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Text Addict (textaddict) | 7 comments Dear Librarians,

I happened to look up Carol Anderson, the academic historian, here on Goodreads and found this list of books:

May I respectfully suggest that the works of Carol Anderson, the eminent historian at Emory University ( be separated from those of Carol Anderson, self-publisher of erotica e-books, music instructor, hair care expert, knitter, lawyer, and/or children's book author? It seems that none of them have complained about being lumped together, but this strikes me as poor cataloging and it also makes finding the historian's books more difficult than it needs to be.


message 2: by Stephen (last edited Jun 13, 2016 12:50PM) (new)

Stephen (havan) | 333 comments Carol^^Anderson seems to be the erotica author so any that were under Carol^Anderson that were erotica, I've moved.
Carol^^^^Anderson Seems to be the musician
Carol^^^^^Anderson seems to be the knitter

Lemme know if I missed any

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Text Addict (textaddict) | 7 comments Stephen wrote: "Lemme know if I missed any"

Thx. Looks like there's still:

and = another edition of 21249718-invitations??

Also for some reason keeps showing up on the initial author page for 184936.Carol_Anderson even though it's apparently credited to 7754844.Carol_Anderson - some kind of weird database problem? (I would say something about how it ought to be simple, but I know too much about databases. :) )

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