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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (rebecca_ryan) | 2 comments Looking for some opinions on my current book in the works. It is a vampire/immortal novel, Currently at 28'000 words I'm really just looking for opinions on plot, characters, world building and that it all makes sense.

I am willing to be a beta in return :).

message 2: by Rena (new)

Rena | 3 comments Hello, I am interested in being a beta reader for you. Email me or PM me if you are interested in having me as a beta reader.

message 3: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Lowe | 51 comments I'd be interested in a swap, just send me a Pm if you'd like.

message 4: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (rebecca_ryan) | 2 comments Have emailed you both, thank you very much.

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