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Jack (JackOhLantern) | 3 comments Should I start or you?

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Jaz | 138 comments Could we do characters first?

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Jaz | 138 comments "You're kidding me. Seriously?" Zoe repeated, her eyes widening as her lips parted before she pursed them quickly and stood straighter. Her chemistry teacher was looking up at her with a blank expression, her glasses perched on the end of her nose with her bright red painted lips pressed into a thin line.

"Yes, Miss Monroe. You're failing and if you don't get at least a B in this final assessment then you will fail and you will need to repeat this class," Mrs Landau restated, bobbing her head before setting down Zoe's file down on the desk. "Now please leave Miss Monroe. I have some work to do," she ordered with an exasperated sigh.

Securing her bag on her shoulder, Zoe stalked out of the room, her loose, off shoulder blouse fluttering slightly as she stormed down the corridor. Her knuckles were white as she clenched the strap, her mind spinning as she tried to think of ways that she could pass this class. She hated chemistry, hated it with a passion. It hadn't even been her idea to take the class in the first place, her father had pressured her into taking the class. And now she was being threatened with even more school just because she sucked at it.

There was no way she was going to magically understand chemistry in a matter of weeks. She'd need help and not the kind of help that would teach her chemistry. There was a kid in her chemistry class, one that sat near the front and always got As. It took her a moment to remember his name as she ran through everything that sounded like it. James. James Williams. All she had to do was find him.

After asking a few people in the halls, she managed to find James but she waited to approach him, allowing herself a while to study him before she made a move. She hadn't seen him hang around many people, in fact, she could remember seeing him around any friends. Zoe most definitely hadn't seen him around any girls. With that one thought, she found her way in.

Lightly biting her lip, she walked towards him, tracing her hand softly on his shoulder as she sat down next to him. With a sultry sweet grin, she let her hand run halfway down his arm before dropping it to her lap. "Hey, James. I was hoping to catch you alone. I don't think we've actually been introduced properly yet. I'm Zoe. From chem, you may not have known I was even in the class. I try to stay quiet, it's not really my forte. Though I have been dying to find chance to speak to you. Sorry, I'm rambling, it always happens when I'm nervous. I'll uh, I'll shut up now," Zoe rambled, ensuring that she sent him a few fluttering flirtatious looks as she glanced at him from under her lashes.

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Jack (JackOhLantern) | 3 comments James really hated school. Well, that's not true. He loved learning, he just hated the institution. Of course, he enjoyed being rather smart. He was pretty high up in the class ranking. Of course, none of that mattered to him, since he didn't let his grades define him. Well, that was pretty easy since he got mostly As. But if he got a bad grade (which never happened) he didn't let it ruin him like most smart kids. He pushed one of his dreads out of his face for the umpteenth time, and then finally resorted to putting it up in a pony tail. He then looked down at his phone, though he didn't know why, he never had any texts, except from his parents. He sighed, his brown eyes pretty much lifeless.

He took out his 3DS from his bag and began to play while he walked. He got to the cafeteria and sat down by himself, as he had done for the past four years of his high school career. However, after a moment, he felt like he was being watched, which was weird because no one ever noticed him. And when one of the school's most popular people sat down next to him, running her finger down his shoulder, he was utterly speechless. As she rambled on, he finally remembered how to speak. Was she...flirting with him? Of all the people she could've flirted with, she chose him: some average looking guy who was currently playing a game marketed for small children. He cleared his throat. "Uh, hi."

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