach me everything in a year. A year! I feel like I'd have to stop writing to learn it. But it sounds like some of you have been able to use it in short order. Can text be uploaded, like to Amazon or Smashwords or similar sites?

message 5: by Justin (new)

Justin Smith (halfgleason) Yeah, text can be imported and it can be converted to a variety of eBook formats for export. It doesn't take too long to learn the basics, but I'm sure a person could spend a long time learning everything it does.

message 6: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Swerbensky  | 1 comments I actually got a discount on it last year with a Nanowrimo 'win'. I absolutely love it. I like the whole cork board thing and the fact that I can have a research section right within the project that I can easily access. I guess I didn't find it that hard to use. I played around with it for about a week or two finding things out by trial and error. (There's probably even features that I don't even know about yet) I don't think I'd use anything else anymore. (But then I'm coming off of using whatever word processor is already on my computer)

message 7: by Justin (new)

Justin Smith (halfgleason) My wife just downloaded the trial version after hearing me talk about it for a few days.

message 8: by Gary (new)

Gary (gdgoodson) | 1 comments Absolutely love Scrivener. One of the cools features not mentioned too often is syncing an external folder with .txt copies to DropBox. Then, you can open copies of your draft with any text editor on say, your tablet or if you're away from home on another computer and get work done. Once you open Scrivener again it syncs and shows you the changes which you are free to delete or accept.

I personally love being able to have scenes on separate cards and to rewrite scenes and then easily switch back and forth to see which version works better in the flow of the text.

message 9: by Justin (new)

Justin Smith (halfgleason) This serves as a good workaround until the long awaited app is available. Thanks for the info!

message 10: by Mary (new)

Mary Crawford (goodreadscommary_crawford) | 3 comments I just bought Scrivener today. I am having trouble organizing my thoughts for my second novel. It's not coming along quite as smoothly as the first and my publisher is getting impatient. So, I thought it would be easier to organize my ideas and research.

Anyone having any luck using Dragon Dictate with it?

Which tools do you like having on your toolbar?

message 11: by Justin (new)

Justin Smith (halfgleason) Like most people, I love the index card feature which allows me to easily sort scenes. I also enjoy the binder on the left side where I can see all of my scenes and chapters in one place.

I did a Google search and discovered that there is a video tutorial for using Dragon with Scrivener. I've never used it, but let me know how it works for you, because I might give it a try.

Best of luck with your novel! Also, I'd love to hear what features you enjoy or any tricks you learn along the way.

message 12: by Mary (new)

Mary Crawford (goodreadscommary_crawford) | 3 comments Has anyone bought any of the training videos available and are they worth it?

message 13: by Justin (new)

Justin Smith (halfgleason) I don't know if anyone else on here has, but I haven't, however, there is a self guided tutorial in the program that covers a lot of the basics. It's time consuming, but it gives you some hands on experience with the program.

message 14: by Mary (new)

Mary Crawford (goodreadscommary_crawford) | 3 comments Thanks J.

message 15: by Ted (new)

Ted (tedinver) | 5 comments Gary wrote: "One of the cools features not mentioned too often is syncing an external folder with .txt copies to DropBox. Then, you can open copies of your draft with any text editor ..."
This sounds great. I must give it a go. I take it the tutorial goes over this in detail/can I find it there?

message 16: by Justin (new)

Justin Smith (halfgleason) If it's not in the tutorial I'm sure a quick Google search will turn up some info. I hope you enjoy Scrivener. :)

message 17: by Rae (new)

Rae Kenny-Rife (raenforest) | 20 comments I love Scrivenor as well, though once I export a,large section, I still run it through Word so I can use the Add-on Grammarly App. There are numerous, free Scrivenor tutorials, blogs etc out there. Recommend highly. Especially love the research folder, storing pictures I'll use on my website etc.

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