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The War That Saved My Life (The War That Saved My Life, #1)
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Lori Irvine | 8 comments Here's the link to my Digital Book Promotion
Here is my Reflection about the project.
1. Why did you choose this book for this project?
I chose the book The War that Saved my Life, by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley. I initially chose the book because it was on the Golden Sower list for the upcoming school year and I would need to read it anyway. I also picked to read it because I love historical novels and I especially enjoy reading about the World War Two era. I really enjoyed the book and decided to use it for this project because it would be good model for students to use.

2. Why did you choose the application(s) that you used to create your project? I
decided to use iMovie to create my book trailer. I have used iMovie for many projects in the past and I wanted to see how using the Movie Trailer templates would work. I started with a Movie Trailer template for a documentary. As I worked on it I realized the template didn’t quite create the effect I wanted for this project so I saved it to iMovie and then was able to make some changes to fit my needs.

3. How would you describe the ease with which you were able to utilize the application?
I have used iMovie before and it does take a lot of prep work to find images and think through the story that you want to tell. I did like using the template until I couldn’t edit the slides. If I used this with students I would scaffold things by providing images and music the first few projects to simplify that part of the process.

4. What was your reason for choosing specific music, images, and text in your project? How does each of these factors represent the book?
I went through the process of searching for images using Google’s advanced search options in order to find images with the correct copyright permission. I wanted to use authentic images from World War Two to help create the background and setting of the story. There were so many stories to be told during this time and the authentic images that were captured help us try to connect to the events and the people. I wanted to create the same authenticity that the author created in the book. I used a PowerPoint and then saved it as images to help add text and additional images to help tell the story.

5. How will you use digital book promotion projects in your current/future environment?
I would really like to use iMovie and the movie trailer templates with my students. Each third through fifth grade student will eventually have their own ipad to use in school. Creating a book trailer would be an engaging way for students to share their impressions and comprehension of different texts.

6. What would you do differently in the future?
I would definitely create folders of images to use and create a power point template as a storyboard to help students get through the early steps of creating a book trailer. I like the way the iMovie templates already have music with them which cuts down on the search time too.

Megan | 6 comments I chose the same book for my digital book promotion and I think it's really interesting how different and dynamic both of our projects are. This is pretty illustrative of how different technologies can be used and to interpret text in different ways because your students/patrons would likely come up with different ideas as well.

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