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Emma entered the lounge, almost exhausted. Preparing for the year to start was tough. All the curriculums that had to be made, figuring out what the Ministry actually wanted the students to be taught, it was so, hair greying. Emma reached up to pinch a strand of hair. Still red, her hair wasn't grey yet.

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Dean looked up from his seat near the door, where he had been leafing through an Advanced Potions book. He had most of them memorized, but it would be best to make sure. After all, how could he teach his pupils if he himself didn't have the material down? He sighed, then nodded hello to the Headmistress. "Long day, huh, Professor?" he commented, sliding a ribbon bookmark between the pages and closing the book.

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"As always." Emma sighed back. She walked over to a patch of comfy seats and popped down a few spots away from Dean. Taking out her wand, she gave a flick over to a nearby counter, conjuring a batch of some sweet foods. It rested on her lap, and she happily indulged on one. Finally realizing her manners, she took up the bowl and held out the small sweet things towards Dean. "Want one?" She asked. "Though I have no idea what they are, they are still quite tasty."

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"Sure, thanks!" Dean replied with a grin. He reached out and plucked a piece from the bowl. He popped it into his mouth, and chewed thoughtfully. "Very sweet," he remarked. He swallowed. "It isn't pie, but it still tastes great!" He smiled inwardly, as if sharing a private joke with himself.

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Emma refrained from giving him an odd look. To each his own. And each must have a strange funny joke that was private to all. "How are your preparations going?" She asked, eager t break the silence that had set in. While questioning, she slowly pulled back the sweets and set them on a nearby table. There was no reason to hold them anymore, and if she wanted one, all it took was a flick of a wand. She didn't feel like reaching over to the table again.

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Dean shrugged. "Fairly well, I suppose." He gestured at his book. "I'm just reviewing the more advanced ones, just in case. I've already gone over the potions listed in the basic book. I'm trying to decide which potion to give on the first day." He paused. "Nothing too hard, but I don't want to make it too easy. It wouldn't be fair to the students, because it only gets harder from here. How are your preparations going, Headmistress?" he asked.

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Emma smiled, her eyes cast a dreamy look. "Quite well, if you exclude having to plan for the entire year. I suppose to start off the year, I'll lecture about the council when what creatures were to be beings, and the others creatures. Quite fascinating, but I doubt the students will be able to stay awake." She sighed and shook her head. Not many of the pupils were able to stay awake for more than ten minutes in her class. Apparently, it was boring. But she always did try to make it fun. And Emma had new plans up her sleeve for this year.

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Dean nodded. "Yeah. I can't say I have the same problem," he admitted. "Actually, it's quite the opposite. What with people knocking over cauldrons and everything. In Potions, you never know what happens next." He sighed. "It must be really hard to be Headmistress."

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Emma suppressed a laugh decently. She kept her face as strait as she could, which was actually pretty strait. "It's not that bad." Replied Emma. "Sure, there's a lot of work, but the aftermath is one of the most beautiful things ever."

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Dean smiled. "It must be. Hogwarts is one of the most accomplished Wizarding schools in the world, if not the most. To see all these students become Wizards..." He paused. "It must be the best feeling in the world."

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Hogwarts was the best accomplished wizarding school in the world, and by far the best known. Rumors sometimes have been called to her ears that parents moved up to London just so their child could go the Hogwarts! It was wonderful, and the very thought could have made Emma beam with pride. "You know the feeling as well. You help, a lot." She reminded him.

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Dean shook his head. "Technically, I just got here a year ago," he replied modestly. "And I'm just the Potions-master." He smiled. "But you hold the whole school together, you know. You figure out the curriculums, along with the Ministry of Magic. I don't know if I could ever have the patience to do that."

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"You still taught a year." Emma waved a hand dismissively. She wasn't going to allow anyone to denounce themselves while they were with her. "And yes, I don do a lot of work, but I prefer to think of it as volunteer work. Anyone could do it." She replied honestly.

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Dean shrugged. "I don't know about that... Headmistress is a tough job," he told her. "You seem to carry the burden with grace, though. And when you like your job, it's not a burden at all."

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Emma shook her head slowly. "Someday, you might know the feeling." She looked down for a second, enough to mutter "Young people." Then she looked back up. "It's tough, but like I said before, the end result is stunning. Some of the students I teach, end up getting bug jobs somewhere. And I feel so proud of them, all of them. Even the ones that don't get big jobs. They each do something great, and I like to think Hogwarts aided them."

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Dean smiled. "I haven't really taught many students yet, so I can't really understand," he replied honestly. "But I can't wait to see the end results. I'm sure you had a lot to do with your students' success."

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Again, she waved her hand. "I merely taught the history. The other teachers taught the magic." Emma ran through a list in her head of all the teachers at Hogwarts. She didn't know where she would be without them. Where Hogwarts would be without them.

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Dean thought for a second. "Well, you hired the teachers, didn't you?" he countered. "Or at least some of them, right? And history is very important," he added. "Without knowing our history, we can never move forward."

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"I hired the teachers, but they voiced their opinions on teaching first." Emma smiled. "And yes, history can repeat itself if we are not careful. And I bet it will, the way those students pay attention in class... If they really are going to be he next generation, which they are, then we are going to have another goblin rebellion on our hands on no time." She sighed and aimed her head again at the ground.

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Dean chuckled. "Let's hope not," he commented. "From what I can remember from my own days at Hogwarts, the goblin rebellion wasn't exactly rainbows and sunshine." He thought for a second. "Students don't even pay much attention in Potions, actually. That's probably why there are so many accidents..." He shuddered, remembering a particularly nasty incident.

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Emma closed her eyes, remembering one that had taken place not five years ago. Dreadful accident it was too. A nice big hole in the floor, took a lot of magic to repair. And it wasn't easy magic either. The mere thought of something like that happening again was just....ugh. She opened her eyes and said. "Well, let's hope students this year pay attention."

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Dean nodded seriously. "Yeah... I heard Charms can be bad, too. If the students don't pay attention. I've heard stories of accidents in Charms, and I don't even want to think about it." He sighed. "Actually, some pretty crazy stuff happened when I was a student in that class..."

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((I gotta go to bed now... :( Tomorrow?))

Emma raised her eyebrows, and invitation for him to tell. Silently, she wondered if she would remember. It had been almost twenty-five years since she started teaching at the school. And Dean was so young. She would have to remember something....

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((Ah, okay! ^U^))

Dean grinned slightly, then elaborated. "Well, if you had me as a student, you may remember that I was a wee bit..." he searched for the right word. "...mischievous," he finished. "The assignment was to perform a Summoning Charm. Fourth year, I believe it was." He smiled, remembering the class period. "We were supposed to Summon a cushion from the other end of the classroom. Well, I Summoned a cushion right into my friend's face. It kind of sparked a pillow war. It got a little... out of hand," he finished. "Feathers flying everywhere... pillows exploding... It took a while to clean up."

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Emma closed her eyes at the memory. Just thinking about it gave her a headache. She rested her elbow on an armrest and placed her forehead in her hand. The pillow fight had been a mess to clean up, not much tanks from the students. "I hope your mischievousness is long gone." She sighed.

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Dean shrugged. "I'm pretty sure it's gone by now. Plus, I have responsibilities now. Before, I was just an adolescent, crazy, teenage boy." He frowned. "The only problem is, there are always others who are just as mischievous, if not more..."

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Emma nodded. "But one less in the world." She didn't have anything against mischievous children. They were children none the less. And they tended to have creative minds. Creative minds were a good thing, they were able to get you out of tough situations.

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Dean grinned at Lauren. "No, of course you're not!" he assured her, and patted the seat between him and Emma. He then turned to Emma. "True. Very true. I do have a bit of a soft spot for pranksters, though. So I suggest you don't leave disciplinary actions to me for such acts."

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((Lauren, Emma, Dean))

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"Hello Lauren." She smiled. Standing up, she nodded to both the professors. "I had better be leaving. So much to do and so little time to do it. I've spent enough time relaxing, though it was not a waste."

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Dean smiled back. "Alrighty. Well, I'll see you later. It was a wonderful conversation. Good luck with your work!" He turned to Lauren. "Well, we talked about mischievous students, pillow fights, Potions accidents..." He shrugged. "Many things, really."

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Dean grinned. "Yup, I guess so," he said with a shrug. "Let's just say that I Summoned a pillow into my friend's face, and that war ensued." He smiled. "Hey, what do you teach?" he asked her. "I'm Dean, and I teach Potions.

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Dean nodded happily. "I always liked Transfiguration," he told her with a grin. "I wasn't the best at it, though. But it's really interesting. I prefer Potions, of course, but that's just my preference." He smiled, then continued. "I hear they're both equally dangerous, though. Have there ever been any accidents in your class?" he inquired, leaning forward.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) Cassandra knocked on the door hesitantly, hoping someone would be in there. She hadn't gotten the chance to meet many of the teachers yet, and she was looking forward to doing so. She hoped she liked them, and they weren't all ugly old Slytherin bats... She hoped she could find at least one that she liked. She brushed her red hair out of her face. She'd chosen to wear it down and curly today.

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Dean heard a knock on the door, and whipped his head around. "That's funny..." he muttered. He didn't think there were any other teachers coming, what with all of the preparation. He turned to Lauren. "Excuse me for a moment, please." He got up from his seat, and opened the door for whoever had knocked. He blinked with surprise: Standing before him was a student with curly red hair. How interesting... "Hello, I'm Professor Hunter," he told to the student. "What is your name?"

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Hello, Professor Hunter. I'm Professor Cassandra Westenveldt. I don't believe I've had the pleasure yet? I'm the new Herbology professor. And you?" She saw him take in her height and her curly hair, and knew that he probably assumed her to be a student so she put the emphasis on professor.

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Dean gasped. "I'm so sorry, I thought you were a student!" ((Holy wow, I'm sorry! xD)) He grinned apologetically. "I'm the Potionsmaster. Dean Hunter." He mentally kicked himself for his mistake- what a wonderful way to greet a new teacher...

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((XD))

She smiled. "Oh, it's alright... Happens more often than you'd think. Guess I should be flattered I can still pass for a teenager," she laughed. "Potions, huh? Used to be my second favourite subject at Hogwarts, but the teacher was less than exemplary..."

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Dean frowned. "Who was your professor?" he asked curiously. "It was a tie between Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts when it came to favorites. I really liked Quidditch, as well."

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mels (padmeskywalkers) She shrugged. "I didn't even bother to remember his name. He was a real jerk, though. He hated me. And I never understood why... I think it started with a V, though."

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Dean laughed. "Hey, are you talking about Professor Veruno?" he asked. He shook his head. "He hated everyone. One time, when I was a first year, he knocked over my Calming Draught, and gave it a grade of Troll." He rolled his eyes. "Thing is, it splashed onto a couple of ants. Those ants looked pretty darn calm to me..."

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Veruno! That was it! I was stuck with him for all 6 years of potions... I barely made it through my OWL with a passing grade, and he made my sixth year a living hell... He ALWAYS knocked over my stuff! I hated him!"

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Dean smiled. "Me, too. He was quite..." He paused in thought. "Well, let's just say he hated students. Although... why did he become a teacher in the first place?" He chuckled. "I only got a NEWT level because the headmaster intervened."

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Probably just to torture us all... That's all it ever seemed like... He was a jerk. He pretty much tried his hardest to make sure all of us failed. Especially me."

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"True. Very true. Although, well, now he's gone, thank goodness for that. I hope I do a better job." Dean made a face. "You're teaching the first years, right?"

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "I'm not sure anyone could do a worse job," she laughed. "He was absolute rubbish. Yeah, I'm teaching the first years. Could I come in?" She asked, considering they were both standing at the door.

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"'Course you can come in!" he told her, smiling. "It IS the staff lounge, after all. Free for use of the public." He stepped out of the way, and headed back for his seat next to Lauren. "This your first year teaching?" he asked her, calling, over his shoulder.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Yeah, it's my first year." she smiled back at him as she entered the room. She looked around at all the other professors as she sat down. She felt a little nervous, being the newest and probably youngest one in the room.

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Dean smiled. "Same for me, actually," he told her. "But don't tell the kids," he joked. "As long as neither of us act like it's our first year teaching, we'll be fine."

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