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To read what a Chain is, go to the Terminology/Info topic.

Name: (This is a name thats known by very few people)
Beast/doll name: (This is the name that everyone calls you by. It has to be based on your animal. For example, Alice is a Black Rabbit so thats what people call her, that or B-Rabbit)
Blood Type:
Theme Song:
Favorite Color:

Star Sign:
Birth Place:

Relationship Status:

Human Appearance:
Eye Color:
Hair color:
Normal Clothes Style:
Ballroom/Dances Outfit:
Coming of Age Ceremony Clothes: (Once you turn 15, everyone has this large party where every royal/rich family comes around to celebrate it. You have to go up to your father (or male who is like a father in your eyes) and he is to give you his blessings, then you walk up these steps, say a few words out of the bible, then your personal servant/butler or someone you give this role to who you trust is to put a cape on you. Then theres a large after party about it. No one under the age of 15 is aloud to show up at the after party During this event is usually when they come and send you to the Abyss)

Doll/Beast Appearance:
Eye Color:
Hair/fur color:
Power: (Only 1 or 2)


Human History: (Each chain was once a mortal, but they have forgotten the mortal past once they turned into a chain. So, put here what there forgotten mortal past was all up until they were sent into the Abyss and explain what made the Abyss decide to make you into a Chain)

Chain History: (Explain the people you have made contracts with all up until how you met your contractor you have right now)

Contractor: (Go to the "Apply for a Contractor/Chain" topic to apply for a contractor. You must have one before you rp)
Legal or Illegal?: (Illegal contracts are when you and a mortal make a contract without the 'ok' from the Pandora Company. Doing this means Pandora are after you to send you to jail or possibly back to the Abyss. Legal contracts mean Pandora set you and a contractor together to work/fight together, this means you are part of the Pandora Company)
Who's the main one in charge?: (In the anime when Oz and Alice make a contract, Alice says "Welcome to part of my service, peasant" which means Oz is like her servant, but, she still protects him and follows him if he goes off to do his own things and Oz is considered a master still according to Gil)



5 facts about you:
Whereabouts?: (Abyss, earth, etc.)

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Part 1

Its alright.. I can stand up again all by myself. Even if im all alone.. I will survive.

In the stillness of the shining sky, there exists my guardian.

Name: Yui Kiske
Beast/doll name: Pink Devil
Blood Type: A
Theme Song:
Favorite Color: Pink

Its all the same for the dreamers

Age: 16
Birthday: May 1st
Star Sign: Taurus
Birth Place: The Abyss

Once innocent.. Yet easily Tainted.

Gender: Female
Crush: Open
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight

Human Appearance: (view spoiler)
Eye Color: Pink
Hair color: Pink
Height: 5'4
Weight: 100 lbs
Build: Like a model
Normal Clothes Style: (view spoiler)
Ballroom/Dances Outfit: (view spoiler)
Coming of Age Ceremony Outfit: (view spoiler)

Doll/Beast Appearance: Has two forms, this is the first one Second form
Eye Color: First one has gold eyes, second one has red eyes
Hair/fur color: First one has pink hair, second one has white hair
Height: 5'5
Weight: 110 lbs
Power: First one controls people with strings and can control people with her mind, second one controls the dead

Personality: Yui isn't like most Chains. She's a very hyper, daring girl. Deep inside she's depressed but no one would know because of her smiles and hyperness. She is also very childish and will mimic people if she finds them pathetic or useless or just to pick on them. She never backs down from a fight or a challenge, but you'd never know because she's so sweet, innocent and good at acting that it allows her to have the upperhand, which she seems to enjoy having. She's very supportive and gives people good advice and believes that smiling and laughing cures every sadness. Barely anyone knows of her depression state, its a side she doesn't want others to see, not even her contractor, she might be seen as "Weak" in there eyes.

There isn't just one truth out there, everyone carries there own form of it.

Human History: Yui's mother was a chain but her father was a mortal which strangely enough made her mortal until the age of 15. Her father was the contractor to her mother, but by time there contract ended, they both were sent back to the Abyss in hopes of being destroyed. They would of been able to die happily together there, but her mother was worried because she found out she was pregnant. So they tried most of her pregnancy months to try finding a way out and just two weeks later, they did. But, it was only temporary and for some reason, her mother couldn't get out, so she handed Yui to her father and made him promise to protect Yui with his life. He raised Yui on his own. He was very handsome and had a chance with other girls, but he was still in love with his wife who he knew was long gone by then. They weren't rich.. But they weren't poor either. They had enough to feed thereselfs and take care of thereselfs, thats all they really asked for. Yui was even cheerful when she was little, her father would always answer any questions about her mom so she wouldn't be curious and she helped around the house when ever she could, she even learned how to cook at the age of 5. She loved her father, he was always there to wipe her tears and cheer her up when she was crying from being teased at school or by other kids older, younger, or even her age. By time she turned 15, that all changed. They came for her. She doesn't know who they were, but they told her her mother was her sin. It was a sin that they were involved with an illegal chain in the past, and it was a sin that she was the daughter of one. Of course, this confused her because she heard about chains, but didn't know her mother was one. Last thing she remembers is while she was getting sucked into the Abyss, she watched them kill her father painfully and there was nothing she could do about it. She doesn't remember any of this, so she searches around in hopes of finding them.

You should choose the one that loves you, but you chose the one you love.

((Continue on next page))

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 318 comments Mod
Part 2

Chain History: She doesn't remember her human history, she just remembers waking up in the Abyss under a giant rocking horse and all she somehow knew is she was a Chain. She searched threw the Abyss and became stronger and stronger with her powers to the point she could basically destroy any of the monsters in the Abyss. She started having dreams about her contractor. She didn't know why, she didn't know the guy, but she couldn't stop the dreams. So, when he came into the Abyss, she had to beg him to make a contract with her, her first one that is. Once he accepted it and they got out, she promised to be like a loyal servant of his and follows him in hopes of finding her lost memories. But, she still teases him on occasions and nothing can change that.

You aren't the only one. That day, the person dear to me saw that flickering light and lost part of his heart.

Contractor: Open (Anyone?)
Legal or Illegal?:
Who's the main one in charge?:

"I dont understand it! Being away from someone, even though you love them but still going on loving them all that time. Writing letters but not sending them!! Receiving them but not reading them! Will i understand too, when i grow up?" -Her to her father when she was little

*playing guitar
*being alone
*killing unless she has to
*Sour and spicy stuff
*anyone who hurts her contractor

I said before, that all of your heart passed through my body. As time passed, i was able to see that heart clearly. I saw them. I saw your memories.

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"All I want is to feel the water. With my skin, my eyes, my soul... To never doubt what it makes me feel. Believe in myself. Don't resist the water. Welcome it. We accept one another."

Name: Haruka Ekitai Nanase
Beast/doll name: Blue Dolphin
Blood Type: O
Theme Song:
Favourite Colour: Look at the pool.. XD

Age: 17
Birthday: June 30th
Star Sign: Cancer
Birth Place: The Abyss

Gender: Male
Crush: None
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual

Human Appearance:

Eye Colour: Blue
Hair colour: Black
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Build: Fit
Normal Clothes Style:

Ballroom/Dances Outfit:

Coming of Age Ceremony Clothes:
{Sorry, Rin Okumura.. I love your clothes..}

Doll Appearance:


Eye Color: Gold // Blue
Hair colour: Light Brown // Blue
Height: 150 cm // 177 cm
Weight: 35 kg // 63 kg
1. Telepathy
2. Water control. Can summon spirits, and can make water do anything.

TBRP'D {I'm Lazy.. :(}

Human History:
{I'll work on it..}

Chain History:
When Haru woke up in the Abyss, he found himself surrounded by a heard of demonic looking dolphin soft toys. As usual, he really couldn't stand looking at dolphins without touching one, and as soon as he touched one, the rest attacked. Somehow it ended with the dolphin toys lying around him, cut into two, with a dolphin spirit made out of water protecting Haru. He knew he was a Chain, but finding his powers, he was amazed. That was when he looked down and saw his appearance. He was pretty short, but the next second after he blinked, he was a little taller than his normal height with blue hair. Confused, he stumbled around the Abyss before growing used to it and practicing his powers until he was pretty strong.

Contractor: Matsuoka Rin
Legal or Illegal?: Illegal
Who's the main one in charge?: Rin

+ Water
+ Swimming
+ Dolphins
+ Swimming pools
+ Sleeping
+ Mackerel
+ Blue

- Sharks
- Sharp teeth
- Red
- Being touched on the neck
- Getting his nose poked
- Blood

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 318 comments Mod
Nice, accepted XD

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Holt (tnkphk) | 89 comments YOSH!

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 318 comments Mod

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Holt (tnkphk) | 89 comments I can't wait for Rin.. XD

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 318 comments Mod
Lol same XD

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Holt (tnkphk) | 89 comments You're making him right now right? In which category?

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 318 comments Mod
Yes i am and in the 'Contractor' Category XD I could make him anywhere.. But i wanted to make him there XD

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Holt (tnkphk) | 89 comments YESH!!

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 39 comments Name:Damien
Beast/Doll Name:Blood Dragon
Blood Type:B+
Theme Song:
Favorite Color:Red

Birthday:January 15
Star Sign:Capricorn
Birth Place:The Abyss

Relationship Status:Single

Human Appearance:
Eye Color:Red
Hair color:Red
Weight:146 lbs
Build:Very Fit
Normal Clothes Style:Look at Human Appearance clothes

Doll/Beast Appearance:
Eye Color:White
Hair/fur color:Red
Weight:3,000 lbs
-Hematokinesis(Blood Manipulation)

Personality:Damien, or Blood Dragon, is a very laid-back guy. He doesn't care about anyone but himself, and doesn't believe in changing himself. He is extremely stubborn and doesn't like to listen either. Damien is also very strong-willed, and will never give up in a fight, and will push himself to the limit until his body finally gives out and he is physically exhausted. He doesn't like to feel emotion, so he tries to avoid situations in which they are involved, therefore making him inexperienced with feelings, and how to react to certain situations. He likes to kill and hurt others, and he knows its wrong, but he doesn't care. He thinks that he won't ever change, and that nothing and no one will either.

Human History:Sadly enough, Damien cannot remember any of his human history, and would love to see the kind of life he had, what had made him the way he is now.

Chain History:Damien has not had any Contractors yet, but has been said to be a very strong Chain, maybe even as strong as B-Rabbit, but has not been seen in action before, though the rumors are true and that the Blood Dragon is as strong as they say. And just as bloodthirsty. Damien has been in The Abyss for a long time, as well, and can easily destroy the other Chains as well. But doing so puts a slight strain on his body to use his abilities, so he tends to avoid fighting, though he enjoys it.

Legal or Illegal?:
Who's the main one in charge?:Damien


-Water(Can't swim)
-Losing too much blood(Makes his powers go out of control)

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 318 comments Mod
Cool! Hmm.. Could you add at least two more sentences to your chain history though? Since you dont know much about your human one :D

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 39 comments Sure, but he hasn't had any contractors, but I can try!

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 318 comments Mod
Lol its ok :D I could make someone for him if you want

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 39 comments Sure that'd be great!

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 318 comments Mod
Ok, ill get working on him right now :D

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 39 comments Alright!

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 3 comments Come on out Brother, This chase is to die for.

Name: Taka
Beast/doll name: Scar
Blood Type: ab positive
Theme Song:
Favorite Color: doesn't have one

Birthday: July 9th
Star Sign: the dark lion
Birth Place: unknown

Gender: male
Crush: none yet
Relationship Status: single
Sexuality: bisexual

Human Appearance:
Eye Color: yellow and green
Hair color: black brown
Height: Six feet and 11 inches
Weight: 198 pound
Build: healthy and well built
Normal Clothes Style: (view spoiler)
Ballroom/Dances Outfit: (view spoiler)

Doll/Beast Appearance:
First one:
Second one;
Eye Color: cat green and yellow
Hair/fur color: black, dark tan, dark brown
Height: seven feet exactly
Weight: 400 pounds
*mind reading
*black magic

Personality: Scar is very very smart most would consider him as one of the smartest people around, So this often leads scar thinking everyone are complete idiots. Scar is a sneaky and sly person, always sneaking up upon you when your at your weakest. Scar is cruel and rarely cares about other people. He hates being looked down upon and insulated, those people that do insult or look down on him end up dead. Scar almost always has a plan for everything. Often when he wants it he'll take it even if it means taking by force. Scar likes to be the leader and not the lower ranked being. People Often find him to be a war hungry being because of his appetite for causing suffering and pian every wear he goes. When Scar is calm he is either neutral or planning something. When angered you better run like hell. When sad or unhappy he ignores who makes him sad. When happy he is a pretty normal guy. If he thinks you weak he will either terminate you or train you If potential is seen. He prefers staying in his beast form alot more than is human form.

You were always better at everything and my worst enimie brother, always ethe favorite now you will see the light no more

Human History: Scar was born to Ahadi and ura and was the twin brother of Mufasa. Scar always grew up as the neglected and unwanted one. Mufasa was the only one that stould by Scar at a young age, but eventually mufasa turned his back completely on Scar. Scar became cold and unwilling to listen to people. Scar then planned his revenge since that day. One day Ahadi began to get into a argument with scar and then the argument turned into a head on brawl, scar lost and ended up with a scar upon his eye. The rest is to be Rp'ed.

Chain History: Scar has had three contractors but most had died for reasons unknown. Scar awoke like most in the abyss, scar had been aware of where he was but didn't care. With a sudden jolt from the spot he was green glowing fog came out of no where, he heard the laughter of what sounded like clockwork toy hyenas. They appeared to be every where. Scar didnt feel scared just this feeling for battle. When the first hyena thing attacked he felt a change, but he was to busy to notice at the moment. When all things were destroyed he noticed his hands, they weren't hands at all. He was now Scar the chain/lion. With the first contractor he but her in a internal sleep for a few days so he could seek revenge upon his family. He threw both his father and brother of a cliff and killed them both. That has been his dirty little secret for ages. He returned to his master and she awoke from her slumber, she had died a few days later. He still awaits to be claimed by a contractor once agian.

You will no longer look down upon me, you will share the same fate as father

Contractor: ((open))
Legal or Illegal?:
Who's the main one in charge?: depending on the situation scar is mainly the one in control of things.

*being in beast form
*keeping Secrets
*eliminating the weak
*being looked down upon
*being defeated
*lazy people
*his family

*attacking head on
*to be rp'ed

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 3 comments werewolf queen*I support Jane x Jeff* wrote: "Come on out Brother, This chase is to die for.

Name: Taka
Beast/doll name: Scar
Blood Type: ab positive
Theme Song:
Favorite Color: doesn't have one

Birthday: July 9th
Star Sign: the dar..."

Finished, i hope i did this right. This took so long to make.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 318 comments Mod
Accepted :)

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