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Ridge's first choice

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Magdalena I have to say that... I was so crying for Sydney when Maggie was in hispital and when Maggie read the messages Ridge was fighting so hard for Maggie you could feel how much he loves her and i don't think he fought as much for Syd in entire book and i resent him for that. I just think that Syd hurt so much more than Ridge or Maggie through the entire book when she saw them together all that time and when he choose Maggie first ... at the end he should suffer more for that one

Sandra Oliveira Partly I can agree with you because at some point I felt exactly that... but on the other hand you have to try and put yourself in Ridge´s shoes. It wasn´t a black and white situation. He made a choice when he didn´t had any real choice to make... In the end I could understand him and even forgive him.

You are right thou, he didn´t fought for Syd, for the entire book he fought against his feelings for her...

JewelsyGoolsy Yeah, I agree Ridge got the conclusion he wanted a lot easier than Sydney did. He even admitted to Sydney that if Maggie asked him back, he would probably feel obligated to go to her. I admit it's honourable of him but it's kinda sucky on Sydney's end of the deal.

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Colleen Hoover Haha. Love this. You can imagine how I felt writing it. I also like to look at the opposite scenario. If maybe Ridge would have fought for Sydney and given up on his love for Maggie? I think I would have disliked him even more for that. Imagine that for a second. He's been with Maggie for five years…she has a terminal illness. He feels a responsibility to her. Imagine if he would have thrown all of that away and left Maggie for Sydney. And the thing about Sydney is she definitely was hurting, but had Ridge so easily thrown away what he had with Maggie, it would have made him a completely different type of guy. Would she have respected him for that? I don't think Sydney could have been with him if he had made that choice, because his honesty and loyalty are what drew her to him.
While writing this, I wanted to explore love vs. loyalty, and how sometimes people have to sacrifice their own hearts in order to spare someone else's. And when Ridge tells Sydney he would more than likely go back to Maggie if she asked him to, it's because he probably couldn't have lived with himself if he knew he allowed Maggie to face death alone if it's not what she wanted. It wasn't about who he was "in" love with more, it was about who needed him more. There was no easy solution for any party involved.
Sorry for jumping in. I just love seeing discussions about this! <3

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Magdalena I understand why he did what he did and why he picked Maggie but at the same time when I was reading scene's when Maggie was in hospital from Sydney POV my heart broke into pieces for her ... he hurt her so much and i just think he should hurt some more for kicking her out the way he did and maybe he did but we didn't saw/read all that.
When he went to her new apartment ... I hated him then it was like he wasn't thinking of her emotions when he kissed her he was just thinking about himself and in that moment he wasn't such a good guy but no one is perfect

so all and all really good book a lot of emotions for me i say it again I did cry a lot for both of them

JewelsyGoolsy Colleen wrote: "Haha. Love this. You can imagine how I felt writing it. I also like to look at the opposite scenario. If maybe Ridge would have fought for Sydney and given up on his love for Maggie? I think I ..."

Yeah, I totally see and agree with your base line and you wrote it so beautifully that I just couldn't see myself hating Ridge however, I did want to shake him up a little as I believe he deserved to have grovelled a bit more or even explained to Sydney in more detail about his loyalty to Maggie (in the same words that you just explained but with more conviction). The feelings I got from his explanation were more "Maggie and I aren't together, I was confused, I would go back to her if she asked me, but she hasn't, so I totally want to be with you". I think that a more thorough and swoony/heartfelt explaination wouldn't have completely redeemed Ridge, but it would have made Sydney's forgiveness at the bar, a bit more understandable.

Other than that, I absolutely loved the bones of the story and the way you wrote it.

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Magdalena JewelsyGoolsy wrote: "Colleen wrote: "Haha. Love this. You can imagine how I felt writing it. I also like to look at the opposite scenario. If maybe Ridge would have fought for Sydney and given up on his love for Mag..."

I was thinking the same thing about his explanation. And i think that Sydney got only 3/4 od his heart ... It's very complicated ... Have no idea what i would do in Syd's place

Briana Gaitan Sometimes people say "it's easier to stay" and I think that is the opposite of the truth. It's harder to stay. I think that applies to all relationships as well. Do I think Maggie loved Ridge? No, not in the way they both wanted. We are all tempted, and people who are offended by human nature need to expand more.

Lynn My mother once told me that the man should love the woman just a little bit more. I personally could not visualize myself with Ridge because Sydney loved him that little bit more. Even so, I loved the book, the characters, the exploration of love vs. loyalty, and how it was written. Colleen, you are an extraordinarily talented writer, with wisdom beyond your years, and know how to tease out emotions. I have a voracious appetite for everything you write.

Silvana I don't think Sydney would have liked or wish for more suffer than what Ridge already had. Sure, I understand the sentiment, it was heartbreaking how much hurt Syd had to withstand. However, I think Ridge was honorable and honest, and finally did make a choice and chose Sydney, he waited for her and demonstrated how much he love her. Sometimes the truth is ugly and imperfect, as Oscar Wilde wrote: "The truth is rarely pure and never simple", with so much feelings and history among these characters, the decision was never going to be simple . Overall, I love the book and how the characters faced the circumstances. The only thing I want is an epilogue for Ridge and Sydney!

Mrsbooks I feel very much the opposite. I would have really disliked Ridge had he dumped Maggie for Syd. If he had, I think that probably would have cooled a lot of Maggie's feelings for him too. Would you really like a guy who dumped his terminally ill girlfriend for you? Especially when he didn't even know you for that long and he's known her for years?

There is that saying "If they'll do it with you, they'll do it to you."

Through most of the book, even though I admired Ridge for trying to maintain his loyalty to Maggie, I also thought he was an idiot for not kicking Syd out a lot earlier.

Ridge knew he was attracted to Syd and that was quickly turning into more. It doesn't matter that she was writing songs for him, it really doesn't. Unless he feels that is more important than Maggie, then it doesn't matter. But it wasn't more important to him.

What I'm saying is that when you're a person who really is truly loyal to your promises and commitments, you don't play with fire. That's how cheating starts to happen. People start having feelings, even just a simple stupid crush but they ignore it because it's a simple stupid crush. When in reality the smart thing to do is remove yourself from the situation asap.

The excuse go around far too often "They won't cheat on me, because he's in love with me, he wasn't in love with his girlfriend." People who feel that way are extremely naive... Love doesn't work like that. The best of loves have cool times. It's what you do, during those cool times that make who you are. Love isn't what keeps people from cheating, it's their inner loyalty. Ridge failed there for me. But so did Syd. She should have realized the need to leave as soon as she found out he had a girlfriend and that he also liked her.

But alas, this is fiction. And I loved this book and the characters despite their realistic flaws.

I do agree with the postings though that Ridge didn't get to suffer enough. He really didn't. But not in the way everyone here seems to feel. I feel he got to play the idiot which caused the downfall of his relationship with Maggie and got off the hook.

Lorena Zepeda I was dissatisfied with his rationalization for the what if scenario of Maggie would want him back. At this point, he would basically leave Syd if Maggie has a change of heart and no matter how I look at it, Syd was always and will be second best.

Wendy Ufff I agree with you! This book left me a bad feeling, because at the end when Syd asks him if Maggie calls him back if he wold go and he says yes... Oh nooo I was going to cry. I though I was the only one who felt this way but I see that wasn't just me. I liked the book, but I felt so damn bad for Syd. I think she deserves something more.

Ok, I loved the private concert and all that but it just didn't feel right at the end. I want to read Maybe not, to see if they appear on that book and we can know something else about the. I finished the book kind of hating Maggie.. I know she is not a bad person but I couldn't help myself from hating her.

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