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Lyra Shanti (lyrashanti) | 12 comments Hi, everyone. I am looking for reviews for my sci-fi fantasy series, Shiva XIV. There are two books out and a third planned for this autumn.

Shiva XIV (Shiva XIV #1) by Lyra Shanti

The Veil of Truth (Shiva XIV, #2) by Lyra Shanti

The story begins with Ayn, a boy who is intersex/trans and is considered the messiah of his planet. Raised in seclusion by priests, Ayn must find his true identity so he can save his galaxy from war and disease.
When a great enemy throws his destiny off course, Ayn finds himself on a journey that tests his very soul.

My series isn't really YA, considering it has adult themes at times, especially as the books go on, but the main character, Ayn, starts off very young, and it's a coming of age story for him, as well as other characters in the story. There are also gay/lesbian/bi characters throughout and I'm hoping to find readers who embrace diversity.

I can provide a pdf or gift you a kindle copy in exchange for honest reviews. If you're interested, let me know your email addy here or email me at lyrashanti@yahoo.com.


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Kaje Harper | 16659 comments Cool sounding book - how "not YA" is it? Would you consider it appropriate for older teens, or is there really violence or sex that would get it an R or X rating as a movie?

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Lyra Shanti (lyrashanti) | 12 comments Thanks! Personally, I think it's appropriate for mid teens and up. The first book is sort of PG13 with only light sexual references and mild violence. The second book is more R. I don't write anything too erotic, however, it's more romantic at times than sexually detailed. I never write anything too gory either.

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Lyra Shanti (lyrashanti) | 12 comments Oh, and I should mention that this Friday and Sat, book 1 will be free on Amazon!! Book 2 will be .99 cents from Friday to Monday! :)


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Kaje Harper | 16659 comments Make sure to link that in the free reads thread too - Tales told - a.k.a free reads > FREE YA BOOK giveaways and posted stories


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Lyra Shanti (lyrashanti) | 12 comments Thanks, Kaje. I shall. :)

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