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Charles Vrooman (greenpower) | 156 comments 99¢ Kindle One Week Only Countdown Special for environmental thriller novel – “Green Power”!
Following the Three Mile Island accident and the deadly Chernobyl disaster, the safety of nuclear power frightened everyone. This prevailing attitude moved Dr. Ray Pendleton to lead a demonstration to close down Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant. Following the shutdown of this power plant, Dirk Hendrickson loses his job as head of security. Dirk convinces two of his fellow Delta Valley Militiamen to physically attack Ray. Ray survives the beating and is motivated to set up methane digesters as an alternative source of electrical power for Lodi dairies.
Dirk’s continued attacks on the professor and his projects results in a death threatening epidemic pointing to one of Ray’s methane lagoons as the cause. The infected patients are admitted to UC Davis Medical Center. Linda McCord, a lab tech at the hospital and former microbiology student of Dr. Pendleton, works with Ray to prove that the methane power source is not the cause of this spreading disease. Both Ray and Linda develop a romantic relationship while working together. Linda is devastated when Ray comes down with a serious infection caused by the same type of bacterium responsible for the epidemic.

Charles Vrooman (greenpower) | 156 comments REMINDER: Last weekend coming up for the 99¢ Kindle Countdown Special for the action filled environmental thriller, “Green Power”. Sale ends 6/19/16 at midnight.

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