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Shannon (maechs) | 809 comments Join us for a Blog Tour!!!

Title: Lykaia (Book #1 of the Sophia Katsaros Series)
Author: Sharon Van Orman
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Thriller/Werewolves


"We are the terrors that hunt the night.And we have never been human."

In Greek mythology there’s a story of King Lykaonas of Arcadia and his fifty sons who were cursed by the father of the gods, Zeus, to become wolves. The very first Lycanthropes. Forensic pathologist, Sophia Katsaros, receives a cryptic phone call from Greece telling her that her brothers are missing and leaves to search for them. With the help of Illyanna, her brother’s girlfriend, Sophia examines the evidence but cannot accept a bizarre possibility: Has one or both of her brothers been transformed during the Lykaia, the ceremony where Man is said to become Wolf? Who is Marcus, a dark stranger that both repels and excites her? And what is the real story behind the 5000 year old curse of King Lykaonas?

Info about the Tour:

This blog tour will run from June 23rd to June 29th. The dates are on a first come, first serve basis.

We are looking for hosts for reviews, interviews, and/or promo posts (these are limited to 3 total promo spots for the tour- first come, first serve) . There will be a blog tour-wide giveaway that all participants may include in their post.

If interested in hosting a stop during this tour, please leave your email with your preferred date, type of stop (review/promo/interview/guest post) and link to your website/blog.

Reviewers will receive an eBook (available in MOBI – other formats may be available). All review posts will be eligible for the tour-long Giveaway.

If you sign up, I will send a confirmation email to everyone along with the schedule. A reminder of the scheduled stops will be sent to everyone 1 week in advance. If, at that time, any blogger is scheduled for a review on the tour and finds themselves rating the work under 3 stars, we request that the tour stop become promo only (your review may be posted after the tour stop), or that blogger will be asked to excuse themselves from the tour.

Thanks to all who join the Blog Tour!!!

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Shannon (maechs) | 809 comments June 23rd:

Judith Leger - Promo

2 Book Lovers Reviews - Review

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Shannon (maechs) | 809 comments June 24th:

The Bookish Foodie Reviews - Review

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Shannon (maechs) | 809 comments June 25th:

Giovanni Valentino - Interview

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Shannon (maechs) | 809 comments June 26th:

Rainy Day Reading Reviews - Review

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Shannon (maechs) | 809 comments June 27th:

These Are But Shadows - Promo

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Shannon (maechs) | 809 comments June 28th:

Beanie Brain Reader - Review

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Shannon (maechs) | 809 comments June 29th:

Making Connections Blog - Interview

Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews | 14 comments Shannon,

I would like to do a review. Can I have the 23rd?

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Shannon (maechs) | 809 comments Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews wrote: "Shannon, I would like to do a review. Can I have the 23rd?"

Hi Greg! We'd love for you to do a Review Post on 6/23! I'll email Sharon & ask her to send you a MOBI to review! Thanks much!

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Shavana BeanieBrain Merrick (beaniebrain) | 40 comments Hi I'll take the 28 Jun with review (epub prefer but mobi ok)

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Shannon (maechs) | 809 comments Judith wrote: "Here's mine!"

Thanks Judith!!!

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Sharon Van Orman | 2 comments Thank you to everyone that blogged and reviewed this week. I truly appreciate it!

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Sheri | 6072 comments Mod
Here is the Making Connections stop!

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