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who is your favorite character in the entire series (all 9 books), favorite couple, and favorite book?

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Sammy ok I love percy Jackson. Rick your a genius. lets get to the question. my favorite character is Nico, love him more than anything, I love percabeth, and house of hades is my favorite!

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sim Favorite character: Same here. Nico <3 I just want to hug him and wrap him in a blanket :')
Favorite ship: Caleo because I never actually shipped ANY of the couples EXCEPT Caleo!
Favorite book: Hands down House of Hades <3

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sim Sorry for being one of those pesky grammar nazis but *you're :)

Rachel Jackson Favourite character : Percy :D ( close second is Leo B) )
Favourite couple: Percabeth and Caleo
Favourite book : the battle of the labyrinth and the mark of athena

Kelly Brigid ♡ Favorite character: Percy
favorite couple: Percy and Annabeth
Favorite Book: The Last Olympian

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Fave character: LEO!!!!
Fave couple: Percy & Annabeth
Fave book: It's a cross between The Titan's Curse, The Last Olympian,& The Mark of Athena

Bekah Herondale Fave character: Leo or Nico, I cant pick!!!
Fave couple: PERCABETH
Fave book: Titan's Curse and the House of Hades

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Favourite character: Leo
Favourite couple: Percabeth or Caleo, can't decide
Favourite book: I like all of them, really, but I remember House of Hades being amazing

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Hsudarsan20 Favourite character: Leo/Nico/Annabeth
Favourite couple: Percabeth/Caleo
Favourite book: Can't decide for both the series, I'll decide for PJ series: Titan's Cusre
HoO: House of Hades

Riley Larson i'm really sorry, but i can't get into the house of hades, but i've read the rest!

leo all the way!


titans curse and mark of athena.

SarahO Favorite Character: Percy/Annabeth/Thalia
Favorite Couple: Percybeth
Favorite Book: Last Olympian, Titan's Curse, Lightning Thief (Mark of Athena was awesome but still doesn't beat the original books)

Yes, I have a hard time making decisions ;)

Gabrielle Karam Favorite Character: Leo and Percy
Favorite Couple: Percabeth
Favorite Books: Titan's Curse and The House of Hades

Sammy Lily wrote: "i'm really sorry, but i can't get into the house of hades, but i've read the rest!

leo all the way!


titans curse and mark of athena."

try it you will really enjoy it

Christina O. Favorite Character: Percy
Favorite Couple: Percybeth
Favorite Book: The Lightning Thief... probably ;)

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Favorite Character: Nico!!!
Favorite Couple: Percabeth/ Silena and Beckendorf (they live on in my mind)
Favorite Book: House of Hades :)

Tana Lovegood of Dumbledore's Army✞~ Rogers/America CALEO! Even though they only appear in one book they are the best! PERCEBETH is close 2nd!

Sarah favorite character: Annabeth
favorite couple: percy & annabeth, calypso & leo
favorite book: Battle of the Labyrinth probably

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M. Favorite character: Percy
Favorite couple: Percabeth!!!!!!!!!!
Favorite book: The Mark of Athena and The Last Olympian

Famtastic Favorite Character: Can't pick just one. Male: Leo/ Nico Female: Piper
Favorite Couple: It's most peoples answer so I hate to say it, but Percabeth. Only because if you really think about it they both should and shouldn't work.
Favorite Book: Again there is no picking just one for me. I loooooove Titan's Curse and The Lost Hero!

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Nano Isle Favorite female character is Thalia or Hazel. Favorite male character is either Nico or Leo(or Luke if he lived longer). Favorite couple is Valdangelo(don't judge me I like slash pairings!) and my favorite book is the titans curse. I love artemis and thalia and hate Annabeth so this book is my favorite.

Javeria Favoutite character:Percy
Favourite couple: Percy and Annabeth ( Idon't like the name Percabeth"
Favourite book: I like the whole PJ series but from hoo the best one is The Mark Of Athena.
I love Percy

whoufflestories Favourite character: percabeth....oh fine! Percy, but Annabeth is fav female character.
Favourite couple: percabeth
Favourite book: The Lightning Thief. Always my favourite; it never gets boring or dull.

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