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Nyx (seadnato) I read about year ago book called 'Storm and Silence' - it's historical fiction about one feisty woman who was struggling along with her several friends to give women right for vote and for women to have voice in Parliament. So this little woman dressed as man sneaked into the place were gentlemen voted for their prefered candidates....
in short, it's really lovely, funny, emotional book about 19th century . So i recommend it. author is , if i'm not wrong, Robert thiery (?).
so that's it.
Sorry for my English :) not really good at writing.

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Katelyn (katelynrh) | 836 comments Mod
Hi Natalie,

Thanks for the recommendation. In the interest of organization, we do not allow individual threads for book suggestions. You can suggest it for the group by following the directions here: How to Suggest a Book

Additionally, you can suggest it in relevant book lists in the book suggestion folder. Those lists are based on subject matter, genre, etc. You can start your own list if you don't see one for a particular subject or genre already, but please check first, as we will remove duplicate threads.

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