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message 1: by Alicia (last edited Jun 30, 2016 01:18PM) (new)

Alicia Mccombs (aliciamccombs) | 5 comments Finished YA novel. Please let me know if your interested.

The Institute was created to house those who could not afford to pay the Life Tax, but we soon find out that the Life Tax may be a cover up for something a bit more sinister.
Forced to work for the Government, Melvina finds herself on the wrong side, loosing what she never had. Fighting a fight she never wanted to be a part of, and forced to work along side those she deemed below her.
Toro, whose loyalties are tied to his way of life, fights for a new cause he didn’t know existed, all for a girl who sees right through him.
Astrid, a prisoner to the country she called home, fighting for not only her life, but for every life, and the right to live.
It started as a fight for freedom, it will end as a fight for humanity.
Forced together by circumstance, these three fight for survival, they fight themselves, and they fight each other. On the run from the government who had sworn to protect them.

Can they afford to live?

Thank you,

Alicia McCombs

message 2: by Rena (new)

Rena | 3 comments Wow this sounds very interesting. How long is it and how many chapters are there. Definitely interested.

message 3: by Alicia (new)

Alicia Mccombs (aliciamccombs) | 5 comments Rena wrote: "Wow this sounds very interesting. How long is it and how many chapters are there. Definitely interested."

23 Chapters. Depending on formatting, roughly 400 pages.

ReadWriteLove28 | 164 comments Hello! Your manuscript sounds interesting and I'd be happy to discuss beta reading for you.

I do charge a nominal fee for my beta reading, and would be happy to discuss it more thoroughly if you're interested.

I currently have spots open for July & August.

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If interested, you can contact me through my website. I look forward to hearing from you!


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