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message 1: by Lara (new)

Lara Zuberi (larazuberi) | 569 comments Tum jo kisi masoom ki jaan laithay ho
Kya soch kar Tum aisa gunaah karthay ho
Tum bhee yaqeenan masoom thay kabhi
Kyun ab shaitaan banay phirthay ho

Allah ka Kaun sa paigham parhthay ho
Jo mazhab ko beech mein laathay ho
Tumhaara dil bhee kisi Kay liyay dukha hoga kabhi
Kyun pathar seenay mein liyay rehthay ho

Tum jab ek insaan ko maarthay ho
Kitnon ko zinda dargor karhtay ho
Tumhaaray bhee koi Apnay hongay kabhi
Rishton ko kaisay yun kuchal daithay ho

Tum jab yeh golian chalaathay ho
Aur khoon ki nadiyan bahaathay ho
Jis jannat ki thee talaash tumhein kabhi
Us ko ek pal mein hee ganwaan daithay ho

message 2: by Amna (new)

Amna  (devilishpisho) | 3268 comments Incredible <3

Definitely keep it up. :)

message 3: by Waqar (new)

Waqar Ahmed (waqar144) | 174 comments Great! :)
How about...? Kiun pathar seenay mein liay phirtay ho

message 4: by Lara (new)

Lara Zuberi (larazuberi) | 569 comments Thank you Amna and Waqar.
Waqar, interestingly that's how I'd written it, but didn't want to repeat phirthay ho since it's already used in the first line. Will see if I can tweak it.

message 5: by Awesome (new)

Awesome Momi | 412 comments Hey guys..I write English poems..can I post them on some thread?
Like,can u create a thread for English poems?

message 6: by Lara (new)

Lara Zuberi (larazuberi) | 569 comments Awesome, you can create a new thread under the own words section, one piece of writing for each thread. I'd like some company, it's been a bit lonely here lately. Write on.

message 7: by Q.M. (last edited Aug 02, 2016 04:12AM) (new)

Q.M. Sidd (qmsidd) | 36 comments I try to live, and fail always, thinking that whatever I do in life has to be done without realising the existence of Jannat- without the significance of virtue and vice. and I try my best and I always fail miserably.

message 8: by Lara (new)

Lara Zuberi (larazuberi) | 569 comments Doing one's best is more important than succeeding, isn't it?

message 9: by Q.M. (new)

Q.M. Sidd (qmsidd) | 36 comments Oh yes, by all means, yes- without thinking about results or reward.

message 10: by Lara (new)

Lara Zuberi (larazuberi) | 569 comments I agree. A lot of people do good because they want to be rewarded. There's nothing wrong with that, atleast it's making them virtuous.
But I've always felt that one should want to do good because the heart says so. Appease your soul by doing good, don't count your virtues in order to make people like you better, or merely for the sake of reward in the hereafter--do it because it's the right thing to do, and do it because it's an obligation as a citizen of the world.

message 11: by Q.M. (new)

Q.M. Sidd (qmsidd) | 36 comments My dear madam, let us talk about a leap. To me, in my humble opinion, doing something good as a virtue even for reward is Vanity :) Thackery once said - all is vanity I tell you so the preacher is vanity too :) easier said than done I know - but still - what you believe in is what the way forward is all about. No ?

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