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message 1: by D.J. (new)

D.J. Morand (djmorand) | 1 comments Hello,

I noticed that my author name was changed from DJ Morand to D.J. Morand, this is causing all my other works to be listed under a different author page under DJ Morand. Can you please merge D.J. Morand with DJ Morand, so that all my collected works end up under the same profile?

Current Author Profile:

Duplicate Author Profile:

Also, can we please change it to reflect my proper author name after the merge which should be DJ Morand, without the dots.

Thank you,

DJ Morand

message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 19906 comments D.J. Morand is according to Goodreads policy.

I've moved two books to your profile. The empty author profile will automatically be deleted.
Also created a series:

message 3: by Karine (new)

Karine Lelièvre (karinelel) | 2 comments Hi,
This author profile is wrong and there is already one that exist in the correct format of the author.
The wrong one is
It's incorrect, since the author is Antonine Maillet.

message 4: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 19906 comments #3 Merged the author profile into the correct profile.
Also corrected some details of the book that was on the incorrect profile.

message 5: by Karine (new)

Karine Lelièvre (karinelel) | 2 comments Thank you Arenda! :)

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