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Featherflight  (featherflight) | 194 comments Mod
Write your colabs here

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Featherflight  (featherflight) | 194 comments Mod
Sweetwasp- his mate open
Cavekit- open
Moonkit- open
Stonefang- open, father
Dovewisp- open, mother
Pebblemist- open, sister

Jaggedflame- open, father
Dapplesnout- mother, open
Bluefire- crush, open
Rivertoe- bestie, open

Father, unknown
Kits, bearkit-Tom-3 moons- open
Twilightkit- she-kit- open
Fleetkit- she-kit
Mate: open

Emberflight-Ash-Ace (emberflight) | 14 comments Vixenstar/Amberfoot's Family needs to be made.
Mother- Burnscar (Dead) (Make in Starclan)
Father- Shadestorm (Dead) (Make in Starclan)
Brother(s): Shadowtail (Free to make) Mistflame (Free to make)
Sister(s): Streamheart (Free to make)

Roseclaw's Family needs to be made
Mother- Lakeclaw (Dead) (Make in Starclan)
Father- Thornfur (Open to make)
Brother(s): Shadefeather (Open to make), Snakeclaw (Open to make)
Sister(s): Willowstep (Open to make)
Mate/Crush-Mate: Hailwhisker (Open to make)
Kits- Tigerkit (Dead) (Make in Starclan) Wolfkit (Mine i'm gonna make him later) Jaykit (In a coma but maybe living, I'm gonna make him though)

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