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Muse A is a rather inexperienced witch who is struggling to master some particularly difficult spells that are required for her to become a full-fledged member of her coven. Muse B is a disgraced but very powerful warlock that was banished from his coven for practicing dark magic and attempting to syphon magic from other members of his coven. Muse B finds Muse A trying to figure out her spells and "offers" to help teach her the spells, and she has no idea who he is. At first he intends on syphon her magic when she becomes more powerful, but things lead in directions he didn't plan on and he decides against it.

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Amber | 3678 comments Mwuahaha!

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You can make your character fist if you like. I'll make mine when I get home :P

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Amber | 3678 comments Right. Well. Let me just go spend a million hours searching for a face claim. It'll probably take a while. I'm so picky. And I have to do stuff later .-.

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Haha, that's cool, I'm pretty picky about that too XD

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Name: Damian Yveller
Age: 23
Appearance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...
Damian is bad boy in all aspects of the word. He is 6'1" with light brown hair and dark blue eyes that are almost black. He is rarely seen without his leather jacket.

Every once in a while, you come across a gem of a pic that just can't be beat. I found exactly what I was imagining withing a couple of minutes xD

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Amber | 3678 comments O:

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Amber | 3678 comments Is it humanly possibly for someone to be so attractive?

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ikr! and with the personality I've got in mind for him? hmm, I want ten of him XD

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Amber | 3678 comments Name:
Ridley Luna Erickson



She's gonna be..... Um 5'3. Yeah. Okay. And personality to be rped. Hopefully I'm capable of making a not feisty character but it always ends up that way.

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I'm going to say that Damian goes by Veller to keep his identity hidden. XD
Can you start? I'm going to be heading into work so I won't be able to reply until I go on break.

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Amber | 3678 comments Yes. But first, I hope you don't mind, I'm going to take a nap. Because I'm really freaking tired.

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Haha, okay XD
I forgot to add that Veller has an accent like Enzo from the Vampire Diaries. I know you probably don't know who that is, but look up videos or something if you wanna know XD

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Amber | 3678 comments I like his accent! I'll have to start way later than I expected... But I'll still start!

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haha okay :P

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Amber | 3678 comments *is going to attempt to start this right now*

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Amber | 3678 comments Ridley was mad and her red cheeks showed it. "Freaking aye," she muttered as yet another spell failed. At least she didn't accidentally turn someone into a goat again. That was awful. She could still remember running away as fast as her short legs would take her when the man realized she in fact could not turn him back. She'd already nearly blown up twice since she had started practicing, that was seen by her crazy messy hair, but that had only been when she was thinking about her supreme telling her she wasn't going to make the cut if she didn't get her shit together.

She tried again and once again failed. "Gah!" she exclaimed and threw her fist against a tree. Unfortunately, she wasn't built for tree punching. She rapidly shook her hand out and cursed under her breath.

((Plot twist. Ridley's mom cheated on her dad so Rid isn't a full witch and that's why she sucks with just the normal teaching?))

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((I like it :D))

Veller was walking back towards his motorcycle, having just finished gathering some herbs for a particularly powerful- not to mention illegal- spell that he was working on, when he heard someone yell. He frowned and stuffed the herbs into his bag before starting in the direction the yelling had come from. He spotted a red haired girl who was shaking her hand out as if she had hurt it and approached her. He almost stopped when he sensed her magic, it was far weaker than his, and she probably wouldn't have been able to tell he was a warlock even if she was trying. "Having trouble with something, love?" he asked, regaining his composure before she could have known something was up. "What's a pretty little thing like you doing out here all by yourself?" He raised a brow and gave her a lopsided grin, she really was little.

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Amber | 3678 comments Ridley's attention snapped to the new person. She raised a brow at his question. "Apparently conversing with tall, dark, and handsome men in the woods. Sounds safe," she muttered. She looked away from the strangers to her smoking hands. Literally smoking. She must have almost blown herself up again. "What are you doing here?" she questioned and crossed her arms, deciding if he got to ask her questions then she got to return them. She ran her hands through her hair when she realized how crazy it was but only made it worse. Gosh, she was a hot mess.

((Ummmm can I make her half dragon? Like how cool with that be?))

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(lol if you want to :P))

Veller chuckled softly, "Apparently conversing with a tiny, frazzled, redhead in the woods," he replied coolly with a smirk. He realized quickly that she had no idea who he was, and he could use that to his advantage. Even her weak magic would be valuable to him if he could manage to get his hands on it. Though based on what he was sensing, she had at least some untapped potential, he could use that to his advantage too. "What kind of spell were you trying to perform?" He asked, gesturing to her smoking hands, not bothering to hide his knowledge of magic.

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Amber | 3678 comments Ridley glared at his comment when he called her tiny. "Tiny but mighty," she murmured quietly. When his focus changed to the spell she bit her lip gently. A small laugh left her lips. "Honestly I have no idea what I was even doing. It'd probably help if I did know though. Maybe I'd actually be a worthwhile witch," she rolled her eyes. She didn't bother hiding she was a witch, obviously he was aware of magic if he was asking her about it. The smoke in her hands dissipated as she started to cool down from her anger. "Name?" she questioned.

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Amber | 3678 comments ((Yeet :D))

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"Veller," he said. He knew that if she found out his real name she would figure out who he really was in an instant, so he stuck to his preferred nickname. "So," he said, "You aren't a full witch. Not yet anyway." He smirked slightly, this was good for him. "Still need to master your initiation spells then?" He cocked his head to the side. "Odd that someone your age would be having such a hard time with them," he added, "I had mine done and over with by the time I was fourteen. 'Course, I do happen to be a little more powerful than your average witch."

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Amber | 3678 comments "Well yippe ki-yay for you," Ridley rolled her eyes. Her face flushed in annoyance. "Is there a point in bragging to me about how you're oh so talented, or is this all just for your enjoyment?" she questioned with the roll of her eyes. She knew she was behind and it was the most frustrating thing ever. She didn't need him rubbing all of his success in her face. On a good day she actually probably wouldn't have minded it, just laughed it off and went with it. But she was too flustered.

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"Little of both," Veller said with a mischievous grin, "Being as experienced as I am, I can tell you the first thing you're doing wrong." He folded his arms over his chest and gave her a smug grin, waiting for her to ask before actually offering any assistance.

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Amber | 3678 comments "You can keep your pointers to yourself," Ridley replied. She looked to the tree she had accidentally burned down the day before and bit her lip gently. She sighed when she turned her gaze back to him and groaned. "Fine, oh enlightened one. Tell me, what am I doing wrong?" she questioned. Her arms were crossed over her chest and her hip popped to the side.

((*coughs* you're a dragon that's why you burn stuff down))

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Veller raised a brow, "No witch circle," he said simply, tracing a circle in the air with his finger for emphasis. "A circle will stabilize your magic, keep you from doing, well, that." He gestured to the charred tree. "Once you're in more control of your abilities you won't usually need one, but clearly you need it now." He lifted his chin slightly and gave her an arrogant smirk. "C'mon," he said, turning to walk back towards his bike, "I'll show you how to make one properly."

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Amber | 3678 comments Ridley raised a brow. "Hmm let me think about this. Do I let a stranger walking through the woods whisk me away to who knows where on that death trap or do I walk in the other direction and ultimately avoid death?" she questioned. She pretended to deliberate intensely, "yeah I think I'm gonna just back away slowly and avoid the wandering murderer."

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Veller put a hand over his heart, "You hurt me," he said, then rolled his eyes. "Come on. You clearly need all the help you can get. I'm not going to hurt you."
'yet,' he added silently in his head. "You can trust me," he said aloud with an attempt at a warm smile, though it ended up being more of a flirtatious smirk.

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Amber | 3678 comments "If there's anything I've learned from sucking at magic it's that when someone offers help and says I can trust them it's that they actually plan on making fun of me and hurting me," Ridley spoke. "I don't see you, Mr Suave, being any different," she added. The only thing Ridley could do very well was defense magic, so she wasn't too worried about this guy because she was actually better than most at it. But man if she actually had to attack him she was screwed. And something told her not to trust him, but she also wanted the help. She was torn.

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Veller sighed, "I'm not going to mock you, love. You aren't the only person I've met that has trouble with their magic," he said, pinching the bridge of his nose. That was true. His younger brother had trouble with his, but that was normal for his family, firstborns were always the more powerful in his bloodline. "But if you don't want my help, then fine." He started walking towards his motorcycle, which wasn't too far from them. He silently cast a tracking spell on the girl so he could locate her later if she didn't change her mind about his help.

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Amber | 3678 comments With a sigh Rid ran her hands over her face. "Fine," she peeked at Veller through her fingers. "But do we have to go on that?" she questioned, pulling one hand from her face and pointing at the bike. She let her other hand fall and took a deep breath, it looked terrifying.

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"Most women think it's sexy," Veller said, raising an eyebrow suggestively. "And I don't see another vehicle around here, do you?" He pointed out, then grabbed his helmet and put it over the girl's head. It was far too big for her and he wasn't even sure she could see out of it, but it was better than nothing. "I won't crash, don't worry," he said as he mounted the bike, patting the small space behind him. "You haven't told me your name," he added as he started the bike up.

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Amber | 3678 comments Ridley squeaked when he pushed the helmet over her head. She felt like a bobble head and top heavy. "Umm," she spoke and gripped the helmet, moving it so she could actually see. "Ridley. Or Rid. Or Luna. Whatever floats your boat," she commented. She frowned at the sight of the bike. "Really?" she questioned, nervous about getting on it.

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"Hmm, Rid," Veller said, putting excess emphasis on the d. "I like it, short and simple." He rolled his eyes at he when she still didn't want to get on the bike, "Just get on, love," he said, starting to get exasperated, "It's a motorbike, not a death trap."

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Amber | 3678 comments "What's the difference?" Rid questioned and threw one of her legs over. She didn't know where to put her arms. Around him? His shoulders? The seat? It was all awkward for her. She didn't run off with strangers. She blushed and shook her head, making the helmet fall into her line of sight.

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Veller rolled his eyes again and grabbed her wrists. He wrapped her arms around his waist and looked back at her, chuckling softly at the sight of her in his helmet. "Hold on," he said. He drove the bike out of the woods and back into the city, towards the rather unsavory area where he lived. He pulled the bike up in front of his apartment building and parked the bike. "Come on," he said as he dismounted and led her up to the penthouse than he had managed to acquire. His building was far nicer than most in the area, which was why he chose it, but the only reason he was even in this area was because there were no covens that practiced nearby, so he didn't have to worry about other witches finding him.

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Amber | 3678 comments When Veller pulled her arms around him Rid held on loosely but when he started pulling away she squealed and quickly tightened her grip. She had squeezed her eyes shut and felt like she was holding on to him for dear life. She wanted to kiss the ground when they stopped but he was already on the move. She had only just gotten the helmet off when he was walking away. She looked around, liking the area but growing increasingly nervous.

((Is she different enough from Ariel?))

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((lol yeah she's good XD))

"Normally when I bring women up here it's for a very different reason," Veller said. He murmured a quick incantation so that Rid wouldn't crash into the magical barrier that kept witches out of his apartment. He walked in and set his bag on a chair before pulling off his jacket and throwing it on a chair, leaving him in only a rather form fitting black T-shirt and dark jeans. "Make yourself at home," he said, "Just stay in this room." she wouldn't have been able to go anywhere else anyway, he was a little excessive with his barrier spells and nearly every room in the apartment was guarded by one. He walked into the room he kept all his magic supplies in and grabbed a case of salt and some chalk before returning to Rid.

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Amber | 3678 comments Rid stood in the room with a blush on her face from his first comment. She stood with one leg crossed over the other and her hands folded behind her back. How was she supposed to make herself at home in a stranger's house? She wasn't sure, that's why she stood awkwardly just looking around. And she was sure she looked just as awkward as she felt. Her eyes were fixated on the floor when he came back. She was lost in thought thinking about what she would do if this turned out bad. She could get away. She knew she could, right? He's not going to hurt you get over yourself, she thought.

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Veller frowned when he saw the look on Rid's face. He set the salt and chalk down on the coffee table and put he hands in her shoulders. "Relax," he said, if this was going to work out for him, she was going to have to trust him. "This isn't going to work if you're stressed out. Magic requires control over your emotions." He let go of her shoulders and picked up the chalk. "Okay, might as well get started then," he said before starting to draw a large circle on the dark floor with the chalk. "The more perfect the circle, the better this will work." He finished the circle and then started drawing symbols around the edge. "Eventually you won't need as many symbols," he explained, "But for now you'll need them to help channel and control your power."

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Amber | 3678 comments Ridley was still stressed, even when he told her not to be she was. But as he kept talking she relaxed a little. "Right so, a nice circle and lots of symbols. Next step?" she inquired. She unfolded her hands and let them fall to her sides. She needed to try and be less stressed if she was going to succeed. And she needed to stop getting distracted by his face, though that step was going to be quite a bit harder.

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"Salt," Veller replied, picking up the case and started covering the circle in salt, careful to stick to the outline that he'd already created. "It's got the magical properties that make the circle work." After he was done he tossed the salt aside. He was about to tell her to step into the circle but stopped before he did, seeing how stressed she still was. "Oh my God," he muttered, rolling his eyes and rubbing his face. "Would a shower help you calm down, love?" He asked, "I've got some clothes lying around that you could wear if need be, might be a little big, but they'd work if you wanted to change." The clothes would probably be more than a little big, with how tiny she was, but the women he'd brought to his apartment often left random articles of clothing behind, hoping to be invited back to get them, but he never brought them back.

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Amber | 3678 comments "What? No. I'm fine," Ridley shook her head. "Besides why the heck would I want to shower here? You do realize you aren't helping your case with me believing you're actually a murderer. You're what they always look like. They are always super handsome and mysterious and they prey on the helpless girls like me. I may be a lot smaller than you and my magic my suck but I happen to have very very good defensive magic. You may not believe that but it's a true story. I'm actually a lot better than most of the witches in the coven and everyone is really confused because apparently defensive magic is really hard to get good at and I suck at the easy stuff. Well that's not my problem. Like a lot of things are confusing about me. They think I'm so strange. Like when I get really made smoke comes out of my nostrils and that's confusing. One time fire just appeared in my hands and I wasn't even trying to do anything and it's kind of really strange actually. They think I was born with some sort of disease but who knows..." she kept rambling. It was a nervous ramble that she did every time she was in awkward situations. Her hands ferociously twirled her hair around her fingers as she kept talking as well. Nervous rambling and nervous hair twirling came in a pair with her.

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Veller watched Rid as she was talking, highly amused by her nervousness. After a while he stepped up to her and took her wrists in his hands, holding them against his chest. "Listen, love" he said to get her to quiet down, "I'm not a murderer. I promise you, I'm not going to kill you." he tilted his head to the side and looked down at her with an innocent expression, which looked odd with the bad boy vibe he gave off. "Relax," he said again. He wasn't lying, he'd never killed anyone, and he didn't plan on killing her. He only wanted her magic, and taking it wouldn't kill her, it would simply make her human.

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Amber | 3678 comments Rid stopped talking when he started. She took a deep breath and sighed. "Okay. Relax. I can do that. You won't murder me," she repeated. After another deep breath she nodded. "Okay I'm relaxed," she spoke. "Oh and stop trying to look innocent. It doesn't work for you," she added after a moment. Stupid words vomit that doesn't seem to quit, she thought. Everything about you is stupid. No wait. Don't think like that. You just suck at what is supposed to be your best skill. You have other skills. Great. Now the word vomit is in my head, she rolled her eyes at herself.

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Veller smirked at her words and dropped the innocent look, "Just trying to make you more comfortable, love," he said, "Now come, stand in the circle, right in the middle." He took her hand and pulled her to the center of the circle. "You still have yet to tell me what kind of spell you need to master. So what is it then? A locator spell? Cloaking? Barriers?"

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Amber | 3678 comments Ridley let Veller lead her to the circle and stood where he told her. "Veller it's everything. Well not barriers. Stuff that can stop attacks are my specialty," she replied. "But really I can't do anything except stuff like that, I told you I'm awful at this," she added. "You really just took on a project by offering to help me," she sighed.

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Veller nodded slowly, "Hmm..." he said, starting to wonder if this was going to be more work than her magic was worth. Though at this point not many witches ventured this far from their coven alone, so she might be his only chance to syphon magic for a while. "Well, one step at a time," he said, "Let's start with a simple cloaking spell." He stepped out of the circle and said the incantation for the spell loud enough for her to hear. Immediately he disappeared from view and it appeared as if Rid was alone. "Did you catch that?" Veller asked, reappearing in front of Rid suddenly, closer than he had been before, there was only a few inches between them now. "Or do I need go repeat it again?" He added with a smirk.

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Amber | 3678 comments Ridley blushed but shook her head. She pressed her hand against his chest and pushed him back. "Personal space," was all she replied. She took a deep breath and started attempting to focus on what she had to do. She had caught the incantation. But now she was worried about doing it right. Alright Ridley, you've got this, she coached herself up. She spoke the incantation and looked around. "Did I do it?" she questioned, but she was in fact, half there and half not.

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