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Alaska the white ferret with cherry red eyes scampered down the halls to the Headmistresses office. She liked doing these little quest like things it made her feel like someone from the old stories. Plus, it helped the students and Isaac. She managed to fit through a tiny hole in the wall that led to the office directly. She poked her furry head through the exit and looked around at the familiar library and books. She jumped off of the book case and onto the desk then onto the seat opposite the Headmistresses. She waited patiently to be notices.

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Good news for the ferret, Emmaline was in this office rather than her other one. She was just finishing grading tests when she heard the little ferret scamper in. "Alaska." She looked up and smiled at the ferret. Emmaline gave a little nod. She sat with her back strait and quill down as she looked softly into the ferret's eyes. "What can I do for you today?"

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The ferret gave a nod in return and stood up on her hind legs. She started to chatter and wave around her little paws. "Well, Professor! Tow Slytherins have been bullying Simon Gabriel Nicholson and Beatrice, also know as Bea, Well. Sir Isaac has asked me to inform you that those two students Simon and Bea will come to your office and explain everything!"

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