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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments ((I'll let you post first.))

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Elena left school shortly before dismissal and dumped her school bag off by the kitchen table. She smirked as she put on family guy and changed into some other clothes.

It was nearing to be pitch black outside her clear massive windows and Elena checked her phone. Some notifications from her friends about an upcoming party she didn't intend on attending she rid her phone of the useless spam and laid back. What she wore may have been only pretty skin bearing but its what Elena liked to wear in her satin sheets at night. With her desk light still on she turned on her side so she was facing the windows and closed her eyes. She always managed to have troublele falling asleep.

Elena went to the kitchen for water and heard a small sound from her room. Entering she looked around unaware that someone had crept behind her.

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((maybe we can work this party into the future plot... )

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments ((I'm excited))

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((me too!!! man where has such a fun per like you been all my life man))

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((Ur there?))

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments ((Yeah sorry having some family arguments uno momento))

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments ((I've been in tennessee lol))

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((Ok if u wanna talk bout it thts fine))

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((Is everything alright?))

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments Damien rested in the shadows behind her. He had a piece of paper in his hand a sly smirk. "Well, would you look at that, she does have a name. Miss me gorgeous? Or should I call you Miss Bostuldini?" He allowed a laugh to escape his lips. "And I have the lame name? Honestly, I was expecting something like the name Candi or Chloe even, but no...You got stuck with Elena Bostuldini, cute...So how do you want me?" He approached a bit closer looking rather menacing as his eyes were now a very vibrant red. He clearly just fed on a mortal. His pale body glistened slightly at least down to the line of his rather tight leather pants, which seemed to suit the guy rather well.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments ((I'm fine my parents are drunks and I'm looking out for my little sister who by law is still in their hands of custody. No big, it will blow over I'm sure.))

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((Good luck. Pm me))

Elena whirled around startled by Damien's presence in her house. Her initial response was to yell at him but she somehow managed to contain the urge snd instead crossed her arms across her chest to cover up a large amount of skin which was exposed from her very revealing lingerie choice.
"I really oughta get a restraining order;" She mumbled with a slight smirk on her lips. "Oh, so now I'm gorgeous!" Elena mock gasped gently as though she were swooned over by his approaches and advances.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments "Well, as the mortals say in this age...I'd tap least once." He smirked. "So? Restraining order's don't count if you don't exist. I don't even exist to the Volturi." He placed the piece of paper with her name on it on a hall table and pushed past her into her bedroom. "I must confess, I thought you would put up more of a fight, now your just being rude." He frowned clearly it was a fake pout, but he was playing it. His tight pants were unbuttoned at the top make his full V visible as his muscles flexed as he entered her bedroom. "Why not tell me a bit about yourself...No one knows anything about me, but the Volturi keep tabs on you. Why not inform me just why you are here and perhaps I can help on your tiny mission. Clearly you have been degraded by the Coven you follow being sent to such a shallow place. Unless this is so important your presence here is on a need to know basis." He mused leaning back on her bed. He had no shoes on and from what was visible in those pants no underwear either. He held himself up on his elbows as he relaxed back his chest tightening and his abs flexing as he propped himself up.

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A little smile grew on Elena's lips which were only illuminated slightly by the moon high outside with the light cascading in from the clear windows. Damien wasn't like any vampire Elena had met before and she wasn't sure how to go about this situation. Elena had to admit that her nightwear wasn't at all serving her any benefits other than the lustful gaze in Damien's red eyes. But even that was normal with all the vampires she had appealed to. She enjoyed the view of Damien shirtless but knew that her own appearance was just as impressive. "You're a lucky boy Damius," The young voltori said with a smirk. "Not many have reached this stage so quickly and lived to tell the tail," It was a flirtatious lie of course. The way she shifted her weight placed Elena's smooth long leg into the light that poured from the moon highlighting her vert much desired and envied features of the beautiful and sexy vampire. "But if you must know," She sighed approaching her bed where Damien laid, "As I said once before I lost someone dear to me and with a threat on the rise my assistance was needed. I completed my assignment with grace," As elena explained a lone finger began tracing circles on Damien's chest. "I'd say I did a rather good job seeming as I have remained with the coven for over 6 months now," Elena didnt care to keep hidden how long it was her sister had died. Her head was tilted at an angel to which her hair fell over her shoulder. "And you?" Elena asked sitting beside him.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments Damien's eyes seemed to grow dark and hungry as if he hadn't fed in weeks. He could only smirk as she touched his bare chest. "My business here is simply because there is disaster long overdue here. I want to see this place burn under the fires of the earth. Forks will become a pit that can only be imagined up as Hell on Earth. I want to see people run and scream for their lives. You really do not know how old I am. Clearly, you need a few lessons in respecting your elders. Maybe sometime before this place goes under a lake of fire I can teach you a few lessons." He said snapping his teeth at the air in front of her like he was threatening to bite her like a dog...A very lustful dog. "You still seem to be beating around the bush of your presence here. The Volturi do not leave their home without an agenda to be watchful over specific others." He smirked wasting no time in his movement as his vampiric strength and speed kicked in. He managed to turn entirely and straddle Elena sitting up straight with his legs on either side of her petite waist.

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"Wow!" Elena exclaimed with a fake wide eyed surprised look. "What are you Satan's son?" Elena knew she had to be on guard with Damien in such a fixation and upped her own sex appeal two fold. Her initial expression conveyed slight surprise but as she realized what he was doing Elena mirrored his lust. Her own eyes turned a shade of red. "So now you're a pervert grand daddy ay?" She chuckled, "I should have known." Elena placed two hands on Damien's biceps as she pulled herself into him. "As for my doings in Forks-what do you want to hear? That I'm a little prostitute vampire or that I'm here to save the poor people from your awful doings?" She pouted flakily. "No," A devine smirk upon her lips she rubbed her hips up against Damien's hard lower body enjoying the response she was getting from her actions.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments Damien sighed, "You really aren't making this any easier for yourself." He moved in a blur and pushed her hands above her head holding her wrist in place. "I was turned at the age of nineteen. I was the cause of two Mount Vesuvius eruptions. Volturi are far too prideful to sell themselves for money and far too wealthy of a Coven. You know so little of me and I know that you are not here for me. I have evaded the eyes of the Volturi my entire lifetime. They never were around when I was turned so it made things easier. I am more ancient than your leader Aro and I hold no remorse. To call me a child of Satan is an understatement. Satan was once an angel. I was like this even as a mortal. Do not challenge me." He leaned against her chest and allowed his fangs to graze along her breast and up the side of her neck. "Tell me...How long have you been turned? I still smell newborn blood on you...Yet, you can change your eye color at will...interesting. I truly hope to discover your secret there."

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Elena's lips parted in slight surprise but she quickly regained herself and replied, "Fine. I'm meant to scout out a potential assassination target. Little female with a squeaky voice," Elena said with slight annoyance. Speaking of which, the little girl was quite an annoyance in the coven despite her blood line her voice was incredible aggravating and she had yet to display any good usage towards the Voltori. This sure was enjoyable Elena had to admit between pinned between her bed and the vampire, it didn't happen often and she didn't have much to oppose with what was happening currently. As to what the Volyori would think she didn't really give a shit as long as she was scouting out a potential threat or ally. "I must say you are quite the vampire," She said lifting her lips to graze Damien's earlobe, "I may be young yes but I am oh so unpredictable. I wouldn't go getting your hopes on learning everything about me Damius," She said with a grin her eyes now fully red. Her own fangs began to appear matching the surprising size of Damien's own.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments Damien grinned his fangs barred. "The name, if you are so keen on saying it like that, is Damianus. I won't bother with my full name as it leads into mortal mythology and how a particular god came to be in the pantheon." He once again dismissed himself and growled low...He pushed a bit more pressure into her hips as he slid his body from straddling her to between her thighs. Pushing a bit as he licked her neck his fangs grazing her skin a bit harder this time. "You make me hungry...You make me want to fuck on a pile of lifeless drained mortals. I am already intrigued...Now I must know more." He said teasingly as he grinded between her hips ever so gently and rough all at once still holding her wrist above her head tightly.

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An involuntary response to the rougher graze of Damien's fangs along Elena's smooth neck prompted her to tilt her head backward, stretching her skin to expose her vulnerable throat. "Dominos Damien yada yada yada," She muttered her eyes fluttering shut for a moment. Not willing to be taken by this egotistical vampire, Elena gently but firmly removed his body from hers with a strong push from her hips. Not only would it earn some sexual rising from the god vampire it would most likely impress him she hoped. Elena smirked at his slight surprise and asked, "What, you aren't going to spend the night?" She purred like a kitten in a false pout she laid back.

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((omg my class attended a students vs teachers basketball game and my science teacher was bumping up against one of the boys. I was dying. He was most defiantly getting a boner from it XDDDD ))

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments ((OMG lmfao hahahaha who the boy getting one or the teacher sounds kinda hot lmao.))

((Sorry to bring this up but could you lighten up on the Powerplaying? Elena smirked at his slight surprise. His reaction would have to be my own writing as it is my character...Sorry, that just bothered me a bit.))

Damien was unsure if he should take what he wanted to begin with or kill her now. Instead, he went against his nature and simply held her eyes. "I would certainly stay the night, but I am more of a hit and run kind of guy. Be happy if I run you will still be here alive. Not many get away with their lives." He told her with a clever grin.

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Elena rolled her eyes at Damien's comments about his own self boasting. "Stop with the excuses-you know you wanna stay." She said in a seductive tone. "So why not? There's really no need for violence to ensue for only 11 hours. Certainly which a decorated Vampire can sustain one night with a vampire like me, that's gotta be a piece of cake for you!" Elena said.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments Damien held her gaze still yet and seemed to question his own moral code to have no morals at all. He felt confused for the first time in his own mind and body. "A part of me wants to fuck you so hard that you feel like you are being ripped apart...Another part of me, for some unknown reason, wants to simply kiss you and rub my body against yours gently in a way two lovers might simply for the closure of the matter. Forgive my indecisiveness on the situation, Elena. Something about you is putting different parts of my body on edge. I question to trust being around you for too long, but at the same time I'm drawn by your presence in a way that I have not experienced for over six centuries." He explained himself fully having no thoughts to hide. He was a cocky arse, but he was an open book too.

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Elena pouted. "You'd have to have my consent to fuck me to pleasure like you imagine,

((Im gonna assume he lets go of her hands by now))

She creeps forward on hands and knees across the bed to pull Damien to her by hooking her finger in his jean belt section. "Just lie down with me," She looked up at him with almost unrejectable playful eyes. "Elena I am I could be that of yours," She murmurs placinf a kiss on his lower ab but pulls away to display she doesn't intend on sexual interactions that nivht. "I really doubt we both will get much sleep without the others presence having been you have come here without invite you might as well leave with consent," Elena adds her voice trailing off. "Just stay," She said her voice flat.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments Damien still could not put his finger on what about this vampire intrigued him the most. She was young, yet seemed so relaxed in the presence of a much older vampire. He began to wonder if she acted this way around the three high whiney kings of the Volturi. They too were rather ancient and if so it showed her lack of discipline and respect which sort of turned him on a bit more. As her fingers slid through his belt loops he allowed the corner of his lip to twitch with a devious smirk. "Alright...I'll stay the night. I'll leave you with your consent tomorrow, then?" He couldn't help but study her every feature. Perhaps, he could have had this a number of times in his past were it not due to his temper leading to dead people. "Elena...Perhaps, if we learn to be closer at this rate I will learn all the features about you that intrigue me the most. I am a curious boy after all." He smirked and laid more relaxed on his side his head propped up on one arm as he watched her. He felt so vulnerable it frightened him to think what might happen.

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Elena smiled, happy and delighted she managed to win over the vampire's pride. "It'll take time to know me Damien," She said softly her head lying side ways on her pillow so she could watch him while they spoke. Elena's covers were most comfortable and she enjoyed the company in her bed. "I appreciate you remaining by my side Damien," She adds on a softer and more genuine tone than what she usually sounds like. "Once you get to know me, hopefully you'll want to stick around," A slight sad tone was laced in her words but she tried to push the memories of a bad x away from ber but it managed to appear upon her face for only a moment before disappearing. Elena was pleased by the fact their converaatjonwas growing and she was able to learn more things about the older vampire with her simple yet effective request one of which she had expected to be denied.

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Damien had no idea truly how to react to her at this point. She was pushing walls up and breaking a few all at once and he saw it as her facial expression seemed to change almost as quickly as her tone of voice. He studied her a bit more. "Curious, you expose so much...then you hide so much more. I stay because I hold great interest in you for reasons unknown to myself. Do not confuse this action with affection of any sorts. No one can make me stay. It is bad enough I have allowed you to know me for this long. My life is in grave danger and I cannot stay in one place very long. If you must know I am valued treasure to your Coven. Nothing would please Aro more than to have me in his collection or to use my blood to make more of an ancient bloodline." Damien's real reason for moving was that he talked too much and he gave all his secrets out in seconds. His rage destroyed cities and his mouth has cost just as many lives who threaten to expose him. He hated to think that he would have to leave her or kill her having no other choice apart from the two at hand. "Don't linger on me staying...Just enjoy my company while it last."

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"If you keep blabbing on about this stuff you might as well leave because it's putting me to sleep!" Elena said with a soft giggle. The vampire seemed to have trouble responding to the things she said and she wondered where it was that it came from. "Affections?" She breathed out, "Phft," A small smile appeared upon her lips, "Don't flatter yourself darling." There was a soft twinkle in Elena's eye that was slightly unusual. She turned her back to Damien and closed her eyes tenderly.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments Damien had no choice but to sigh and wonder if he should go or if he should just lay where he was. He was beyond the need of sleep. It usually went after a century. There was no need for sleep once your body came to accept that you were dead just like breathing eventually the habit of inflating the lungs with air would go. Unfortunately, more than the habit of breathing and sleeping went with Damien. He basically lost all of the things that make mortals human. He had very little morals, he had lost nearly all emotions apart from: Anger; Rage; Hatred; and Lust, and he was basically a hot mess given a hot power and a huge ego boost. "What would you like me to talk about then?" He asked instinctively sliding close to her backside and forming his body to fit to her form. He wrapped his arm around her waist and frowned. He was unsure what made him do what he just did, but he accepted there was no turning back.

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"Your first kill. Was it innocence or a virtue?" She asked her eyes forward blinking. She felt slightly safe with Damien's arm around her. He was still three times the vampire she could ever be. "Was it male-female? Was it blonde? was it bloody? Was is vicious?" She could go on with the curiosity lingering in her mind. Elena sighed her hip rising and falling with the bodily response to exhaustion seeming into her body. Why was she acting this way, she wondered. Elena's skin was raging in response to Damien's hand upon her. It send electricity through her exquisite body and more. "So this is what it's like," She murmured her voice too low for even Damien to understand what it was she said. Elena wasn't even aware that this posed any complications towards Damien.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments Damien frowned with a light sigh..."My first kill was my father. Once I had been turned he was the first to find my body. They had no idea that in just a few hours I would become a monster that had an insatiable taste for their blood. First, my father, then my older brother, and last my own mother. I still had a little sister and a little brother who escaped before I could get to them. I'm not sure how they got past my senses, but they did. In a matter of days I was found by the ruling Coven long before the founding of the Volturi. I was imprisoned in a temple built into the side of the volcano. Finally, my hunger got the best of me after a month of being chained to the walls of that place. That was when my powers truly became known. The mountain shook and I was freed by the earthquake. I killed everyone in sight and my rage grew until..." He trailed off. He wasn't giving the full real story, but this was the best he could do without trying to resurface ancient memories that he had long buried. "That was the first time in nearly three thousand years that the mountain had erupted. The villagers tried to flee, but there was no escaping the wall of ash. A crater in the ocean formed and no one was safe." He frowned..."You are a curious Vampire...Your body seems tired like a mortals, but you seem tense."

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Elena looked over her shoulder. "Tense?" She asked. "Yah because I would totally be relaxed with a vampire who triggers earthquakes...because that makes total sense!" She exclaimed with clear sarcasm. In all honest the question she posed to Damien conjured up long memories of her own she had worked years to cover. This vampire wasn't doing her secret keeping ability any good what so ever. In fact she seemed drawn to get everything off her chest since she performed her first unpleasant deed upon being turned. Elena blinked and sighed softly, her body was indeed tense. She hadn't accounted for an uncpected vampire to appear in Forks then find herself spooning with him.

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Spooning with him late at night in her new home. She wasn't entirely sure if anything in her life was ever planned or ever actually went according to plan. Elena's eyes flickered back to Damien. "Can I see?" She asked suddenly. "Your fangs?" Elena turned around so she could look at Damien but they were still incriebl close.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments Damien smiled, as his fangs grew out like sharp dog-like canines. "Yeah, why?" He was unsure what her intentions were at this point. She wanted him to stay, but she was uncomfortable with him. He had no idea what was playing in her mind at this moment. He just knew that she had to be somewhat crazy to even consider him good company. Naturally, this only intrigued him more.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments ((Sorry it's so short dear. I'm exhausted.))

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((Ima make her seem really creepy so just watch out))

Elena seemed intrigued by his fangs and leaned forward. Sticking out her tongue she licked one and then the other and withdrew, her tongue licking her lips she appeared to let put what could only be considered a low murmur of approval. Elena then laid back down maintaining the space they had before. "Why did you kiss me today?" She asked her mind wandering to earlier events.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments Damien made a strange twitch at the corner of his lip. He raised an eyebrow. "Well, I believe it may be for the same reason you just tasted my fangs." He leaned froward and rubbed his nose gently at her neck and grazed his fangs against her skin before pulling his lips together into a kiss. He slowly pulled back..."You taste good. Strange, but you certainly do taste good." He watched her for a moment before moving to wrap his arm around her again..."For a vampire you certainly seem tired. You really are strange." He said it, but it wasn't at all in an offensive form it was like he was studying her smallest details and features that set her apart from other immortals like he was trying to see a mortal in her.

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"Alright, I may have said cut to the chase clearly I am wrong," She giggled, "Now really, why did you kiss me?" She asked blinking. Elena wasn't even sure as to why she licked his fangs. Maybe for sizing up or more her thoughts were straight as she felt more comfortable around her. This isn't safe she warned herself. "It's time to set some boundaries mister," She said with a slight smile while trying to make it appear as though this is what she truly wanted. "No kissing-licking or touching the merchandise," Her lips parted to reveal a smile. What did I just say? She wondered realizing how much she desired his touch. Fuck...

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fuck I'm busy tomorrow XD

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u there?

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Damien went into full grin. He wasted no time in playing these boundaries. His hand moved to the calf of her leg and slowly began to slide up to her thigh. "You know that would have all been fine...but the thing about being as ancient as I am I have learned to ignore rules. I have no need for them, you see." His hand slid a bit higher. "Perhaps, you will understand that I hold boundaries in the same view." He smirked and moved ever so closer to her. His body pressed rather close to hers.

((Question, are they facing one another or in spooning position?))

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((facing..which way works better for him/you?))

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Elena's lips parted at his touch and instinctliyl sh placed her hands on his chest to stop him. Her eyes were drawn down to the placement of his "ancient hand." Oh man, she mentally groaned. Electricity drew throughout her body. But fear, unknown and dangerous-it spread out and her eyes even exposed it as well. She freaked as memories poured through and she began grappling away from him-her eyes wide, her breathing heavy and her hair suddenly messy. Sweat broke all around her trembling body.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 57 comments ((She can face him.))

Damien sat up rather startled. "Unfortunately, I fear I understand your condition more. Tell me...Are you one of those mortal hybrids? I haven't seen one in ages, but you certainly are here, but you are so different. My apologies if I frightened you by my touch. Won't you please forgive my eagerness with such a lovely form. My inner lustful side is hard to maintain." He admitted.

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Elena looked really nervous. Unlike her original interactions with Damien something rose from the depths of her mind. She was scared. She kept him at arms length trying to regain her breath confidence and beating heart.

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Fear crept into her pupils and made her hair stand on end. Her pulse was racing along with her poor heart. Elena tried to speak but she was having difficult. It was obvious Damien triggered a bad memory.

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