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( PLOT C ) Girl A is just your average college girl. Smart, sweet and adventurous, with a tinge of rebellion and independence. It's summer, and she goes to sandy California as a get away trip with her friends. They all rent a small beach cottage, the white little home standing by the awaiting sea side. While there she runs into the mysterious, cocky Stiles Stilinski whom lives alone by himself in a little beach home beside where the friends are staying. Girl A is surprisingly pulled in, despise his cold and distant demeanor. But one night when her friends are all out, and she's on the beach alone, the two get to know each other and fall hopelessly in love. But as the summer ends, what will happen to their relationship? Will Girl A stay, or will she run away from his past, which dauntingly seems to now follow her as well as him? Will she be able to pull him from the darkness, or will it consume her too?

- maddie is Girl A

maddie | 61 comments oo thanks for posting the plot!!

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you're welcome! :) i just find it easier to keep track and make sure i'm posting on the right topic aha

maddie | 61 comments lol that makes sense!! sooo characters! short okay with you? also how detailed would you like to be / can you be?

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short is okay since,, i'm super lazy..
i can be pretty detailed if needed i suppose, maybe 1-2 paragraphs for personality & history??

also, is it ok if i've never watched Teen Wolf (oops...)? i don't really know what to do as for personality/history

maddie | 61 comments lol no that's okay! me too. it's just easier cause faster replies boo
and no that's fine!! you might just look it up on wiki

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alright i'll do that now :)

maddie | 61 comments cool beeaanns

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ok, did a little reading

maddie | 61 comments that's good!!

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so, should we make characters? and i might make a little comment as to what his beach house looks like or smthing?

maddie | 61 comments yeah!!! let's do that. i'll do the same.

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( name ) Stiles Stilinski
(view spoiler)

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( Stile's Shack )
it's not a shack it's my home >:(
(view spoiler)

maddie | 61 comments ((that's okay!! i mean, i'd expect a little more effort but it's fine))

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