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Stephanie Pao (stephiepao) | 35 comments Mod
Thanks for joining our #doggiebookclub. Let's get to know one another outside of our cute pups. Share a little something about yourself.

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Stephanie Pao (stephiepao) | 35 comments Mod
I'm Stephanie (dog mom to Gatsby @thegreatdoggatsby). I am from Los Angeles and work in digital marketing. I love reading, especially audio books, so maybe I love listening! Book genres I especially like to read include thrillers, contemporary, young adult and chick-lit.

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Marissa Stambol | 20 comments I'm Marissa (slave of the mighty thor, insta @marissa_thor) I'm from just outside of Cleveland, Ohio and at the moment I'm working in elections (hoping to get out before November!). I'm really trying to become a tv writer or an editor. My favorite authors are Maggie Steivater and Kresley Cole.

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Kerstin Hello my name is Keri, I'm 26 years old and from Austria (insta kaleidoscope.books). English is not my first language, so please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes.

message 5: by Eldritch Reading Reindeer 2021 In Cobwebs (last edited Jun 12, 2016 08:15AM) (new)

 Eldritch Reading Reindeer 2021 In Cobwebs  (readingreindeerproximacentauri) | 1 comments I'm Mallory, Lover of Books, Lover of Dogs, Lover of Animals :).
Lifelong dog, cat, animal, book lover. Blogger (4), reviewer, grandma of 8+3 steps = 11 grands:), unpublished and out of touch author. Live in Georgia (US). owned currently by Pookagh, a miniature toy fox terrier, who literally came to me out of nowhere after almost 6 years of grieving the loss of Rufus. Our 6th anniversary together is July 6. Read anything dog-related, fic or nonfic.

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Cordelia (cordeliawl) | 8 comments I'm Cordelia, Instagram @elegant_thimble from California. I read quite a bit, perhaps an even split between physical books and audio books which I've grown very fond of recently. I have pretty eclectic taste book wise. Favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut. Favorite book I read in the last 6 months: "The Year of Lear": nonfiction about the events in England during the year Shakespeare wrote King Lear, MacBeth, and Antony and Cleopatra. (Yes, my parents named me after the good daughter in King Lear).

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Jeni | 12 comments Hi, I'm Jeni! I am currently dog mom to Niblet (@nibletdog on insta) and stepmom (? Or aunt? She's my mom's dog) to Selah. They're both rescue mutts. We live outside of Seattle. I've always been an avid horseback rider (3-day eventing) but have had a bad hip for the last 3 years resulting in 2 surgeries and many procedures. I'm scheduled to have my third surgery this summer. I still have one horse, Finn, hoping that some day I'll be able to ride again. He's a 6-year old Canadian Sport Horse. I love reading thrillers, mystery, and horror (and some romance, if there are Cowboys involved!). Obviously I like Steven King. I also like John Grisham, and really any story that captivates and grabs my attention. Thanks for reading! I'm excited to get to know you as we start this club. I just got the book from my library and haven't finished my current book (Mr. Mercedes by Steven King) so I haven't quite started, but I know I should!

message 8: by Lynn (last edited Jun 25, 2016 01:33PM) (new)

Lynn | 12 comments Hi I'm Lynn, mom to Riley the 12 yr young Havanese. (Insta is @All.About.Riley) I grew up and live in Los Angeles. I love reading! Mostly thrillers, mystery, suspense and the fun, quirky, Chick Lit reads. I prefer paperbacks to everything else. I was in a book club run by Harper Colins when I worked on the FOX Studio Lot. It was great because the authors would occasionally come in to speak at the book club events. I haven't been in a book club since and it's been a while so I'm really looking forward to being a part of this one.

My husband's cousins were in town from Argentina for the last three weeks so I haven't started June's book but am hoping to get it read next week.

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Stephanie Pao (stephiepao) | 35 comments Mod
Lynn wrote: "Hi I'm Lynn, mom to Riley the 12 yr young Havanese. (Insta is @All.About.Riley) I grew up and live in Los Angeles. I love reading! Mostly thrillers, mystery and the fun, quirky, reads like the Shop..."

Hi Lynn! I live in LA too - in Marina del Rey. If we ever have more people in LA who join book club we should try to meet in person once in a while :)

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Stephanie Pao (stephiepao) | 35 comments Mod
So nice to meet everyone!! Thanks again for joining book club. I've loved all the people I've met through the IG dog community and am so excited to have found some fellow book lovers to chat books with :)

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Hi everyone, I'm Ali, I live in the Bay Area right now for school (Berkeley) but I'm originally from Riverside County, California. Which is basically just desert. I'm a voracious reader and love fiction, although I'll also pick up poetry, drama, nonfiction, etc. I had a mutt named Katie who passed away earlier this year due to an autoimmune disorder, but before I went off to school I used to spend my summers laying on the floor in our family room with her and a book; she used to choose which book I would read next by sniffing them. Whichever one apparently smelled best would be what I read next. =) Looking forward to getting to know all of you, please add me if you don't mind constant goodreads updates, I review everything I read to keep track of it!

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Instagram: @aleighlaff

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TresCameron | 3 comments Hi. I'm Tresa; currently I live and work in the Middle East. I'm from the Bay Area originally and lived in the LA area for years. I'm a voracious reader, normally of paperbacks or e books, but I've recently started listening to books while I learn to knit. I've read the June book already thoroughly enjoyed it. As well as being a book lover I'm also a big animal lover and traveled overseas with my two large dogs. I'm looking forward to the future book choices.

message 14: by Aimee (new)

Aimee Burpee | 3 comments Hi, I'm Aimee. My Instagram handle is @parseltongue (HUGE Harry Potter fan, LOL). I live in Dearborn, Michigan. I have three rescue pets: Cinnamon, an almost 10-year-old orange-ish tabby cat, Chloe, a three-year-old "Shepuggle" (what happens when a pug-beagle has some unintentional fun with a German Shepherd at either a puppy mill or an Amish farm -- have heard two different stories), and Maeby, a one-year-old beagle and "some sort of terrier" mix. I'm also mom to a 14-year-old human female child. I'm a binge reader -- I'll read a six books in a couple weeks, then nothing for a few months, totally dependent on my mood, to be honest.

message 15: by Jesse (new)

Jesse Swartzwelder (goodreadscomuser_jesse) | 3 comments Hi,I'm Jesse. Originally from Livermore,Ca (Bay Area) now I live in the Central Coast. I have a three year old Schipperkey female named RoxieHeart. I love to read and I'm willing to read what ever looks appealing to me or catches my eye in some way. My favorite things in life are :1.animals 3.books I had to leave collage in 2008 due to medical. Never got to go back due to health issues that are still present. So I watch and read things to help gain some knowledge about stuff. I must say I HATE e-books! I much rather have the real deal in my hands, you never have to worry about low battery or losing it, ect. To be honest, I too am a binge read just like Aimee. Some times I will stop and start the same book multiple times due to the sudden urge to start a new one. I feel that way when I paint too, but I stick with it to get the painting done. Can't wait to start the club and see what is on the list to read.

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Marsha Holland | 9 comments Hello everyone!! I am Marsha and yes, I have heard, "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha" all my life! Some of you will get that reference; some of you may not. I am a former educator with a Masters in Elem. Ed and certified to teach Reading K-12. I have a beautiful daughter who lives in Brooklyn, NY @sherastclair and a wonderful son who lives an hour away in NC. I am a bred and born North Carolinian. My dad owned a grandson of Rin Tin Tin and two female gsds so I grew up surrounded by gsd pups!! That's why I'm partial to gsds, but I have loved toy poodles, border collies and mixes so I love dogs. I am the proud dog mom of my beautiful Zach and Ziva @zachandziva. My favorite thing to do as a child was go to the library and pick out books! Books have always been like treasure to me! I love to feel the book in my hands but I am open to new experiences and this was my first ebook. I will read just about any genre of book, but I am partial to mystery, suspense, young adult, historical fiction, science fiction and romance. I love book series as well especially where I can compare and contrast movies made from books. I find that fascinating!! I am also a lover of nature, prose and poetry!

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Hey everyone! So excited to be joining! I'm Tasha - mom to Arya (@aryathepitbull). I used to be such an avid reader!! I had been slacking a lot on reading because I just get so darn busy, but I have been enjoying letting myself get sucked back into books again! I love any sort of book, but am a HUGE Harry Potter fan.
I work as a veterinary technician, and work quite long weeks. I also enjoy spending most of my free time with Arya, and going on as many adventures as possible!

message 18: by Terry (new)

Terry Kaye | 2 comments Aimee wrote: "Hi, I'm Aimee. My Instagram handle is @parseltongue (HUGE Harry Potter fan, LOL). I live in Dearborn, Michigan. I have three rescue pets: Cinnamon, an almost 10-year-old orange-ish tabby cat, Chloe..."
Aimee I love your instagram handle! Huge Potter fan here, too!

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Terry Kaye | 2 comments Hi everyone, my name is Terry and I am excited to join the group. I am the mom of two amazing rescue dogs, one of whom inspired me so much that I wrote a book in her voice. She has a lot to say. I live in Los Angeles, and when not translating for my dog I am an actress. I love reading, especially mysteries, fantasy (Harry Potter of course!) and humor. Great to meet you all!!

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Laurie Machado | 3 comments Hi, everyone -- I just realized today that I never did the whole "introduce yourself" to the group. I am Laurie, dog mom to @dec_the_big_red_dog and @shanley_girl (yes, managing two IG accounts IS difficult). Love being part of this book club with you all!

I moved back to Carmel, CA in 2011 after having spent 14 years in Denver. I went to college at Boston University and grad school at Arizona State (JD/MBA), In my previous work life, I was a VP of Product Development for LexisNexis (for their efile division) for 16 years, but they sold our division to a company in Dallas and after sticking it out for 18 months with the new owners, I left in 2013. I've been an event planner and project manager for a local (and large) construction company since then, but also licensed a dog business in 2014. I just recently left that company to focus full time on my dog business ( and to spend time with my two furry kids.

Declan is my 7 year old golden and my social butterfly, and he probably has a more active social life than I do! Shanley is my 10 1/2 year old girl and is battling bone cancer. Shanley's IG account is more of a picture diary for me to document her final days/years, whereas Declan is more the face of my business. Both of them keep me plenty busy!

In Carmel, we walk...almost everywhere! So this is why I love our book club because I get the audio versions and listen to those on our 2+ hours of walking every day. The lawyer in me likes thrillers and mysteries. And I hate to admit this to you all, but I may be the one person in America who doesn't like Harry Potter (I struggled through the first book and have never picked up the others or watched any of the movies). I am not good with fantasy books -- I think it is also the lawyer in me that cannot relate to or picture the fantasy books. :-)

Anyway, that's us in a nutshell! Sorry for our very late bio!

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pgie (paigehbabeh) | 2 comments I'm Paige and I'm Daisy's mom over at @myacdandme. I like running, baking, reading, drinking, and video/computer games. I live in Las Vegas and work in higher education. I love chick lit, fantasy, paranormal...pretty much anything as long as there's a touch of romance and a good looking guy in it. Some of my favorite authors are Tamora Pierce, Colleen Hoover, Samantha Young, and Meg Cabot.

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Lynn | 12 comments I love Meg Cabot!

message 23: by Sierra (new)

Sierra Hi I am Sierra I just joined I love dogs I use text language to its a habit i am also very friendly

message 24: by Diana (last edited Dec 16, 2016 01:54PM) (new)

Diana (dianasilva) Hi, I'm Diana, from central California, and dogmom to Bentley (@imbentleymax), Annabelle, and Joey (@annabelle_n_joey_show). I run Bentley's IG account and my husband runs Annabelle and Joey's. We are both big dog lovers but when it comes to books, I'm on my own. Though I call myself a dog lover, Bentley is my first dog ever. I grew up with cats (which I still adore, too).

I love to read and knit on my free time and have recently become obsessed with decluttering using the Kon Mari method from the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

You can find me at the library almost weekly, checking out both physical and audio books. I ready fiction and non-fiction, but mostly non-fiction when it comes to audio. My favorite books I've read this year are Jane Steele and Gods of Gotham, both by Lyndsay Faye. A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab is also another favorite.

Nice to meet you all. Thank you Arya's mom, Tasha, for introducing me to #DoggieBookClub!

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