The Iron King (The Iron Fey, #1) The Iron King question

Which do I read?
Catherine Bukowski Catherine Jun 13, 2016 10:28AM
Hi everyone. I am looking to read some things by Julie Kagawa's and I needed help deciding which series to read first. Should I read the Immortal Rules series or the Iron King series first?Thanks!!

I'm still yet to read Immortal Rules because I have the first book in my room. But I have read the Iron King and it was really good. But the forth one 'Iron Knight' was just eh. For reasons you'll learn as the first three go by and if you choose to read 'The Iron Knight' after it.

They're different series', so I don't think it matters....but to me Iron King sounded more interesting and so I read that one. I haven't gotten to the other yet, but I loved Iron King. The first three, anyway. The later ones aren't as good.

Well, I read the Iron King before Immortal Rules

Just dont read Iron Knight first (if at all.) lolz

I personally really enjoyed the iron fey first 3 books. Not read the immortal rules.

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