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( plot e ) Girl A is a wonderful musician. She sings beautifully, and nothing like any mortal on Earth ever has. Boy A is her new teacher, and she his pupil. What she doesn't know is that he is the Greek God Apollo, and that they have known each other for a millennia. Girl A was once a lively spirit in Ancient Greece, and turned down every man whom sought her hand in marriage. For a year, everyday Girl A would go to the temple of Apollo and ask for him to come and teach her how to be perfect in the arts of music. The god watched, and then one spring morning surprised her and agreed to teach her. Though he was harsh on her, he couldn't help but fall for her pure soul. And she, ashamed of her feelings, felt the same way. But deep below, the God of the underworld, Hades, felt anguish that Apollo SHOUKD deserve someone as pure as Girl A when he'd slept with many immortal women, even his wife. As punishment he killed Girl A. Apollo tried to plead forgiveness, but it was no use. The deed was done. But, Hades decided to make him suffer even further. He allowed her to come back to life. She would be reborn, and then would come to life. On the day that they met, she would meet him again and then, a year after that day, would die once more, with Apollo being forced to watch his one true love die, for eternity. A year later after her death, she would be reborn again. This would continue for thousands of years. When Girl A finds out the truth, she will stop at nothing to keep from dying. And find a way so that she may live for eternity with her true love. But little does she know that Hades is trying to take over the throne of Olympus. And she's in a war she can't outrun.

- maddie is Girl A

maddie | 61 comments tbh always imagined apollo's fc as luke mitchell agh i mean
look at that beautiful baby

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:0 he is,,,

maddie | 61 comments lol i was on this really adorable olympian group and he was apollo and it was literally perfect gah

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