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Daring Greatly Summer Book Club > Week 1: “What it Means to Dare Greatly” + Introduction

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Alison Smith (ateachersbestfriend) | 28 comments Mod
Hello and welcome to the book club!!! We are kicking off our reading of Daring Greatly this week!! Woohoo!!!!

Please Introduce Yourself When you Reply! Tell us your name, location, grade you teach, and what you hope to get out of this book club.

Questions for this week:
1. What is an “arena” for you where you feel you can be vulnerable? Why? What makes it a “safe place” for you?
2. Is school/your work an arena where you feel you can be vulnerable? Why or why not? (PS - this is a safe place to share these things together!!)
3. What does vulnerability feel like for you?
4. On page 7, Brown describers her “suits of armor” that she used to stay at a safe distance from life. What suit(s) of armor have you put on in the past? Do you wear these at school too?
5. Who gets to really “see” you? How do you depend on those people when times get hard as a teacher?

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Alison Smith (ateachersbestfriend) | 28 comments Mod
Hi everyone! I’m Alison - I live in Chandler, AZ - and I taught 4th grade and have taught adults and at the collegiate level too. I am a teacher trainer (in STEM) and a life coach for teachers. I am hoping to facilitate a robust discussion about the topics in this book that enriches ALL of our experiences. My intention is to facilitate a REAL yet positive discussion so please feel free to really open up. (And I seek to model that too!)

1. An arena for me where I can be vulnerable is parenthood/motherhood. It wasn’t always this way - especially as a brand new mom - but I’ve had to learn that I will always be learning and improving and I’m okay with that. My new mantra - “My best is always good enough.”
2. When I was in my 4th grade classroom, my school was not an arena where I could be vulnerable. Gossip was rampant. There were actually “cool kids” teachers (and I wasn’t one of them). I felt judged. Of course, looking back on the experience now, I think that was a story I was telling myself and maybe wasn’t totally true - but it was certainly how it felt. I know now that most of my colleagues and admin were working from a place of insecurity which was extremely toxic.
3. Vulnerability feels uncomfortable to me (as probably it does for everyone). Sometimes I’d rather run. Sometimes I’d rather blame. Sometimes I’d rather control. It takes work to lean in to vulnerability (although I’m getting a lot better since this is the 4th time I’ve read this book!!)
4. This one was easy for me - Perfect, Perform, Please - that’s my go-to suit of armor. (Sigh) I’d rather control than be vulnerable. That’s still a work in progress!!
5. I feel blessed to have a husband and great group of girlfriends that I can be vulnerable with. These ladies have seen me at my worst, shown me grace, and challenged me to be gentle with myself. They have urged me to go for my dreams instead of what seems safe and usual.

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