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Here you can write short stories that take place in this universe.

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A Fish Out of Water

Stephen Lamb

It was a dark stormy day when it happened. Clouds gave black rumblings on the horizon calling to all mortals below that a storm was near. The waves banged red the seaside cliffs with their constant comings and goings. I was sitting on the shore protected from this onslaught by a wall of rock that shielded all behind it from storm and wave. Allowing me to tend to my blazing red hair in peace, with my only complaint being at the time being that the rocks were digging into my scales with ever increasing din, but excluding that miscue exception, I was in a state of perfectly content.
That was until I cast my gaze to the east and met the destroyers of my home. Two mages, one clothed foul and the other clothed icy, dueled far off in distance. Weaving spells back and forth like cloth and throwing them at each other in this beautiful dance of death. Back and forth they went as I watched in relative disinterest, for the quarrels of mages held little influence over the lives of menfolk, but they were amusing to watch.
This disinterest was quickly lost when the one clothed icy, the more experienced of the two, called upon the aid of sea and storm in this fight. The water answered to his called by rising up into the sky black into the ever-growing storm cloud. That was slowly taking the shape of a great thunderbird with great din in its wings, and so great was it size that it caused the foul mage to run in fear, it was all too late. With a flick of his wrist, the icy mage set the mighty monster upon his enemy, the bird proceeded to devour whole in the fashion that an owl swallows a mouse. With his enemy defeated, the icy mage mounted his creation, and rode off to who knows where, leaving desolation in his wake.
No words can describe the heart ache I felt, for what was once the great inland sea that I called my home was turned in the literal blink of an eye into a barren dessert. What made it worse is that the transformation was so complete, that it looked as if it had always been a water starved collection of sand and rock. The only flaw in this image was the dead and dying flora and fauna that lay scattered across the sun baked earth. It wasn’t completely devoid of beauty, the rock formations seemed to stand taller without the sea covering their lower points and a double rainbow reveal itself with great din in the distance, but this new beauty did nothing to quench the grief and the anger that had taken root in my heart.
Despite all this, I knew that I had no time for mourning, for if I didn’t get to water sometime soon, I would perish. So I tried pathetically, to crawl across the sand, dragging my tail behind me like the dead weight it was. The progress was slow coming and the sand felt red against my scales and naked skin and the sun even more so. Still I continued to crawl to who knows where until exhaustion and the heat overtook me and caused me to pass out from it all.
When I woke up, my eyes fell upon a hooded figure, cloaked in the black of the night as he stood before me in the night. He was tall with a lean build and had the strangely look like he was both young and old at the same time. Perhaps the most unusual thing about was the weapon he carried, a long curved blade attached to a staff only a head shorter than he was. I never saw his face, for he never took his hood down. His attention was fixed on a bird that sat perched on shoulder. I would describe his companion in more detail, but the creature was beyond description in terms of physical appearance and species, mainly because the little demon saw it fit change those two attributes as he saw fit. My rescuer looked down upon the avian shape shifter with an all-knowing faceless gaze and spoke to him with words that seemed too weighed down by centuries of living.

“Vigil, did you preform the task that I asked of you.”
“To hell he goes. To hell he goes.” The bird answered with a croak and a lipless grin.
“Good,” he paused for a moment then continued, “I have another task for you. Fetch our good friend Draco Hyrax, and tell him that I am in need off his aid.”
“Yes master,” The bird said before he took off cawing, “To frosty breath I go! To frosty breath I go!”
When his massager had disappeared over the horizon, the cloaked figure finally turned to me and said, “Ah, I see that you have decided to join the living. Good thing too, for you deliverance your deliverance will be arriving shortly.”
“Thank you I am in your debt,” I replied, “but if you don’t mind me asking, who are you?”
“I’ve gone by many names, so many that I have forgotten quite a few of them, but my friends know me as Mortus,” answered the figure.
“Do you know of the White Mage who lad ruin to my once homeland?” I asked gesturing to the desert before us.
“Indeed I do know of him,” answered Mortus, “but if you were planning on seeking him out in the future. I hate to say the his creation has already disposed of that fool and is as off now wreaking havoc across the land and is now so powerful that no one short of a god could stop it.”
“Where is the justice in the world that my home be taken from me and even the slimmest hope of revenge denied to me!” I screamed in my agony and despair.
Mortus, seeing me in my distress, reached down and in an attempt to comfort me saying, “It is actually a good thing that your revenge was denied to you before you could pursue it. For I have seen it consume many a good souls in my time. The mages that destroyed your homeland were fighting for that very reason, and one doesn’t need to guess where that led them. In the end, it is better for us to turn the other cheek and forge our own destinies. Than to be controlled by the whims of our enemies. Be at peace, for bad things happen to good people and nothing can be done to stop their happening, but remember this. The firefly shines with his faint glow even in the darkest of nights. ”
“Thank you, I needed that,” I said feeling hint of peace. “Just one more question?”
“Ask away,” he said with a warm chuckle.
“Why did you help me?” I asked.
He paused for a moment to ponder the question in deep thought and then answered, “Because like you, I am a lost soul and I don’t wish it upon anyone to be as lost as I am.”
I wanted to ask more but, before I could, Vigil returned and with him a huge dragon from the North with scales of blue and breath of ice, who I presumed was Draco Hyrax. What he was doing this far south I’ll never know, but he did give me a lift to the Northern Sea and promise to call the rest of his kind to aid the remaining survivors. Mortus stayed behind to take care of the dead and I haven’t seen the figure since. I will be forever grateful for what that man did for me and I hope to see him again someday. Maybe, if the fates allow it I will, but that shall be a story for another time. For now I’ve found peace and that is all that matters.

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This a short story that takes place back when the world was one, if anyone wants to make the God of death I would recommend they use this for reference.

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So what do you guys think?

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This story is great~

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Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! XD.

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Aileas Melarisia was one of the first gods to come into the world after the firefly. Aileas was in essence Life, being she was the goddess of life. Because of this she held a very important part in helping the firefly in creating the world. She might of even been something close to considered a second hand. Aileas was a kind and nurturing soul. For the most part. Her vengeance was not shown often but she herself was easy to describe like life itself. Kind and beautiful, she did amazing things and sometimes seemed to defy all expectations. But she could also be cruel, vicious, and unruly at times. Most considered death to be the cruel one of the two, but truly it was not the case. Aileas controlled not just the domains of life, she was the mistress of pain and disease. The sorrow of the living when their kin found death's sweet release. Honestly in a lot of cases death could be the kinder of the two. However as a whole Aileas was never mean spirited. She only became vicious when she needed to be. To push a species into greatness, to protect someone dear to her. The reasons for her to lash out with her full might were few and far between. And because of this death quickly became known as the bad guy while the little goddess of life became in a sense highly revered.

Aileas knew that she herself was no eternal. Eventually her life too would run short, but if that happened what would become of her beautiful creations? So Aileas came up with the idea that if she was ever to pass all her powers would be passed to her child. Aileas had recently used her power as a goddess of life to make herself be with child. What ever god or goddess was produced would be of course one of nature so to say, but not of life. If she was to ever meet her end that child would inherit all that she was when her soul passed through the gates to the other world.

When Flora was born she was exactly as Aileas had hoped her to be. The goddess of life loved her little nature goddess fiercely and taught her to be strong. Kind but to show little mercy to those who were a threat to nature or that which she cared about. Flora however was a soft soul and being only a nature goddess didn't quite posses all of her mother's harshness. So instead Aileas decided to just raise Flora to be a good goddess. She made sure Flora knew every not of the Song of Creation perfectly and that Flora always tried her hardest. She also taught Flora how to grow new life.

When the fire fly met his end Aileas of course fought for as long as possible trying to help the other gods gets some kind of opening. However despite being the right hand to the firefly Aileas wasn't all that strong. Life could be cruel but she wasn't a destroyer. She just couldn't. When the One World split all its pieces were slowly dying. The gods who gave it life were either gone or fighting. So Aileas did the only thing she could. She destroyed her form scattering herself across the void and reaching out to all the lost little planets. With her powers she gave them as much life as she could. And it seemed to work as during the war life was still able to function on the planets. However this made things difficult. It made it impossible or at least highly dangerous for Flora to ever inherit the powers of a goddess of life. Which meant over time slowly her own powers over nature would wane to total weakness equivalent to a mortal. And the more power she used trying to keep the land alive the more was gone to her forever. Aileas wept for her child and her lost friend uncertain of what may ever become of the universe. All she knew was she had to try and gain enough power so that Flora could safely inherit her powers without the potential of killing mass amounts of life. It would take a long time so the goddess quietly sat and waited hoping and praying that one day she could give her child the strength to give the dead life and help her friends.

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Astra  (sayomina) Tyr's death

by Astra

Tyr sighed as he walked into court of the firefly. While it may have looked like there was no one there he knew better.

"There is no reason to hide" Tyr said

A figure stepped out of the shadows, clad in a thick cloak and a hood pulled low over their face.

"I got what you wanted" The figure said pulling out a vile.

"Thank you child" Tyr said, taking the vial.

The figure nodded and disappeared back into the shadows.

Tyr sighed, looking at the vial. After all this years, it was finally time for him to go. His time was up. The worlds no longer needed him. He drank the contents in the vial. the vial fell to the floor soon after and Tyr dropped to his knees just as Astra walked in, having been summoned by Tyr. Astra stopped shocked and ran over to him.

"Lord Tyr!" She said, kneeling next to him. She was clearly panicking.

"Astra, my child, my time has come," Tyr said weakly.

"No, you are still needed! you can't die" Astra was in tears.

"You have one last mission. Go to Vermos. There is someone there that needs you," Tyr said, placing a hand on her cheek.

"I will do my best," Astra said, trying to stifle her tears.

"My child..." Tyr said with his last breath as his hand dropped from Astra's cheek.

Astra let out all her tears as she kneelled by the know dead god of justice

One last whisper floated on the wind that Astra never heard

May you one day find the love you deserve, no matter what path you chose in the end

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Astra  (sayomina) I thought you guys might want to know how Tyr died.

Night ~People Sometimes Scare Me~ | 1158 comments Mod
That's so sad and sweet!

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Astra  (sayomina) And that is how the most amazing love/hate relationship came to be. Tyr had a plan for both of them. His last plan

Night ~People Sometimes Scare Me~ | 1158 comments Mod

What did you think of mine? Its not really a story, but meh.

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Astra  (sayomina) It's interesting

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Astra  (sayomina) ((I do not own this story. I am just taking the liberty of posting it because it fits with what I want to happen. I also made a few minor adjustments. here's the link to the actual story ))

Loki's return to Asgard (Takes place after he meets Saya)

Anger. Rage. Fury. These were the feelings of Loki as he was make to walk the length of the throne room, the stares of every Asgardian locked on him and he could feel the disgust and hatred. He hated that he had lost, felt undying anger at it; his own insolence and incompetence had lead him back to this realm of barbarians. Why must he face their justice when he is not one of them? But then again, he would rather be one of the Aesir than a Jotun, at least in appearance. An Aesir is what he counted himself as and always would, even if he hated them all. It was also his fault he has to do this again. Having escaped put him in this situation but he had made a promise to himself and silently to Saya to return to Asgard

Thor walked by his side, a hand on his arm although he knew it wasn't needed; Loki would not try to escape here, not with the whole city around him who all wanted his blood. They looked upon him with more murderous intent than they had ever shown him before and in response he glared at them. They were rowdy today; a lust for blood nonetheless, his blood at that. The guards were barely able to retain order; they too wanted Loki's blood, but the Allfather would have their heads if the masses were not restrained.

They called Loki names; all of them. He heard them.

"LIESMITH!" Many chanted. Not the worst name he had been called out their; many a time this had been used against him, but mostly in jest. But now the Aesir seemed to be using it with malice intent.

"MURDERING TRAITOR!" Now that was a new one. Loki spared a glance to the ones naming him such; ah, these were some of the Asgardians that had defended Midgard in the past against the Frost Giants. They may have thought the mortals inferior, but that only increased the desire to protect such a weak race... and gave them a chance to taunt and quite possibly physically hurt Loki in the future.

Suddenly the voices of the Asgardians became silent, their insults echoing off the walls of the throne room. A woman approached the two brothers (at least that is what they were in Thor's eyes). Her hair was as black as night and her fury unrivaled except by Loki's. She stopped before him, before calling out in a voice that was not the loudest, "Jotun scum," she punched the left side of his face with such strength that she broke the metal muzzle around his mouth.

Loki was not shocked by this.

That was how you treated a monster, right?

Loki gazed up at her, before straightening himself to rise above her height. He looked down upon her before smiling slightly, "why thank you, Sif." He said, before Thor pulled him onwards and the guards lead Sif to her place on the gold dais of Odin's throne.

And in front of that, Loki and Thor came to a halt. Odin proceeded to silence the crowds with Gungnir, smashing it on the golden floor and causing everyone to cease in their insults. He rose from his throne, glaring down upon Loki who seemed to try and appear unfazed, but in truth he was on edge. What would Odin do to him?

"Loki Laufeyson... if I knew where to begin, then I would begin so, yet I do not know what could have caused you to commit such crimes. Therefore, I will not hear your poisonous reasons, for they are nothing but lies-"

"You say this Allfather, but what of the lies you have also told? Who is to punish you for what you have done-"


"AND THAT IN ITSELF IS A LIE AND YOU KNOW IT, ODIN, SON OF BOR!" Loki replied without fear. He would put a up a decent fight at his trial, his second one; he still had fight in him, his spirit had not left him. Now he could let his true frustrations out without holding back. He tore himself from Thor's loose grip and took a few steps towards Odin, "YOU HAVE SPOKE TWICE THE LIES I HAVE. BENT TWICE THE TRUTHS I EVER WILL. YOU ODIN, MAY PREACH THAT I THE GOD OF LIES HAVE LIED, BUT YOU HAVE LIED ALSO."

"You are no God of Lies or Mischief, Laufeyson. You are only a God of Evil and pure evil at that," Odin spoke at a normal tone now. It was evident that he was about to pass judgement.

"If I am the God of Evil, son of Bor," Loki began, looking up at his adoptive father with hate, "then as my 'father' that is only your fault, not my own."

Frustrated, Odin order two guards over simply by commanding, "ON YOUR KNEES!" They grabbed Loki's arms and held them out to his sides and forced him to kneel... ironic considering what he had been trying to get the mortals to do. Thor made to protest, but a stern look from Odin stopped him. But he was sure that he would intervene if things git worse.

"Loki, your crimes are indescribable. You kill for the enjoyment you find from it. I will offer you no mercy, for you deserve none. I therefore sentence you to ten years silence. You will have your lips sewn shut and be imprisoned in the dungeons below."

The God of Mischief struggled at these words, a horrified expression upon his face, but the guards held him firmly. He managed to free one of his arms however, but he was soon restrained further as another two guards came to keep him on his knees. A scared look graced his features as he saw a needle and thread be brought in by a servant; this had been Odin's intention all along, it hadn't mattered if he hadn't argued with the Allfather, it would have come down to this anyway.

Thor stepped up, however, standing between his brother and the servant, a defying look about his face as the grip he had on Mjolnir increased as he gazed at Odin, "father, surely there it some other punishment? This goes beyond what Loki-"

"Silence, Thor! It is no less than what he deserves."

Stepping forward, Thor lost his temper, "I will not allow you to punish Loki in such a manner. Have you forgotten that he is your son?"

"No son of mine would commit such crimes! You seem to have not realised yet that the man you once knew as your brother does not exist anymore," The Allfather seemed to have a touch of sadness in his tone and across his features; it was easy to forget that he had lost a son as well, not just Thor losing a brother, "this creature may have the face of the brother you once had, but he is not as such."

"You were not present when we fought! You know nothing of what I saw! Loki is not in his right mind!"

"SPEAK NO MORE!" Odin bellowed, "If you believe that then he has deceived you with his lies. I offer you two choices Thor, if this shadow of Loki is so dear to you; you will sew your brother's lips shut, here now, as slowly as possible. Or I will have him executed."

The Thunderer seemed taken aback by this. He glanced at the thread and then behind at Loki, who had been subdued by the guards after minutes of struggle. He still retained that unrivaled hatred in his eyes, however and was glaring up at Thor. The Thunder God hoped that Loki would forgive him for his next decision... for he knew it was rather selfish.

"I...I will sew Loki's mouth shut," Thor answered finally. Odin seemed to have expected this outcome and gestured the servant to pass the needle to Thor. The God of Thunder then knelt before his brother, sorrow filled his expression and his hand shook as he brought the needle up to begin. "I am sorry, brother, forgive me." He whispered, before the needle made the first hole below Loki's bottom lip.

The Trickster did not shut his eyes at the pain, nor did he even make a sound as he felt the needle scratch against his teeth upon entry. He vowed revenge silently as he glared at Thor and then at Odin. He refused to make a sound, but as it continued, such things became harder and harder. His mouth stung from the pain, yet he kept silence and staring at his brother. So selfish to wish this torture on him and be the one doing it. He must be enjoying it.

By the time that Thor was on the last hole of sewing Loki's mouth shut, his hands, his brother's chin and the floor below them were soaked with the blood pouring from Loki's mouth. Astonishing that even after all of that pain, he had not made a single sound, just glared at his brother for such torture. Once it was done, Thor fumbled with tying the knot at the end, but got there after a few seconds. He stood up and handed the bloody needle to the servant that had given it to him in the first place.

Behind him, Loki found unknown strength from within and managed to break free of the grip of the four guards holding him, before standing and rushing forward. His brother turned to face him and he seized Thor's throat with his right hand, his expressionless, bleeding face so close to Thor's that it looked like Loki would attempt to kill him. His eyes said what his lips couldn't in that moment; 'When I am free, I will kill you' simple words, but Loki was in no shape to think of anything better to convey through his hateful eyes.

It was then the Trickster was knocked unconscious by the spear of a guard, who had rushed forward and struck the side of Loki's head. The God of Mischief fell to the ground and smashed his head upon the floor, creating another small pool of blood from his bleeding mouth.


It was when Loki woke however, that his rage knew began to take effect. He regained consciousness, unable to see; a blindfold covered his green eyes. He could feel the dried blood of his jaw; no one had washed it off, keeping him as the monster he was. However it was the nature of his imprisonment that angered him the most.

His hands were bound by six separate chains behind his back. His legs were held to the walls by his sides by three magical ropes which coiled around his upper thigh. He was kneeling; oh how delightful.

Yet the most disturbing factor of his apart from his sewn lips were the ropes that were tied around his neck in the same manner as his legs.


He growled and moved slightly, causing the ropes around his neck to tighten for a minute. Growling again his anger rose and if he could have screamed with fury, he would have.

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Astra  (sayomina) That is what happened when Loki left Saya and returned to Asgard. Someone go save Loki!

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Astra  (sayomina) True. Someone go make Thor

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Astra  (sayomina) Thor wouldn't be the most pleased with Saya. But for Loki he'd put up with her

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Astra  (sayomina) Because this is Thor we're talking about

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Astra  (sayomina) Maybe. Though maybe at first Thor wouldn't like her that much but gets used to her

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