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JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1532 comments This is a hilarious, often uncomfortable read about a man who is having his case heard at the Supreme Court. The narrator, nicknamed BonBon (I'm not sure if we ever got his actual name), has a small mission in life. He wants to get his hometown of Dickens, CA back on the map --- it was removed because of its general state of poor-ness. Dicken's started out as an agarian community which morphed into a ghetto. Hominy Jenkins, one of the last surviving Little Rascals is still living, but going a bit crazy -- has decided that BonBon is his master so one of the charges becomes re-instating slavery.

There were definitely laugh out loud funny moments in this tale. Beatty is a great writer. I did listen to the audio and the narrator was perfect. However, at times the story was a bit disjointed --- I'm not sure if I missed a couple of connection points due to listening instead of reading. but it seemed that the narrator actually stumbled into some of the situations like segregating vs taking deliberate actions. Obviously, the subject of racial relations in America is front and center and made for some funny but also some very uncomfortable observations.

message 2: by Jen (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jen | 1545 comments I really want to read this!bnice review

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1532 comments Jen, I think you will appreciate the writing. It reminded me a bit of Antony Marra, although entirely different subject matter.

message 4: by Nicole R (new)

Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7782 comments I have this on my bookshelf and I definitely want to get to it this summer! I know that Linda didn't care for it, but it may be one of the rare exceptions where we disagree on a book.

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1532 comments It's sort of a hard book to review. I would say that the writing was 5 stars but the actual narrative was 3.

message 6: by Ladyslott (last edited Jun 12, 2016 05:16PM) (new)

Ladyslott | 1880 comments Nice review JoLene.

I listened to it and read it and although I found some parts of it very funny I had a very hard time listening or reading the N word over and over. I know there was a point to it, but it actually upset me and I had to stop. It's gotten rave reviews and I own the audio so I may go back to it at some point.

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1532 comments I would agree --- it was very uncomfortable to listen that particularly. Perhaps it's less disconcerting to just read it, but I only had the audio of this one.

Anita Pomerantz | 6546 comments Waiting for a few more people to read this one, but it is still on my radar.

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