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Aly (poaly1998) | 98 comments

Please post your completed male characters here and then you can go start RPing!

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Aly (poaly1998) | 98 comments

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full name
imperial crown prince raxikolys keysil nai altra ryl ilian rosada voltar xoleain
raxikolys supposes you may simply refer to him as 'raxikolys' if you are good enough friends or close enough to his social standing. his mother always calls him 'raxi' or something of that sort, which he finds quite embarrasing and doesn't entirely like
the 1058th splitting day
hierarchical standing
the imperial crown prince of xola

throughout his life, it has always been quite clear that raxikolys has one thing permanently on his mind, and that's always been himself above anything else. it most likely isn't really his fault: he's simply been raised on the general assumption that he is usually the most important person in the room, and that's what he tends to go with. he knows that he is technically more powerful than his mother, and as a result of this he has an obvious sense of self-entitlement most of the time, mixed in with quite a bit of arrogance and just a hint of greediness.

perhaps the main issue with raxikolys is that he is so uptight about things due to his standing that he can seem utterly rude at times. his entire life, raxikolys has taken very strict etiquette lessons and, as a result, that is what he's established as being the appropriate way everyone should act, no matter what standing they might happen to be. when people don't act in a way that he thinks is appropriate, he does get angry, and he has a very short fuse, really. generally, he's been brought up just a little more spoiled and a little bit lazier than some of his other siblings, being his mother's favourite, and he has been ever so slightly abusive towards some of them in the past as a result of this.

there is an alternate side to raxikolys, however, that few people tend to note unless they are quite a bit closer to him. he happens to have an intense affinity for rabid parties and the art of seduction - of both men and women - and is happy to throw a party for most situations, if just because he happens to be in the mood for it. and, if you are lucky enough to attend, then rest assured, you'll be very well taken care of.

raxikolys has a shock of thick black hair like his father's cut just below his ears in a style typical for noble boys around his age. his eyes are a cold grey colour, more silver if you look at them in the light but still possessing a strange sense of beauty and fear at the same time. generally, he likes to outline them quite thickly with black kohl to bring out the colour. his nose is mostly totally straight, but ever so slightly upturned right at the tip, not that you would really notice unless you were properly looking for it, and he has a small mouth, usually closed in a slightly annoyed pout.

like the majority of xolan nobility - and particularly so in his case due to the death of his elder brother so many years ago - raxikolys has not had much time out in the sun, so his hair is slightly paler than is typical for a xolan citizen, and has only the slightest golden tint to it. he usually wears richer colours such as red or purple, or even black at times, and always decorated with gold and silver and all the precious gems he can find. after all, when you're imperial crown prince, why not flaunt it to everyone you can with that golden circlet and all its fancy engravings and jewels? besides, now that he's older, he can take part in far more xolan fashion trends, and has covered himself in tattoos with some symbolism that only he understands and that he likes to leave as visible as possible with whatever he wears. cos, you know, if you've got it, show it off.

face claim justin cone

(view spoiler)

many years ago, the soon-to-be-empress sase iv of xola gave birth to a bright baby boy with a light, nearly blonde hair and bright brown eyes, whom she named raxikolys after her father. this boy was small for his age, and sickly, and did not survive past infancy, dying only a few months after his birth. this devastated the royal couple, especially as keysil was due to take the throne in only a few years, and they tried again for a baby as best as they could.

two years later, sase gave birth to her second child, the future crown prince raxikolys. finding the best solution to their problem that they could, they decided to ensure he was safe at all times and kept him stuck inside the palace grounds which, although extensive, eventually got rather dull. the prince had to find interests in whatever he could, whether those included his tedious studies or practising a variety of sports such as riding and archery, both of which he grew particularly adept at over the years. the only other thing he was capable of doing was playing with some of the other noble boys who came to visit at times or even with the princes of neighbouring countries if they were ever able to come over and visit. in fact, one of his closest friends happens to be the current emperor of eria, risel.

as he grew older, it became harder for his parents to control him, which was just fine with raxikolys. he had a bunch of siblings for them to worry about, after all, and they thus eventually decided that he should be allowed to visit the cities whenever he wished to, something which he was quite happy to do. now he could at last go shopping and explore as he properly wanted, and, as he entered his teen years, raxikolys started to properly come into his own when it came to his fashion sense and his general personality. tediously, however, as his freedom grew, he was at the same time forced to take more and more classes, for raxikolys is to govern xola some day, and although he simply cannot wait to be emperor himself, he at the same time really does wish he could take fewer lessons.


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Kate Kid (katekid) | 17 comments [Full Name] Xander Christoph Xoleain
{Nickname} Xan

[Age] 14
{Birthday} The first day of Hærliss

{Sexuality} Gay, but he doesn't know it yet. It hasn't been really brought to his attention. Plus he's fourteen.

[Hierarchical standing] The middle born prince.

Xander is a sweet kid with a heart of tainted gold. He is usually pretty happy, always smiling at people... Usually though, that's because he has no idea what is going on. He gets his classes on etiquette and knows not to lose his smile when people are talking to him. Because of the way he was raised, he knows that he is above all the other people in the kingdom... Besides his older siblings and his father... And his mother. He knows that there is no way that he would be able to get the crown, because no matter how horrible his brother was to him or others, he still cared for him.

Xander loves everyone and everything. He likes people, he thinks good in them. He will always look for a light in the dark... He is the embodiment of hope.

While he is the embodiment of hope, he is also naive and hardly understands what is going on. Despite the lessons that he is forced to take by his parents, he has a hard time with it all. Though, he is showing signs of being a fantastic leader... But he tries to hide that from his older brother, scared that his brother would feel threatened by him. He shouldn't, the young boy is clueless with so much about the world... He actually understands the outside world more than the castle life.

His rebellious streak is the cause of that. This started a long time ago, the second that his brother had yelled at him the first time for being too childish after turning thirteen. Xander was in tears, not understanding what he did wrong. He didn't even listen to the full scolding, he just ran. He went right past his retainers and ran. He lost everyone about ten minutes later because he found a break in their wall that was hidden behind a shrub. He crawled through that... and he was free. Now, he's been doing it ever since when someone gets too cross with him, if he feels overly stressed, or if he just wants some time to himself. He will run.

Despite all of the training, the money, the fame, fortune.... Everything... He is not like a normal prince. He doesn't care about the money. He doesn't care about the fame... He just cares about people. He is the golden prince, the one that will help anyone who is in need of help... Often times, he will request to go to orphanages and hand out flowers and toys to all the kids. He will play with them... Sure, his parents weren't always okay with this because of his status, so he had guards all around him when he was out. Then, he went straight home.

He is aware that his mother does not love him as much as she loves his older brother. Yes, it hurts. It hurts because he wants to be loved just as much, but he knows that it is impossible. So, the young boy went to his father, and he often clings to his father's side whenever he can. He is a daddy's boy, and he always will be. He is probably his father's favorite, but he never really thought too much of it.

While his siblings are beautiful, handsome, sexy... Xander is just cute. He is adorable. The way that he smiles up at someone and their heart starts fluttering because they want to pick up and squeeze him is amazing. Guards love him since his looks and the aura he has around himself just brings happiness. Xander is light, precious, and soft. (Not physically soft, he's actually gaining muscle since he hit puberty.)

The young boy has hair that reaches his shoulders in golden waves. His hair is not straight, but it isn't curly, though it does curl more at the ends. When it gets longer than that, it starts to go straighter as it has more weight to it, so, he always keeps it to about his shoulders. He has bright blue eyes that pierce through the night. They're like gems forged from pure blue essence and put into the human boy. The colors of his eyes surpass those of sapphires, it's stronger. Like the brightest zircon. They are always alight with passion, happiness, or wonder... Though, they also dull when he is plagued with fear, stress, or sadness. Though, when he cries, it only makes them brighter.

He is actually rather short, though. He only stands 5'4 right now, yet to hit his growth spurt. All of them are expecting that this boy is going to about six foot, sort of like his father. Though, he isn't so sure. He's scared he's always going to be this short, but the slaves tell him otherwise.

Unlike the pale skin of his siblings, Xander is tan. Xander goes out into the sun a lot, he loves to be outside and hates to be inside. He often used to sneak out when he was a little boy and sleep out under the stars until a guard would find him and take him back up to his room. (For the longest time, he swore he could teleport.) His build is getting more muscular as time goes on, but he still keeps his lithe frame, still able to fit into the smaller areas.

He was born a year after the crown prince and because of that, he instantly was turned into a middle child, everyone knowing that the middle children never got the same amount of attention that his older brother got. And boy was he right. He was often passed to slaves to raise so his mother was able to take care of his brother. He was taken only by her when she was in hopes for a little baby to play with that was a newborn. Though, as soon as he started to get upset, he was back with the slaves.

As he grew up, he learned to entertain himself. He learned how to be his own best friend instead of spending time with other people. He ended up getting a lot of toys so he could entertain himself for hours on end. The young boy created stories with his little toys, often creating a family that he wished he had. A mother to love him like his brother, and a father who had more time to spend with him... But alas, the king could not have a three year old constantly on his lap....

Though, his father took the liking to him. Instead of doing it when he was eight and could be taught, he took him when he was five. He let him sit with him, he talked with him. Xander has sat in on more formal meetings than he can count. (Mostly because he doesn't remember them all.) The king is the one that worried about Xander more. He would often sit on the throne with his father, the two of them just chatting about life...

When he got older, he would sit right by his father's legs, leaning back against the throne.... Other times, the two would go into some of the sitting rooms. Xander is best friends with his father...

With his little brother though, and then the rest of his younger siblings, he is an older brother to them as well. So his lonliness didn't last for too long. He wanted to make sure that everyone was alright. So he played, he laughed, and he stayed a kid for as long as he could so he would be able to give them all someone to look up to, to love, to feel safe around. He did this with his older siblings as much as he could as well. (His brother scares the hell out of him) but he still tries...

When he was thirteen, his brother did yell at him for being too childish when he should start acting his age... Of course, the young boy was never good at people getting cross with him, so he ran. He left the castle and left his retainers behind. He ended up hiding in a bush, often running away if something bad happened, it was his bad habit of his. He found a crack in that bush in the wall... It was decent sized. He knew that if a guard abandoned all his armor, he'd probably be able to fit through. Unlike a normal prince, wanting to patch up the wall.... He snuck out. He hid the hole on the other side as well, making sure others wouldn't be able to see it... Then, he ran. He ran into town. He spent time with people. He learned, lived, and he made some friends. He even had his first kiss, though, he will never tell anyone about it. He liked it, and it was scary.... Who knew that a prince like him, could be interested in... in men? He was unaware that his brother had an interest, too, just not as much as Xander seemed to.

Xander is one of the best people to make friends with. He is loyal, funny, and he will never leave anyone's side.

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