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Warren Dean | 3 comments The Forever Gene by Warren Dean A science fiction adventure.

In Boston, Massachusetts, an artificial gene which extends human life indefinitely has been developed by geneticist David Herald, and is on the market at a handsome price. In the Mongolian Capital, Ulan Bator, four tall slim figures, their features hidden within hooded capes, walk into a hospital and offer to undergo DNA testing. Soon, everyone is talking about the Faerie Folk...

Here is the link

Warren Dean | 3 comments The Treasure Hunters by Warren Dean Imagine a lost treasure more valuable than any ever found...

WARNING: May contain traces of science fiction...

While studying at a German University, Patrick finds an obscure clue to a lost Spanish treasure ship. The Christina de la Fuego is said to have been carrying a treasure more valuable than any ever found, but the wreck is proving to be elusive. It is as if someone, or something, is protecting it...

The Treasure Hunters is free for five days on Amazon.

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