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message 1: by Taylor (last edited Jun 13, 2016 12:05PM) (new)

Taylor Lowe | 51 comments I'm looking for a beta reader for Urban Fantasy with some mystery/triller/ and slight romantic hints. It's completed and I believe it's around 100k words (I haven't fully done the word count yet). I would like to find betas that are fans of Ilona Andrews, Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs, or Diana Rowland. Also, As the title says, I'm willing to swap a beta for a beta.

Basic Plot: Zeph Callahan, a nymph in a modern day setting. In her world the supernatural (or aberrations) have all come out of their perspective closets for five years. In this book, Zeph rushes to discover who is killing wildlife and trying to put the blame on the new pack of wolf shifters.

message 2: by Farah (new)

Farah Heron Hi Taylor

Sounds interesting. I'm working on my second draft of my novel (about 95k). I can't decide if it fits paranormal romance or urban fantasy. It's about modern witch trying to solve a mystery, and it incorporates world mythology and folklore. I'd be open to a chapter by chapter swap. Does this sound okay for you?

message 3: by Ana'Gia (new)

Ana'Gia Wright | 6 comments I'm interested. I love Kim Harrison and Patricia Briggs and your story piqued my interest. I'm at a stopping point with my current work (about 77K) though I am not sure where I've stopped is really the end. It deals with Wraiths responsible for stopping Reapers who are stealing time. Send me a message if you would like to swap.

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