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message 1: by Lenna (new)

Lenna  Wright-Berry  (paranormal_lover) | 10 comments I'm looking for betas that loves to read. I would love help from a readers view to help make this story even better, adding on, grammar, spelling and so on. Dream Mates is a complete Paranormal Romance, (Werewolves, Werebear & Skinwalker and Heaven (my version, not pearly white gates but a parallel version to earth)) novel, 71k+ words, 18+, mostly one p.o.v. This is my debut novel, not published yet but would love soon. All feedback is greatly welcomed, the age for the main characters is 26-30,

Trigger-rape- its what puts my lead character into a sleep like coma for her to visit a past life where she meets up with her soul mate.

Can you be able to find true soul mated love in your dreams?
Tala is your average shy full figured curvy woman that is a housewife, girl next door type, and over all a nice person.
But what happens when Karma takes Fates out the window of life when Tala is bitten, dying, and changed into something that has not been heard of for hundreds of years. yee naaldlooshii’ or Skin Walker and a very old ancestry, Tala is not what the legends all say, she is NOT a killer.
Tala is put to the test when she is kidnapped and held against her will by a rival pack of werewolves that are out for new blood.
Sani lives when towns were small villages and Native American had land as far as the eye can see. The Nordic werewolf lives as an early version of a playboy, until Tala is transported back in time through her dreams and is met with this stranger.
Sani and Tala will be experiencing a connection that takes generations to be one with each other as true soul mates are meant to be.

Please if your interested, message me on here at goodreads or email me at, and please put 'Beta' in subject line. Thank you for your time and consideration
*I will be sending it to your e-reader, just let me know the file

message 2: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Golden | 292 comments Mod
Is this story told in first person?

message 3: by Lenna (last edited Jun 12, 2016 10:15PM) (new)

Lenna  Wright-Berry  (paranormal_lover) | 10 comments Kathy wrote: "Is this story told in first person?"

Yes, both of my pieces( that are posted) are in the first p.o.v.

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