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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Okay so I have a very basic idea but have a lot of ways that we can interpret it. Here it is!

At Amos High School, there is one week that most girls love and guys hate. It's called Sadie Hawkins week. It is a week where the roles of guys and girls are reversed. Instead of the guys being the kings of the school, the girls rule the school. All of the girls pick a guy who pretty much has to obey their bidding.

~I want to do this with someone I HAVE NOT RP'd with before
~I want to be the guy (Shocker, I know)
~SEMI-DETAILED (A paragraph+ please)

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Awesome. So we make characters then?

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Yup! Before we do though, can we just come up with a basic idea?
Here were my ideas, but I am totally fine if you'd like to do a different pairing.

~Popular girl picks popular guy (makes him do crazy stuff)
~Popular girl picks nerd guy (that she has always secretly had a crush on)
~Nerd girl picks popular guy who has always made fun of her (she gets revenge)

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments I like the last one a lot :)

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Okay! :D
Sounds good to me.

Would you mind posting your charrie first?
I like to do whatever my partner does for charrie forms.
I am fine with simple or semi-detailed. :)

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Sure no problem. :)

Name: Lexi James
Age: 16
Gender: Female
History: You'll have to ask her, as she doesn't tell many people. She has always been picked on at school.
Personality: she is shy and guarded and will not trust easily because of her past. She is generally timid, but deep down she is spirited and outgoing, wanting to lead her own life.
Appearance: She's got long red wavy hair, pale skin and freckles. She's 5'7 and has a wiry frame, a little on the skinny side. Her eyes are a stormy grey blue.

((I'm getting off now for a little while, but I'll be back on a little later.))

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments ((Your picture link doesn't work :( ))

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments ((Aww, okay! See you later!))

Name: Jason Sander
Nickname (If applicable): King (i.e. king of the school)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 16
Grade: Junior
FC: Brenton Thwaites

Jason is the prince of the school. He's only 16 but he's the second most popular guy in the school. He's attractive and he know it. He is a bit of a player and often teases girls. He is very charming and funny to his friends, but he is mean to people who are not in his social status.
He's always been popular and the apple of his parent's eyes. His parent's are always busy and leave him in charge of the house. That's why he always is able to host the best parties.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments ((Back. The link should work, but I'll edit my description so you know what she looks like. ))

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments ((Yay! The link says that the picture can't be found... :/))

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments ((hm. Weird. I edited my post :) ))

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments ((Can you try posting it one more time in a new post? Just for fun? ;)
And then if it still doesn't work, we can start irregardless. :D))

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments ((sure. here it goes... let me know if it worked :) ))

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments ((YUP! Like I thought, the "..." didn't come up in the hyperlink on your first post.

Okay, so would you like to start? I'm really excited for this RP!))

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments ((oh... makes sense. Oops. Sure, I'll start. Let me know if you want me to do more or less or anything like that.))

Lexi sighed and hugged her bag closer to herself, her head down as she walked through the hallways of her high school. Her prison. It had only been two years here, and she was already hating it. There wasn't a day that went by that she didn't get picked on. And the chief of all bullies who enjoyed picking on her the most... you would never guess... Yup. The 'popular' guy. Girls swoon over him and he's a jerk. Lexi shouldered the door to the library and walked in hastily. She was planning on studying here for a while after school, before heading home. With mid-terms coming up soon, she couldn't flunk these exams.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments ((Haha no worries. A paragraph is perfect. Do you want to say that today in the RP is friday and monday starts the Sadie Hawkins week?))

Jason strolled down the hallways, his hands in his jeans. He didn't look like he had a care in his world, which was true. Why would he be upset by anything? All the girls loved him. He was the prince of the school. And he was pretty much a shoo in for prom king. Even though he didn't seem like it, he was intelligent and studied for his classes. He wasn't a slacker. He decided to go to the library to do a quick study session. He grinned when he saw Lexi, a red head sophomore who was really annoying. He sauntered over to her and grinned. "Hello there, Ginger. I'm surprised to see you here, studying, all by yourself." He paused. "Actually nah, I'm really not." He laughed.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments ((Sure. Sounds good. :) ))

Lexi groaned inwardly at the voice. She started to seethe when he called her ginger, but she licked her thumb and flipped the page in her textbook, trying to control her anger. When he finished his sentence, she ground her teeth together and breathed heavily out of her nose, running her hands through her hair and tugging on it hard, trying not to freak out. Calm down. Calm down. Ignore him. He's just a... "Jerk." She muttered under her breath. She shook her head and huffed slowly, trying very hard to focus on the words on the page. Transcription... translation... RNA....

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments ((Yay!))

Jason smirked and crossed his arms. "No response, really Ginger? I expect more from you." He laughed as he could see her grinding her teeth together and playing with her hair. He shook his head when she called him a jerk. "Tsk, tsk. Haven't you heard that it's impolite to call people jerks?" He pretended to be disappointed in her. "But then again, you're a ginger, so I should expect things like that from you." He pretty much implied that gingers weren't polite.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi bit her lip until it bled, her fingers slowly curling into fists. Her nails bit into her flesh, but she hardly noticed. "Go away Jason." She forced out of her mouth, trying desperately not to let it come out in a scream of rage. She didn't want to prove herself as low as he thought she was, even though her red hair might have had something to do with her quick temper. She looked up at him then, her blue-grey eyes glittering dangerously. "Leave me alone before I have reason to wipe that stupid grin clean off your face." She practically hissed, her voice dripping with venom.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Jason noticed her biting her lip and then saw a trickle of red go down her lip onto her chin. He laughed as she hissed at him and threatened him. "Oh don't worry Ginger, I was done here anyway." He paused. "Oh and you might want to clean up your textbook. I don't think that the teachers will like your dirty blood staining the textbooks." He laughed and then strolled away.

((How much longer do you want to wait until we ff? Doesn't matter to me.))

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments ((We can skip to monday now if you want.))

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments ((Sure :) ))

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi fiddled with the lock on her locker door, her mind excited for this week. She had one week of bliss. One week without Jason. There was just the assembly, and then she'd get to choose a guy, and Jason would leave her alone. Regardless of who got him, he had to be submissive, and he would be off her back. She grinned softly. She just had to make it through assembly and she was home free... She stuffed her books in her bag, actually frantic for school to start so she could get this show on the road.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Jason sauntered into school just like it was any other day. He knew what week it was, but honestly didn't care. He knew that a ton of girls would want him just so that he could make out with him, which wouldn't be terrible at all. As long as they didn't stay clingy after the week was over...He had no problem with it. It was actually an interesting week. He got to see sides of girls that he didn't normally see. He walked over to his locker and grabbed his stuff. He then headed into the assembly room, talking with his guy friends about the week. They were all curious as to who would pick them.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Assembly started and the teachers stood up, calling the room to be quiet. Everyone silenced almost immediately. The teachers gave a speech on why they did this week, and how it would work. Then a long line of boxes were shown, with slits in the top of them. Each box had a name on it, a boy's name. Then the girls were called to come up. Each girl had three choices, and only three. They put their names on a slit of paper, and put it into the box of the boy they wanted. Then the names were drawn. Lexi slipped her name into two random boxes, and then, chewing her lip, decided to slip her last card into Jason's box...

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Jason rolled his eyes as the teachers stood up and droned on about why they did this. Feminist power and all that...yada yada yada... He got bored with the speech seeing as he heard it every year. He watched as all of the girls stood up and started placing their cards into the boxes. He had no idea which one was his. There were a couple of boxes that seemed to be very popular though, so he figured that one of them was probably his. Lots of girls kept looking at him and blowing him kisses, so he grinned and winked back at them. His foot tapped impatiently, waiting for the results to be called out.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi sat back down and waited, somewhat nervously for the results to be called. She didn't really care who she got, but she was still anxious to know who it would be. The teachers moved along the line, calling names. For some of the matches, everyone cheered, for others, they were met with silence. People obviously had favorites. Whenever a girl's name was drawn twice, a new name was drawn. They moved along the line until the teacher called. "Jason Sander." There was a collective sigh from all the girls. "Samantha Parks!" Everyone cheered. "Oh no wait! My bad! She's already got someone!" To this everyone laughed. "The lucky girl is... Lexi James." Lexi felt like she had a hairball in her throat that she was choking on. Her eyes bulged out of her head and she tried to breathe. She sure didn't feel lucky.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Jason sighed and continued tapping his foot impatiently. He grinned at his friends when they got hot girls who they were sure to have a fun week with. He waited for his name to be called and looked at the box, waiting to hear who was chosen. He grinned when he heard all of the girls sigh. He nodded in appreciation when the teacher said Samantha Parks. She was a good pick for him. He laughed along with everyone else when he found out that she had already gotten someone. He then waited for another name to be called. When he heard the teacher call out Ginger's name, his eyes widened. There was silence in the auditorium. No one spoke a word. All of a sudden, he heard grumbles from all of the girls and glares being directed at Ginger. None of the girls were happy that she was picked. They all focused their attention on glaring at Ginger and trying to make her intimidated so that she would give up her pick and let them have a turn.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi groaned inwardly. What was she going to do now!? She was stuck with the biggest jerk for a whole week!? She pinched her temples and tried to think. She could turn it down, she could walk away and get a new boy. And from the stares in the room, that was exactly what everyone wanted. She sighed. But wait. I could use this to my advantage. He has to do whatever I want... I could get revenge! Lexi grinned suddenly, a hundred different scenarios popping up into her mind. Yes, this was the perfect chance for revenge, and she knew she would never get another one like it. "I'll keep him." She said casually, completely relaxed despite the couple of death glares she received. The assembly had turned out better than she thought it would have.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Jason waited for Ginger to speak. He knew that she normally caved under peer pressure, so he wasn't too worried. He was pretty confident that she would pass on him. After all, pretty much every girl in the school was glaring at her. His eyebrows raised when she said that she would keep him. He was surprised, very surprised. That was notwhat he was expecting. He got a couple of sympathetic pats on the back from his friends. He sighed. This is going to be a long, long week... He liked annoying Ginger, but being forced to spend a week in school following her? Nah, not his style at all.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments The assembly was let out and all the school filed into the hallways. Every girl had a boy following her now, doing anything from holding hands, carrying their stuff, and kissing. Some couples just couldn't wait long enough and were already plastered all over each other in the hallways. Lexi rolled her eyes, disgusted. She waited for Jason to show up. When he did, she didn't say anything to him. She just dumped her bag in his arms, and started to walk. He had to follow her, those were the rules, so she wasn't too worried. She didn't even look back. She just walked stiffly all the way to her first class.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Jason sighed when the assembly ended. He said goodbye to his friends and ambled his way over to Ginger. He noticed a lot of his friends already making out with some of the girls. He wished that he had gotten one of the girls who he actually liked, not the nerd. But he would deal with it. He rolled his eyes when she dumped her bag into his arms and started to walk. He caught up to her and laughed. "What, no hello, Ginger? That's quite rude, don't you think?" He raised an eyebrow at her.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments ((Be back in a couple of minutes!))

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi was walking very fast for her size, considering that he was taller than her. She smiled dryly over at him. "Well then. Its a good thing im allowed to be rude then isn't it?" She tipped her head a little, grinning at him, and yet it came across as a glare. She turned forwards and kept walking at a brisk pace. "They never said I had to be nice to you." She pointed out, shrugging. "So if you wanted to get your hands on a cute pair of lips, wake up loverboy, cause you didn't get them." She reached her class and plopped into one of the empty double desks. Already the kids were taking advantage of their new slaves. Lexi grimaced, horrified by some of the stuff she saw. "At least im not forcing you into anything... yet." She said, shrugging a little.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Jason rolled his eyes as she walked quickly. He had a feeling that she was just trying to annoy him, but it wasn't working. He easily matched her pace. He rolled his eyes when she glared/grinned at him at the same time. He laughed when she said that he didn't get his hands on a cute pair of lips. "You could say that again..." He muttered. He looked around and saw what some of the girls were making the guys do. Honestly, it didn't faze him anymore. He was used to this week being crazy. He didn't respond to her comment about not making him do anything yet.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Class started and Lexi sat back, watching the teacher in boredom. It was literature, and the novel they were studying wasnt exactly upbeat. Bored, Lexi decided to do something she never did.... write notes in class. She pulled out a peice of paper and scrawled. 'I know you think you're sooo much better than me, and that im such a nerd yada yada yada, well they're all lies. So you better start acting nicer or else. Oh and btw? Sarah Green isnt even cute!' Sarah green was the last girl he had dated, and really, she wasn't all that cute. Lexi slid the note discretely over to him, grinning a little to herself.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Jason saw Lexi writing something and raised his eyebrow at her when she slid it over to him. He read the note carefully and let out a little chuckle. He responded by writing, "Wow, you're certainly the little rebel. Writing notes in class? That's a first for you. And no, I don't think you are a nerd. I know you're a nerd. There's a difference." He grinned as he continued to write. "Yeah, I've dated girls hotter than Sarah Green. But you're really not in any position to judge people based on cuteness, Ginger." He then slid the note back over to her.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments She picked up the note and smiled a little at his first comment. If only he knew... "oh dont even get me started. You only think im a shy little angel nerd." She wrote back, chewing on the end of her pencil as she searched for words. She frowned a little. What was he implying? "That may be so, but im also a whole lot smarter than you. Why do you date so many girls anyways? Either they keep dumping you, or you get bored easy and decide to find a new toy. Both make you just as repulsive to the girls who can look past your face." She finished with a hard period on the paper, that was almost a stab right through it. She slid the paper over to him again.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Jason shook his head mockingly as he read what she wrote. "Uh huh, sure..." He responded to the first part. He didn't believe that she wasn't a nerd. He noticed her frown when she read the part about her being unable to judge cuteness. He could tell that she didn't fully grasp what he was implying, which was comical to him. "Don't be so sure about your smarts, Ginger. Do you even know what grades I get? I doubt it. And why do you care about the girls that I kiss? Could it be that you're jealous? Don't feel ashamed, I knew that you'd succumb to me eventually." He smirked as he wrote this. "But if you were curious? All of those relationships that I supposedly have had? Most of them were gossip started by the girls." He slid the note back to her.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi laughed softly and shook her head. "Of course I know what your grades are." She wrote, chuckling to herself. Did this guy not know he was a walking newspaper story. "Name one person in this whole school who doesn't know everything about you." She laughed softly again. "Jealous!? Hah. I only date guys who are worth it." She wrote, frowing a little. Rumors. Well that made a big difference. "That raised my respect for you just a smidge." She smiled softly and slid the note back.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Jason raised an eyebrow and smirked. "I sincerely doubt that you know what my grades are. After all, I'm the one who spread the rumors about my last report card. Which...from the sounds of believed." He laughed. He was actually extremely bright, he just didn't act like it in class. Whenever his friends asked him how he did on tests, he lied to them and said that he got a B or C when in actuality he got A's. Of course, no one knew his actual report card, except for him. And he was determined to keep it that way. He grinned when he saw the next part that she wrote. "Why thank you. You're confirming my belief that you are interested in me." He winked at her and laughed. "Oh and I'm so glad to get your approval, Ginger." This last part was sarcastic.

((Unfortunately I've got to go for the night. Good night! Please respond back and I'll respond in the morning! :) ))

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments ((Ok, g'night :) ))

Lexi nodded, he may have spread those rumors, but that didnt make her think that he wasn't stupid. In fact, it made her think he was all the more stupid. Just then the bell rang, and Lexi filed outside with Jason. Now she could talk to him freely. "Like I said. I only date boys who are worth it. You my friend, are a jerk. That knocks you off that list." She laughed softly and kept going. Sure he was cute, but she could never like someone like that.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments ((Okay now I'm off for really! Good night!))

Jason walked out of the classroom after Lexi. He had her bag in his arms as he followed her to wherever she was going. He laughed when she said that she didn't date jerks. "Oh, sweet innocent Ginger. You don't have to want to date a person to be attracted to them." He smirked. It was true, what he said. He thought that some girls were hot and good for a fling or two, but nothing more than that. He smirked at her deviously before saying, "I bet you've never even had a true kiss before, have you?" He raised an eyebrow. Even if she had had a kiss, it was probably just a peck on the lips. He doubted that she had ever gone further than that.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi nodded a little. She knew that much was true. There was no denying that someone was attractive when they're attractive, regardless of whether they're jerks or not. Lexi sighed softly, walking through the hallways to the cafeteria for lunch. Yes. He was attractive. She could see that. But he would always just be a jerk in her eyes. Then she blushed. She couldn't help it. She ducked her head a little to hide it from him. "No I have not." She said softly. She had never gone past holding hands with anyone. Truth was, the people she liked never liked her back, and vice versa. "I dont play the dating game." She said hastily. "Dating should only be for when you are looking for someone to marry." She said firmly. "Not some 'lets see how many cute chicks I can hook and dump in one week' game." She rolled her eyes, sitting down in the cafeteria, where again, kids all over the place were making out and doing weird stuff.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Jason watched her with an amused look in his eyes as she nodded her head and agreed with him. He smirked when he saw her blush. He knew that she tried to hide it from him, but it didn't work. He nodded his head when she confirmed his suspicions. He honestly wasn't surprised at all. He would have been much more surprised if she had kissed someone. She seemed too innocent to do anything like that. He raised an eyebrow when she said that dating should only be for marriage purposes. "Maybe that's why you haven't kissed anyone. If you keep thinking like that, you're never going to get a date." He stared at her, his eyes serious. Honestly, this girl was ridiculous. No guy would ever want to kiss her, never mind date her if she thought so far in the future. He sat down next to her in the cafeteria. He sighed, looking at his table that he normally sat with at lunch wistfully. Right now, he was sitting in the corner with Ginger.

((Off for a bit again))

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi huffed and rolled her eyes. "Like I want one." She looked over at him, shaking her head almost like she was reprimanding him. "Who ever said I wanted to kiss anyone?" She did. Obviously. But he didn't have to know that. She was good at lying. "Especially not someone like you. Jason? Sure you're cute. But you're not kissing material." She smirked a little and turned back to her lunch, opening it up slowly. "If I wanted to kiss someone, I would have chosen someone else. Someone who could make my first kiss a good one." She said simply, shrugging. She had no problem with shunning him. After all, thats all he did to her all day long.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Jason rolled his eyes when he heard her response. It was so obvious that she was lying. What girl didn't want to go on a date or be kissed? He grinned at her when she called him cute and raised an eyebrow when she said that he wasn't kissing material. He stared at her with an intense look in his eyes when she said that she would pick someone who would make her first kiss a good one. That stung, deep. "You don't think that I can kiss well?" He growled in a deep husky voice. Not that he wanted to kiss her, he didn't. But her saying that he couldn't give her a good kiss was a major blow to his masculine ego. "You know, I've never had any complaints about my ability." He then winked to a couple of girls that were looking at him, sending them into beaming smiles and giggles.

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Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 8438 comments Lexi almost burst out laughing at his response. She didn't think she could hit him that hard with her words. So he wasn't the stone cold bully she thought he was. This kid had emotions, and he obviously cared about being a good kisser. That, to Lexi, was somehow seriously hilarious. She controlled her amusement however and just smiled when he growled at her. "Oh yeah? No complaints? Doesn't surprise me. The girls you kiss aren't ones to complain." She rolled her eyes. It was true. The love sick puppies like the group that had just walked by would probably do anything to get him to look at them, let alone kiss them, regardless of whether or not the kiss was a good one. "They'd kill for you to kiss them regardless if you were a lousy kisser or not." She explained for him. "Flutter eyed puppies." She rolled her eyes. "I've got news for you loverboy. I'm not one of them. I have no problem with telling you you're a bad kisser."

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments Jason glared at her. It was ridiculous, all of the girls did like the way that he kissed them. After all, why would they keep coming back? Even if he was hot, which he knew he was, he knew that girls wouldn't continue to make out with him if he didn't have talent. He rolled his eyes when she called the girls 'love sick puppies'. As she spoke, he noticed that she said that she wouldn't have a problem telling him that he was a bad kisser. He thought for a moment. He realized that this was the perfect moment to get back at her. It was the perfect moment for him to turn the tables. A slow, devilish grin appeared on his face. "You'd have no problems telling me that I'm a bad kisser?" He paused. "Why don't we put that to the test, Ginger." He smirked. He knew that this would be something that she wasn't expecting the least bit, which was why it was very amusing.

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MysticMemories | 1400 comments ((I'll try to get in one more post but I've got to go in like 5mins for a couple of hours))

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