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( storming of the brain )
will contain further planning for current stories as well as ideas for other stories and character planning, etc.

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"Come on, Elena! You'll miss it if you keep on walking at that speed!" Ingrid said as she sprinted up the hillside. 'It' happened to be a beautiful morning sunset that was scheduled to happen in five minutes. Sighing, Elena dragged her feet through the dry December grass, probably destroying her perfect athletic shoes, as she blew frozen puffs of her breath into the air. "Wait up!" she shouted to Ingrid as she picked up her pace, while Ingrid slowed down to catch her breath and wait for Elena. "Okay, we'll walk the rest of the way up together," she decided, and they did just that. Slowly, the crisp night air turned brighter and brighter, and when they were nearing the very peak of the hill, they saw an astounding sunrise, with every color possible and even more. The light pinks were streaked across the bottom of the skyline, filling in the holes of a stroke of orange that dashed across the sky, and at the very top still the navy blue color of the night, with a pinch of purple. It was amazing, the colors all fading into each other with ease. Elena was finally glad that she had gone to see the sunrise.

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