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The forrest seemed to be reaching out to grab Shawn as he crashed through the overgrown forrest, branches and twigs slapped against his face and roots tried to tangle his feet. The sound of his heavy breaths echoing in his own ears overwhelmed all other sounds. Shawn did not know where he was or how he got there; his mind was hazy but memories were beginning to return, flashing to the front of his mind. A fallen tree interrupted Shawn's path and he stumbled briefly; the short pause in his pace left an opening for emotions to boil forward, namely fear and confusion.

"Shawn.... Shawn... wake up!" the memory of the voice echoed in Shawn's mind clearly. He had awaken to find his dragon, Blade, nudging him with his snout. He rolled over, his mind completely void of recent memories, and began gagging until he had successfully emptied the contents of his stomach.
"Shawn," the dragon said again, pulling Shawn to his feet abruptly. Shawn spat to the side an noticed Violet approaching him quickly.
"Vi," he huffed, rubbing his head, "What happened?"
Violet ignored his question, but retorted with her own, anger clearly written in her eyes, "What are you?"

Shawn slowed as he approached a large river, his focus snapping out of his most recent memory. He glanced behind him and tried to listen for sounds of pursuit. Another memory ripped through his mind, deafening him to reality. He doubled over, one hand pressed against his ear, the other hit the earth, steadying him. The sounds of his own screams pierced his mind, the pain of some internal fire threatened to return. The memory faded and Shawn stared down at the sweat beading on the back of his clawed hand buried in the muddy riverbank. He sucked in a quick breath and forced himself to stand and face the river.

The river's current swept Shawn far downstream before he managed to pull himself onto the opposite bank. This new part of the forrest was incredibly silent, the air settled heavily around Shawn. He leaned back as he paused to catch his breath. The stars seemed to be staring at him, wondering where he was going next. The wings, which had been handling uselessly from his back, were now incredibly heavy with water from the river. The weight would be impossible to carry, Shawn knew. What he didn't know was how to make the wings move so he could shake the water out.

He focused on the new muscles that had formed in his back but a sharp sound upriver caught his attention. With tension in every muscle, and too panicked to think of a plan, Shawn stumbled for a tree that looked decently hidden from the river and used his claws to pull himself into the thick branches, water streaming from his wings and down his legs as he climbed.

After settling on the highest branch that could hold his weight, Shawn focused his attention again on the river, pleasantly surprised by how well he could now see, despite the only source of light being the stars above.

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Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) | 4213 comments Mod
((I had an idea, so I just picked a direction and ran with it. I hope that's okay))

Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments ((That is more than okay, it's awesome.

*Cracks knuckles* Let's do this))

Violet's eyes narrowed on Shawns retreating figure, and she turned to exchange glances with the Dragon at her side. "Well." She bit out acidily. "This is new and exciting."

New and exciting, and regrettably, very unfortunate. Though Violet's question had been laced with restrained fury, it was not a boiling anger but an iny, lethal rage.

Because she could count the answers to what Shawn might be on one hand, and none of them bode well. Lips pursed, she closed her eyes and tried to swallow down the feeling of betrayal that threatened to overtake her.

He'd told her she was a human ((or elf, I honestly don't remember and I'll just edit it then)). Had he lied?

What had he not told her?

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((It's been awhile since we've role-played together. I'm excited to see how our styles have changed.))

Blade shifted nervously, trying to decide if he should go and find Shawn or if he would be more help distracting Violet. He could read the rage on her face clearly.
"Violet," the dragon began to speak, thinking back on the confrontation scene that just took place. It mostly involved Shawn screaming, "I don't know" with his hands pressed against his head as Violet questioned him. It ended when flames exploded in a circle around the three of them, a result of Shawn's uncontrolled magic. Fear settled in his eyes and he dashed into the woods.

((Memory clarification: I think Blade told Shawn about his dad's deal with the dragons, but I'm assuming Violet would not know that. I will use the amnesia to block that memory, because I think that will had some tension to Shawn's character.))

Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments ((Same, girl, same. I'll be right back in like 5, I have to walk to my naighbor's house because she's away while these contractors are stopping by.))

((Thank you for that. I'm going to operate under the belief that Violet didn't hear it - I think she did, but I also think that it'd be better for us to reestablish where our characters stand on it now rather than basing it off of how we barely remember.))

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) | 4213 comments Mod
((Okay, that could be good. We could say Blade told Shawn telepathically? since that's a thing they do.))

Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments ((Sounds totally fine to me. Should we place it at like... a week aftedr the events of book one? That would be probably for Violet not having figured out the situation at full))

Knowing she'd only interrogate him with even more voraciousness, Violet turned her thoughts from Shawn. She looked around to the lingering patches of fire that Shawn's outburst had left scattered in it's wake, flaring like small patches of starlight amid the backdrop of towering foliage and dense underbrush. "Don't do anything." She murmured to the dragon. "I sense I might needc to get better at managing this."

Looking around, she huffed, and felt the ice inside her veins subside. "Fire. Of course." She chuckled under her breath. The one element she had no control over. Fate was cruel, really.

"No because he couldn't possibly have had control over flowers, or rabbits." She continued to ramble as she carefully pressed her palms together and rapidly tore them apart. Her ears popped as the she forced the air around her away, creating a vacuum that quickly expanded to envelop both the dragon and the flames spreading around her. One by one the stars winked out around her as the vacuum spread. When they'd all dissipated, she let her hands come back together as the air returned in a sudden rush.

"It had to be fire." She glanced around and realized that the campfire they'd made, where breakfast had been cooking, had also been extinguished. She groaned audibly. "I hate fire!"


((I'm actually literally thrilled that she can't use fire, because I just checked back on her character sheet from the original rp and saw it and it's perfect.))

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) | 4213 comments Mod
((I was thinking that Shawn lost his memory about how they got out of the place where he changed - they were infiltrating some sort of hold, weren't they? And he woke up shortly after. So last anyone knows, their mission was bust, Violet has no idea what happened, but Shawn now has wings and he can't remember anything but the pain))

((haha yeah it is perfect! And that's the only element Shawn can use. He never knew why he could use it before, since his type aren't really magically inclined. I chose it because it was the first part of his halfling-ness that was manifested, but he could never control it well))

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"You've spent an awful lot of time around fire, all things considered," Blade shrugged before blowing a small flame back on the campfire.

He thought that if he remained calm, Violet's temperament would soon subside. He could tell her what just happened, but something told him that right now, that information would just make things worse.

((uh sorry that's so short...))

Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments ((Aw, just like old times. I'm honestly so mad because the post I just wrote for Thorn didn't save just now so I get to retype it.

Awesome. We could have Shawn have literally been unconscious from the transformation for the week. And then instead of reaching the guy in the stronghold, when he transitioned, after Blade told him what was wrong, Shawn just went unconscious and they all had to evacuate until he woke up.

He and Blade could have been talking while he was asleep? I'm just spitballing here))

((This is so great. I'm so stoked to be back with these characters.))

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) | 4213 comments Mod
((Perfect, I like that! The extra time can add to Shawn's disorientation.

hm. I hadn't thought of that. Possibly. Would you suggest those such memories of their conversation return to Shawn over time?

Also, who was the guy they were going for again?))

Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments (( No worries, I'm writing my Thorn intro so in the meantime I'll toss this so you aren't left out cuz I'd feel bad))

"It'd be more fitting to say I've spent a long time avoiding fire, honestly." She looked indignantly at the small flame that had been relit. Not a single spark had missed it's mark. Not too large a flame, not too small a flame. Flawless execution.

"I resent your dragon-y dedication to perfection, for the record." She growled, glaring at him as she crossed her arms.

Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments Thorn was walking back from the nearby tavern, where he and James had been gleaning the locals for information on Council activity in exchange for copious amounts of meade. As dawn approached, James had told him to return to the camp without him on the grounds that he "business to attend to in the city." Thorn knew not to question the him, especially considering that the vampire hadn't eating in nearly two weeks.

Thorn knew that Violet wouldn't be pleased with how much of their finances he'd depleted in the name of paying off bar tabs, but he also knew that she'd be secretly pleased that the stores were depleted. She'd been biting for action, and nursing an unconscious...... bat.... thing, was neither his nor her preferred activity. It had been driving her up the wall, but not just because Shawn was unconscious.

As he walked, Thorn began to whistle to himself. He'd walked about a mile and half when the leaves rustled overhead. Several small twigs spilled at his feet, followed by twilring leaves. Still holding the note he'd been whistling, Thorn scanned the trees above him, where he made out the figure of Shawn.

They saw each other at the same moment.

Thorn looked at the road that veered to the right, then back up to the bat-man above him. The bat-man that was distinctly "Not His Problem." He frowned with distaste. Why was he hesitating?

My conscience is telling me that I should help him. He realized, still holding the note. Then suddeny he cocked his head.

Wait... I don't have a conscience.

Satisfied with this, he continued his whistiling and took the first few steps down the road, away from the boy-bat.

Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments ((Blessed))

((I vote your call, to be honest. I don't know them like the back of my hand enough to know how that would affect them))

((Uhhhhhhh dang. I'll go find it because why not lol))

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) | 4213 comments Mod
((haha okay, if you can't find it, we can throw in a different complication.. idk. Sorry, just got back, I'll read what you wrote now. Today is ending up busier than I thought it would be))

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"Hey, I've been in the business for a long time now. I sure hope I can create a perfect fire," Blade laughed, sitting back on his haunches.

They had been camped here for a week, waiting for Shawn to awake from his coma. They were in the middle of a small clearing in the most isolated forest they could find. They hadn't seen another being the entire time.


The noises Shawn had heard upriver grew closer and he froze, clinging the tree as if it could somehow turn him invisible. The minutes drug on as Shawn waited for his pursuer. Shawn thought with worry about how slow she was coming. Finally a crack of a twig sounded below and Shawn peered through the trees until his eyes met with.... Thorns? Shawn gasped, mostly surprised that it wasn't Violet. What was Thorn doing here? Did Vi send him?

((ugh sorry I have to go AGAIN!))

Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments ((Honestly I've totally forgotten, but if I remember correctly, it was the guy who put the Blood Contract on Violet (which is this dark tattoo thing on her arm, that hurts more the longer it lasts). It had been lying dormant because there was no way Violet knew about the Halfling but it had been randomly awakened and Violet wanted it off. I might be wrong but I think that was the biggest issue. Maybe he also took someone hostage, I dunno))

Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments ((No worries, do your thing!))

Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments Violet's mouth quirked to the side as she tried to suppress a grin. She had too much of a soft spot for the dragon and she knew it. Something about the fact that he hadn't charred her to a cinder yet really added something to their relationship.

"It's still unfair." She knelt by the fire to check on the barley that had been on a low simmer throughout most of the night. It had thickened nicely. The ice in her veins visibly thawed as if warmed by the fire, and she settled into a seated position. Not taking her eyes off the pot as she stirred, she addressed him. "Say... Did you clan have mastery over any of the other elements." Such a thing was not unheard of.

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Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments Though extremely tempted to ignore Shawn completely, Thorn realized that if the boy told the others that Thorn had totally ignored him, both Violet and Blade would jump at the opportunity to use him as target practice, both verbally and physically.

With a heavy sigh, he closed his eyes, letting go of the physical, human body he so often preferred to wear. He felt himself become weightless, felt his tether to the ground thin to little more than a string. He became a wisp, translucent except for two gleaming amethyst eyes. To even call his form humanoid would be a stretch, for it fluctuated to suit his purposes. His clothing and knapsack disappeared with his human body.

Thus free of his limitation, he wasted no time in clawing up the tree, all the while resenting the fact that his body had chosen to take the form of a ridiculously overgrown squirrel. Reaching the top, he made several leaps from branch to branch toward the boy. He hoped that his shadowed form had abandoned its squirrely feature to resemble something more impressive, like a lion. He could live with looking like a lion.

With one final bound he came to rest on a branch some two yards from the boy. He settles back on his… haunches.

Excellent, so he’d taken on the appearance of some sort of feline after all. Please be a scary wildcat, he prayed as his eyes bore down on the boy. "Morning sunshine." He drawled. "Well, technically it's not morning, not even dawn, not that you'd need me to tell you that what with the stars...."

Thorn's eyes scanned the stars before settling back on the half-formed figure before him. "You seem... upset." He finished awkwardly.

((So I've decided to play it like Shadows have no control over what form they take when they're in raw shadow form. Just for kicks, since no matter what they look like, they have the consistency and attack of a marshmallow, so they're basically physically useless))

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((hah okay, I like it!))

Blade cocked his head, curious at Violet's question.

"I think the key word in your question is 'mastery,'" Blade responded, "All dragons can breathe fire, of course, and all can do a few unique things that are in fact related to what the humans call magic." The dragon slid down so his large head rested on the ground somewhat near Violet.
"Not all dragons are born with the ability to manipulate the elements like you or Shawn can. Among those with the ability, not all train to perfect it." Blade gazed into the fire as he thought for a moment, "Most dragons have control of one element, like Shawn does. Only the greatest of dragons can control all. They are very rare."

((you know, I feel like I'm rediscovering my characters and this is a good opportunity to redefine them too.))

Shawn blinked in response to Thorn's question. He was a little in shock. He was not unfamiliar with the Shadow form, for he had seen Violet in hers a few times. He just never decided how much he really trusted Thorn. For the moment, he seemed to be on his side.

"I'm.. well, I'm confused," Shawn answered, knowing he sounded like a child. He always sounded like a child, "I thought Violet was going to attack me and that she was following me. Um. Why are you a cat?" Shawn swore he could remember Violet taking on more threatening shapes. Then again, his memory was rather spotty at the moment.

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Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments ((Response to the second parathesis: Right?! That's kind of why I'm embracing the "Hey let's not get super wrapped up in the details from ages ago because my characters where going directions I don't remember and I'd love to recraft them a bit))

As the dragon talked, Violet stopped stirring the porridge. Her gaze never wavering from the flames, she held out her now empty hand and absently stroked the dragon's snout. "What humans call magic." She mused. "I'd always thought it clan-based, the way Dragons stay so... particularly organized." 'Territorial' and 'hermetic' were the words that first came to Violet's mind, but she didn't dare say so. "Have you ever seen a... master dragon?"


Eyes narrowing, Thorn looked down at his form. He was an oversized housecat. A housecat. "Oh, son of a-" He growled to himself. "I'm a cat." He hissed out for Shawn's benefit, "Because my instincts decided that such a form suited my purposes best." Resigned, her settled into a lying position on the branch, tucking his forepaws under him and looking, for all intents and purposes, like a kitten settling in to take a nap. "Our instincts sense our intention and the surrounding environment, including terrain and threat level. Which means that you seem to have the threat level of an oversized mouse." He looked disdainfully at the bat-boy.

"Now...Why would Violet attack you? I thought you two were close. You totally should have seen her when I proposed to leave..." Thorn trailed off suddenly. "...You.... Behind..." He suddenly became very interested in the section of branch before him, which he began to scratch intently with on of his claws.

He cleared his throat. "Anyways, I doubt she'd... attack you, per say."

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"Clan is a good word for it," Blade's voice rumbled, vibrating the ground a little, "and yes, I have. He led our clan, though he told few dragons of his abilities. He tried to kill me, which is why I am the loner you see before you today."


Shawn glared at him, not sure exactly which statement he should take offense to.
"You know I can summon fire, right kitty cat?" Shawn mocked. He just hoped Thorn was not aware just exactly how well he controlled fire.
"She didn't actually attack me. She was very mad though, yelling about how I'm a traitor." He rolled his shoulders back, trying to stretch his back muscles. He wasn't accustomed to the large, limp wings yet.
"Maybe I am a traitor," Shawn continued, "My memory is in pieces right now." As if triggered by his words, the memory of searing pain returned so strongly Shawn thought he was actually feeling it. He gagged, clenching his stomach with one hand, the trunk of the tree with the other.

Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments Violet's hand stilled above his nostril. "I'm sorry." Was all she said, without inquiring further. "I'm sorry that you were outcast." She decided not to broach the subject, given her currently testy mood. She was in no condition to try and attack a master dragon, which she just might be inclined to do should she delve further.

"Shadows that can master fire are.... rare." She drummed her thumb against the dragon's hide, lost in thought. "And feared. Shadows, in no matter what form we take, are not truly flesh and blood. We burn like paper." Her gaze lowered from the porridge to the flames beneath it. "As a result, Shadows who can wield it are seen as... unnatural. They too, are outcast, for fear that an outburst might kill hundreds. Neither they nor their masters are welcome in a friendly society, much less the world of The Council." She turned to look at the dragon. "Which is why when Thorn's powers manifested, they killed his Master."


Thorn has chuckled at Shawn's retort, but the sound died in his throat at Shawn's outburst. Bursting into his heavy, human form, Thorn jumped deftly over to Shawn, gingerly placing a hand on his shoulder. "What is it?" He asked sharply.

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) | 4213 comments Mod
Blade lifted his head slightly, "I did not know that Thorn could control fire?" It came out sounding like a question, though Blade intended it as a statement.


Shawn sat up and looked at Thorn, grateful for his concern.
"I'm sorry," he mustered, "All I remember is pain... so much pain. And then I woke up with these," Shawn pointed to his back. He tried to pretend they weren't there, but they were too heavy to forget.

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Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments At the sudden movement Violet's hand instinctively retracted, as if she'd touched a moving viper. "Hm? Oh, no. He can't. Not tecnically." Still holding his gaze she cocked her head. "I don't know the term for it in any languages beyond our own. His magic is... like a flame. But it's function is different. Fire... burns and produces heat. Thorn's power burns, but it doesn't produce heat. It's a different kind of energy, though it looks like fire. In a way, it steals your life force." She looked at her lap, where her hands now rested. "Like a vampire of the spirit. It's very diffciult, and very taxing, but with constant practice those who wield that power become powerful."

She reached into a nearby bag, where the makeshift kitchen utinsels were stashed, and started to ladle some food to bring to Shawn. "Mastery of it functionally gives the user the ability to raise the dead." The bowl now full, she stood up. "Theoretically. Thorn's powers have almost always been limited to weaker life-forms- plants and small animals, the works. Not to mention that he has virtually no control over the other forces. Which was an enormous issue for him. But," She added quickly, "The Council has never been one to take risks on the unknown. And Shadows catch fire faster than man or beast, regardless of the nature of the flame.


Thorn arched an eyebrow as he admired the wings for himself. "Can you, uh, undo it?" He asked, gesturing vaguely at Shawn.

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"That's quite the power," Blade acknowledged, "And I assume it is not well received among your people." He lifted himself up, sliding back onto his haunches as he watched Violet.


Shawn shrugged. He didn't know how he got them, let alone how he got rid of them.
"I could probably chop of the wings," he jested, "But I'm not willing to cut off my hands." He lifted his hands up, showing Thorn the claws where his nails had once been. The more callused parts of his hand now looked rather ... scaly.

Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments "I s'pose once it's mastered, but until then...." Violet shurgged impassively. "I wouldn't trade my powers for it. That being said, you're right. It wasn't well received." Rustling thorugh the pack to find silverware and more bowls, she continued. "Shadows enter training when they're very young, and become competent in the elemental powers like humans learn to read and write and elves learn to master weaponry. Beforethe age of ten. Suffice it to say that Thorn didn't. He had a limited control of air and water, with no fire or earth magic to speak of. His peers were ruthless." She paused to meet the dragon's gaze. "They singled him out as weak and struck like a pack of wolves. It was a never a fair fight, but to their credit, they never beat him quite to death. I did nothing- could do nothing. To help him was to condemn him to even harsher treatment. But then one day... this group of older shadows who saw him as a disgrace had set actual wolves on him. It was intended to be a chase, as though he was a fox or a rabit. Thorn was fast- he could have outrun them, but he ended up backed into a corner, and the older shadows wouldn't have let him escape anyways. I wasn't there, so everything I know is based on their descriptions, but as the first wolf lunged for him he'd closed him eyes and raised his arms above his head and suddenly there was a flash."

Having found the utinsels, Violet rose, still facing the dragon. "They described it as something between a that looked like a flame but acted like lightening- striking fast and moving on to it's next target. It struck a radius of some half a mile. The wolves were turned to stone, but they were only living things harmed." She chuckled. "Except for the plant life. Grass, trees, flowers, even moss growing on the sides of nearby building- all turned to stone. He'd killed everything- except for the people who'd harmed him in the first place."


With a wry grin, Thorn crouched slightly to examine the claws more closely. "Although I'd definitely say that those are designed for function and not fashion, you've got to admit they look pretty intimidating." Straightening back up, he looked tot he wings. "Can you move them?" He moved his hand from Shawn's shoulder to tap the bony ridge of his closest wing. "Can you feel that?"

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) | 4213 comments Mod
Blade nodded, as if he was understanding a difficult math theorem, "So they discovered Thorn wasn't weak, he just wasn't being trained in his abilities." The dragon stood up and stretched his wings; it had been nearly two days since he had flown.
"Something tells me, however, that his abilities were not well recognized. If your people all ready hated him, this discovery probably gave them more reason to hate him." Blade tapped his chin with his tail as he spoke, imitating a philosopher.


"I can feel that," Shawn nodded, "I haven't been able to move them yet. I'm hoping I'm just like a newly hatched bird and that I'll gain control over them as time passes." He flexed his shoulders again, trying to figure out how to move the wings. Moving a hand or leg took no conscious thought, but it wasn't working out that way with his wings yet. The muscles in his back all burned with the added weight.

"So, I'm assuming no one like me as ever existed before?" Shawn mused out loud.

Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments Laughing at the sight before her Violet nodded. "Something like that. He was never attacked again, but that's in large part because he was never spoken to again. He was feared, to the point that no one talked, looked at, or even waled near him, the exceptions being James and I. He was ostracized, first because he was hated, and then because he was feared."

"Now then," She grinned good-naturedly, giving the dragon another once over, "Do you think you can manage to give me a ride to the boy before I find my own two troublemakers, or is your brain too tired from all that tough deliberating?"


"Mmm. It's possible." Thorn chewed his cheeck thoughtfully, his eyes tracing the wings one more time before answering more fully. "Though if you want to get technical I'd suppose you are unique, unless you some sort of divine reincarnation." The corners of his mouth twitched. "Which I somehow doubt. But here's a fun question," Thorn rocked back slightly on his heels and stuffed his hands in his pockets, looking casually at the fatal drop below them. "Why are you in this tree?"

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) | 4213 comments Mod
"Only if you promise to be gentle with him," Blade dropped his weight onto his front legs, lowering his body so Violet could climb up his back, "You and I know how well Shawn is cut out for difficult circumstances." He chuckled to himself, shaking his large head.


Shawn glanced away from Thorn, looking sheepish, "I heard you by the river and I thought you were Violet. I thought she was chasing me." He shrugged, "I was so confused, I just took off running. My memories are like scrambled eggs right now."

Vanillaice *there aren't any good new songs, so... | 1418 comments ((Sorry girl! I've been in New York and unable to get cracking here))

Snorting Violet clambered onto the dragon's back, settling above his shoulder blades. "I will try." She murmured, leaning forward to stroke close to the dragon's ears. "I just... I don't know what came over me." Realizing that she was petting him like a dog, she relinquished her hand. "Sorry."


"I've learned not to take it personally." He said, more to himself than Shawn as his gaze flicked across the ground below. He grinned wickedly and looked back at him. "But I'm not helping you get down."

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) | 4213 comments Mod
Blade shrugged, "Does anyone know what's going on right now? We will figure it out." His muscles tensed as he prepared to launch himself into the air. "Let's hope we can find him. It's a dark night."


"That's fine," Shawn quipped, "I don't want to get down." He did, actually, want to get down, but he didn't trust himself in the woods when he had no idea what to make of his own body and couldn't trust his own memories either.
"Violet must think I'm a monster."

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