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Rock | 1130 comments The "capital" of Etern Tardor, and its largest city. Many Nocturnal live here, as well as study here, so it isn't the safest place for the deathly sick or elderly. Despite the risk of staying with the nocturnal, the places is pretty nice with a nice gently breeze always coming through. The only problem is that it can be constantly covered in dead leaves all year around. Making the streets pretty messy when it happens.

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Rock | 1130 comments As the gigantic spider easily walked to the city many nocturnals were up in panic at the site of a monster such as her coming at them. Many were getting ready to fught back until they saw, Izar? Or what seemed to be her. She dressed that way many times, but she felt ....... weaker, and why was she with the void spinners?

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 1288 comments Iskaar waved his arms. "It's okay! We just need a doctor!" he shrieked.

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Rock | 1130 comments (( It's kinda hard to do this without astra and night :/))

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