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message 1: by Nephilim (new)

Nephilim | 187 comments You know what to do.

message 2: by Kay [Angel] (new)

Kay [Angel] | 126 comments I think it's sad when this happens, but it can totally work. The parent just has to stay devoted and not bring out their stress on their kid(s).

message 3: by Khalif (new)

Khalif I personally think that nuclear families are overrated. I didn't have one, and I think I turned out awesomely

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I think (and have statistics to back it up if i was on my own computer) that the traditional family (female mom, male dad, happily married, faithful, in the same household, father working, mother raising children) is ideal, however, I recognize that in some cases it can't be avoided and I recognize that even the traditional family doesn't work for certain kids, and i know others who have the most dysfunctional families EVER and turned out fantabulous. So to say I disagree with single parent families is a stretch. I just prefer the traditional.

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