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message 1: by Sarah, Co-Creator (last edited Jun 21, 2017 09:01AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sarah (stacksofsarah) | 52 comments Mod
1) New training gear for my girls! I live for Tessa and Sophie's friendship.

2) #trainingmontage

3) Good God, how does Tessa even function if she practically has heart palpitations every time Will blinks?

4) It would appear that there is a requirement that all male Shadowhunters over a certain age are a pain in the ass.

5) That 'drat' just sounds so out of place in that sentence.

6) My brain can't move away from the idea of Will saying 'mauve' with a Welsh accent.

7) Ah... the good old fake marriage plot. What a classic.

8) All this parabati talk is reminding me of Maddie's comments from book one about Will being the centre of the love triangle and I am still fascinated by the idea.

9) Oh goodie! A new accent to master.

10) Shivering 'and not just because of the cold' is another classic YA fantasy sentence isn't it?

11) Rude and a bit of a creeper. I'm liking this Aloysius guy less and less.

12) Why does stew always have to be gross in books?

13) Isn't it convenient how all dreams in YA have some greater significance to the plot? If I were a YA protagonist my readers would be desperately trying to decode the meaning behind Strictly Come Dancing with Werewolves.

14) Okay, so I know Will is being a jerk (I mean when is he not?) but you'd think Tessa would be smart enough to figure out that there is something more going on.

15) Creepy house? Check. Strange girl? Check. Angsty Will? Check.

16) And the mystery deepens...

message 2: by Maddie, Co-Creator (new) - rated it 3 stars

Maddie (maddie_heartfullofbooks) | 66 comments Mod
We're so skeptical of Will and Tessa's relationship and I love it. How are we going to feel when it starts getting heavier than just the odd kiss? *shudders (and not just because of the cold)*

Also, stew definitely gets a bad rep. Good point.

You know how we both feel about dreams, Sarah. We do not get on.

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