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Petals on the Wind > Why do you think Christopher was unable to find love with someone beside Cathy? Do you believe that incest was inherited? Is this a weakness in him?

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Tiffany | 53 comments Mod
Let us know what you think!

message 2: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (jennyzp) | 2 comments I don't think he ever really tried and the times he did try he just kept comparing them to Cathy. I also think that what their mother did to them played a huge part in it as well. and yes I think incest was inherited to them

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Regan (regandahl) | 1 comments I've read all the books so I know the real truth & I am excited to see how it will play out in movie form.

debbicat *made of stardust* (cr8zycat) I have not read all the books. Should I? This one was so dark. Very troubling to my soul. I read part of the 3rd book. Seeds I think. I put it down. Just didn't have to stomach at the time for the bad seed in her son. I have all the books. Found them at a used book store. Just been reading lighter stuff these days. These are so heavy. I don't think incest is inherited. I think in this story it all relates to the attic. And I agree. Christopher never tried to fall n love with anyone else.

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Shyla | 19 comments He was ruined by his situation. When he was young and tender he was trapped in a prison and while he was growing into a man and forced into the role of protector and provider for his younger siblings with no one but Cathy to count on, talk to and comfort him. Once they escaped I think he thought he was never good enough for anyone else, he was damaged as the grandmother told them and Cathy was the only one who could and would still love him knowing everything. That's why he never tried, he did not want to bring pain and dysfunction to another normal girl.

debbicat *made of stardust* (cr8zycat) True. I agree about Christopher. Sorry. I gave wrong title above for 3 rd. Book. It's If There Be Thorns. Maybe I will finish it this summer by the pool, somewhere where there is brightness all around me. These books are dark. But I do enjoy them.

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Shyla | 19 comments Debbie wrote: "True. I agree about Christopher. Sorry. I gave wrong title above for 3 rd. Book. It's If There Be Thorns. Maybe I will finish it this summer by the pool, somewhere where there is brightness all aro..."

If there be thorns is my least favorite of the series. Maybe because Cathy does not narrate it and a lot of bart's perspective is so weird. The two first books are the best....and Garden of Shadows the prequel is also really good and you learn even more naughty, dysfunctional stuff about the family. It's worse then FITA leads us to believe.

debbicat *made of stardust* (cr8zycat) Oh wow. Thanks so much for sharing that. Yea. I guess it is bc Cathy doesn't narrate it. I think I will finish it so I can read the others. And Bart is do creepy. Maybe I can just skim it and get thru so I can move on to the rest.

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Kristina (heavensmommy2004) | 3 comments I agree with Shyla but also Christopher for the longest time was convinced of his mothers love, when really she was just selfish. I think his love for his mother had something to do with his unnatural love for his sister, and his lack of searching for someone besides Cathy. Bytime the second book rolls around I think theres so much shame, andwith his personality I think he would find it had to keep such a lie from another woman. The damage had already been done while the two of them were trapped up in the addict while both of them were going through puberty, it is what it is. Reaction to circumstance. I dont think incest was inherited. In some ways yes Christopher is weak.

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Shyla | 19 comments Yep, I 100% do not think Cathy and Chris would have had any feelings other then normal sibling love if their father had not died and they had not been locked in that attic. In the beginning of FITA they related just as normal brother and sister with competition and rivalry. I wish Cory would have lived so we could see how he turned out and how different Carries story would have been if she had been able to have her dear twin with her.

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