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x story ideas
x characters
x random pieces of writing to be spun into coherent stories

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x music
x wattpad
x books
x fanfiction
x life
x 1/0

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kaya (ananats) | 39 comments
Title: excuse me, that's a fallacy

     A group of philosophers try and fail to blend in with society. Chaos ensues.

Nat has a tendency to think of things in terms of a priori/a posteriori
Jules is their expert on ethical dilemmas
Chris prefers reading about thought experiments to talking.
Ella just likes logic.
Lucy points out every single goddamn logical fallacy anyone uses. Innocently, and while giggling.

x Nat [ nathan ]
x Jules [ julian ]
x Chris [ christine ]
x Ella [ arabella ]
x Lucy [ 'lucifer' ]

x logical fallacies
x logical fallacies

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Title: ???
fanfiction of the Discworld series

     When trying to carry out a bank heist, don't use a troll.

Madeline 'Maddy' King, granddaughter of Sir Harry King, is a part-time bank robber. Since her grandfather is good friends with the owner of the owner of the bank, she can get away with it. She always puts the money back - it's more of a test to her, to see if she can evade both the Watch and the workers.

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you can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles...
"i'm solving this case!" "no i'm solving this case!"

or in this case, the distinctive sound of Elyan and Elana arguing for the sixtieth time.

they're the best detectives money can buy, but the twins get on about as well as sherlock holmes and jim moriarty.

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kaya (ananats) | 39 comments

album : flood by tmbg

- birdhouse in your soul
- istanbul not constantinople
- your racist friend
- particle man
- letterbox

birdhouse in your soul
- 'blue canary' is an alias for a super
- probably a sidekick
- and lives with their ancestors' greatness over their head
- 'you have to be better' 'do your ancestors proud'

istanbul (not constantinople)
- istanbul and constantinople are people
- always get confused with each other
- are twins
- constantinople is older
- ends in running away and tears

your racist friend
- a biography of donald trump
- angst
- hurt

particle man
- follow on from birdhouse in your soul
- think antman and giant man

- he sends a letter to the girl he likes, anxiously awaits an answer
- never gets one

- follow the lyrics i guess... idk

they might be giants
- i d k

lucky ball and chain
- i d k

whistling in the dark
- follow the song

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iouea is a legit word no i didn't make it up
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