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message 1: by Chioma, Creator (new)

Chioma (chiomareads) | 16 comments Mod
Please let us know a little bit about yourself like your background and things you enjoy as well as why you decided to join this group.

My name is Chioma and I live in America, but my father is from Nigeria and my mom is from Ghana, so all three cultures are very ingrained in my life. I run a book blog called Blue Books and Butterflies where I review pretty much every book I read. I created this group in order to help encourage more people to read African literature around the world and generally create more of a focus on reading books from other cultures and not just western culture.

message 2: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine | 4 comments I am Lorraine from Johannesburg, South Africa. I run a book club aptly named BookWorms Book Club. it's been going strong for 5 years.

I love reading and buying books. I visit book shops religiously looking for all sorts of books.

message 3: by Kalejaiye (new)

Kalejaiye Anuoluwapo | 4 comments My name is Anu I live in Lagos. I love reading and writing poetry. I am sort of a book hoarder.. I run a blog
and love love reading book reviews

message 4: by Chioma, Creator (new)

Chioma (chiomareads) | 16 comments Mod
Lorraine wrote: "I am Lorraine from Johannesburg, South Africa. I run a book club aptly named BookWorms Book Club. it's been going strong for 5 years.

I love reading and buying books. I visit book shops religiousl..."

Nice to meet you Lorraine. Good to see people from South Africa join this book club. I visit book shops a lot as well. They are just great to spend hours in.

message 5: by Chioma, Creator (new)

Chioma (chiomareads) | 16 comments Mod
Kalejaiye wrote: "My name is Anu I live in Lagos. I love reading and writing poetry. I am sort of a book hoarder.. I run a blog
and love love reading book reviews"

Hello Anu, nice blog. That's interesting that you like to write poetry. I like poetry myself, but mostly just reading it.

message 6: by Phumlani (new)

Phumlani (ndo_phumlani) | 1 comments I am Phumlani, i am from Johannesburg, South Africa. Im an avid reader, i read a lot of African literature, that is my passion. I hope the group will broaden my reading horizons.

message 7: by Cindy III (new)

Cindy III I'm Cindy. I am from Los Angeles, CA. I have been wanting to read Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe for a long time. It's more fun to read in a group, so that's part of why I joined the group.

message 8: by Titilayo (new)

Titilayo | 1 comments I am Titilayo aka Titi from Florida (as my Nigerian cousins call me). My Dad is Yoruba and my Mommy is African American. I enjoy reading authors from the African continent and its diaspora. Am looking forward to connecting with all of you.

message 9: by Sierra the Nerdgirl (last edited Jun 22, 2016 09:29PM) (new)

Sierra the Nerdgirl (nerdgirl93) Hi you guys. My name is Sierra and I run the book blog "The Nerdgirl Review". I'm from Michigan and I'm multiracial, consisting of African American, Native American, and white. It was until like a year ago that I really embraced the African American part of my heritage and began hanging out with more African Americans and Africans and learning about the African diaspora. I can't wait to learn more!

message 10: by Bajen (new)

Bajen Hello everyone. My name is YaFatou and I am from The Gambia. I love to read and I enjoy discussing books as well. I realised however I don't read a lot of books by Africans and about Africans. So I joined this group to help introduce me to books like that. I also run a blog, poorly though, Do check it out:)

message 11: by Felicia (last edited Jul 11, 2016 04:58AM) (new)

Felicia Moore | 4 comments Hi everybody... I'm Felicia..... I'm from El Dorado,Arkansas..... I enjoy being with friends and family and of course reading. I wanted to join the group 1. I have always wanted to be a part of a book group 2. I love having book discussions 3. I think this group seems to pick amazing books to discuss.

message 12: by Michael (new)

Michael Lane (eman_mrl) Welcome Bajen and Felicia!

message 13: by Louise (new)

Louise Geldenhuys | 1 comments Hi! I'm from Springbok, a small town in the western part of South Africa. I found this group while looking for a place yo discuss South African books, and thought it might be a great place to expand my reading. I've already spent my book budget for this month, but will join in somewhere along the way.

message 14: by Mariah Roze (last edited Jul 26, 2016 01:33PM) (new)

Mariah Roze (mariahroze) Hello :) My name is Mariah and I was born in a small town in Wisconsin, USA. When I was in college, I started the biggest diversity series called Coffee and Culture. The purpose of Coffee and Culture was/is (it is still occurring) to offer reoccurring culturally focused conversations for the college students, staff, faculty and the community. Coffee and Culture offers programming that invites speakers to engage participants on a variety of culturally relevant topics that have included (but are not limited to): ethnicity/race, country, classism, gender stereotypes, ability and disability, sexual orientation and preference, mental health, religion and spiritual beliefs and practices, and current cultural issues. I started and ran the program for three years, until I graduated, and had at least one event per week, which had over 100 attendees each time. I love learning about diversity and cultures different than my own. I am currently a special education teacher at a high school and I feel like I am constantly learning from my students.

Also, I just started a book club on goodreads called Diversity in All Forms!

I love reading and I look forward to participating in a lot of the book discussions here!

message 15: by Darkowaa (new)

Darkowaa Hey everyone!
My name is Darkowaa. I currently live in Accra, but I move back and forth between Accra and Boston. I was born and raised in the US, then Accra after the age of 10. So I guess that makes me Ghanaian-American... but I simply like to identify as Ghanaian!
I run a book blog African Book Addict! over at I love African-American, Caribbean and African Literature! I relate to the various narratives in many ways and I gain a stronger sense of self from reading books written by Black (African, African-American, Caribbean) authors.

I share my love of books from these regions over on my book blog through lighthearted reviews, book chats, showcasing of cover art etc! I'm excited for the discussions we'll have here. Thank you Chioma for creating this group :)

message 16: by Michael (new)

Michael Lane (eman_mrl) Hello Everyone!
My name is Michael. I'm an African-American writer and an insatiable reader. I live in Seattle, Washington but I was born and raised in the northeast of the U.S. I can’t remember a time I haven’t loved reading books. My taste in literature is eclectic. I am looking forward to expanding my palate with delightful servings from Black African, Caribbean and African-American authors.

message 17: by P. (new)

P. Zoro (pzoro) | 1 comments Hello Everybody

My name is P. Zoro. I am a writer based in Zimbabwe. I love reading across all genres and writing reviews but African literature is my favorite.

message 18: by Nina (new)

Nina Chachu | 1 comments Hi everyone.

My name is Nina. I am a reader, and very occasional blogger based in Accra, Ghana. By profession I am a librarian. I usually read at least one or more works on Africa/by African writers every month.

message 19: by Mirette (new)

Mirette | 1 comments Hi everyone. My name is Amira and i am from Algeria. I love reading and i'd like to read more books by african authors, that's why i joined this group.

message 20: by Linda (new)

Linda (lindasyearlybookchallenge) | 2 comments Hello All!

My name is Linda! I just joined the group today. I love reading and lately have been obsessed with African literature so I'm glad I found this group.
I blog about books I've read too and you can find my latest review here: https://lindasyearlybookchallenge.wor...

I look forward to joining in the next book discussion. Although, I've read Americanah but I can't wait to learn your opinions about it.

My Twitter handle is @lindasbook

message 21: by Linda (new)

Linda (lindasyearlybookchallenge) | 2 comments I forgot to mention that I'm Nigerian (Igbo) and currently live and work in NYC.

message 22: by Richmond Apore (new)

Richmond Apore | 1 comments Hello everyone!

My name is Richmond, I was born and raised in Ghana but recently moved to the U.S for my High School and now University education.
I am a very avid reader and mostly read Western books in my early youth. But recently I have had this "renaissance" so to speak and have returned to my roots, literature wise.
I am very ecstatic to be a part of this group, and especially glad that the next book is Americanah. I recently started reading this book myself. Can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts and views as we move on with the book.

Brown Girl Reading | 1 comments Hello All! My name is Didi and I have always loved to read as long as I can remember. I'm originally from Louisiana, but have been living in Normandy for 26 years. I run a Wordpress blog and a YouTube channel by the name of Brown Girl Reading. I love reading books by authors of color. I strive to try to get their voices read a and heard more by talking about them. So I'm thrilled to join this book club to get more incite into African literature.

message 24: by Marianne (new)

Marianne Hi everyone,

My name is Marianne and I am from Québec Canada. I'm an avid reader and I love reading books on different culture. I love book that makes me travel and discover the world. I am joining this group because I know little about African literature and I eager to lean more.

message 25: by Kenisha (new)

Kenisha | 1 comments Hello everyone!
My name is Kenisha and I am from New Orleans, La. I love reading different kinds of books. I joined this club because I should start reading more African Lit.

message 26: by Keisha (new)

Keisha | 1 comments Hi my name is Keisha, I live in Los Angeles. I've now read a few books by African authors and have really loved them. Your current August read Americanah was Fantastic. It was the first time honestly I really stopped and understood that the African in America experience was very different from the African American/Black experience and references. I'm currently reading The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma. I just started and love the scene when their father returned home and mama explained what had been going on with his sons. Fish---er---men?!?! he exclaimed in a high pitch over and over. It was even better in audiobook. I also loved how he redefined the word for them to make it something wholly different. I also love book clubs but they are difficult to maintain. It seems like online book clubs don’t quite have that problem. Looking forward to being introduced to some great writers and books.

message 27: by Michael (new)

Michael Lane (eman_mrl) Nice to meet you Keisha. The Fishermen sounds interesting. I am adding it to my reading list.

message 28: by Sharde (new)

Sharde | 1 comments Hi all, my name is Sharde, I live in the UK. I was born in Lagos Nigeria. For as long as I can remember, reading and writing literature has been part of my life. I joined this group because African literature is important to me and I want to meet people who it is important to as well.

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