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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Bad guys want a piece of film from two kids [s]

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Connor Brown | 2 comments There was a book when I was a kid that had a boy (he was like 12) and went to visit his dad. His dad had a girlfriend and she had a son. When he got to the airport, he took a picture of some guys around a plane. One of the guys had "Fish-Eyes". That guy wanted that piece of film, so he and a few others go out to his dad's place, which is a cabin, and the two boys run and hide. The front of the book was the two boys having their backs against a cliff.

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Connor Brown | 2 comments Kym wrote: "Journey into Terror by Bill Wallace"

Thank you, so much! That's it.

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Kym | 1058 comments You're welcome

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