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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Name:Lucas Trevor Smith
Faction of Origin:Erudite


Written Description:

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone:Tanned
Distinguishable Marking:Birth mark on his left shoulder

Trevor is very intelligent.He is amazing at school and gets A’s all the time.He loves to learn and read books.He is really kind though to and is very friendly.He also has a great sense of humour.He likes to help around sometimes.He will do anything to help a friend. He loves to go to the library everyday,since it is quite and nice there.And he is really good at teaching and really enjoys it.


Mother:Lola Carly Smith.She was really honest and had a good sense of humour like her son.Died age 30.Born Candor.
Father:Kyle John Smith.He is an intelligent man and is always trying his best to take care of his son and help him out since his wife died,he loved her very much.Age 46.Born Erudite.
Sister:No sisters
Brother:No brothers

Lucas was born in Erudite to Lola and Kyle Smith.Lucas was a very happy child,he had some friends and his parents were very good and kind to him.He had no reason to complain.But one day his mother,Lola,became very ill.She was always getting headaches and coughing.Lucas was seven years old when this happened.He was very afraid.His father kept telling him his mother will be fine and she will get better.But she didn’t.As the days passed,she got worse,her coughing was more frequent and she had to stay in bed.She had a pale face and her eyes were very dull.Lucas’s father worried more now.So Lucas did too.He saw the reaction on his father’s face everyday,hen he went to see her,a kind of relieved reaction.Kyle was relieved that she was still alive,still there.He would sit beside the bed and hold her hand as she smiled weakly.Then he would kiss her head when it was time to go to bed.He loved her very much.Lucas did too.
But the tragic day came.Kyle and Lucas went into the room where Lola lay,they walked over to her and held her hand.Kyle had a strange look on his face.Her hand was cold,almost lifeless…She was dead.Kyle just kept muttering to her,not believing what had happened.Lucas looked at his mother and began to cry.He was afraid that this would happen,that one day he would loose her.Kyle held Lucas in his arms and they both cried.Then Kyle whispered to Lucas “Lucas,I will never let you go.I will always help you.I will always love you…always”
At the Choosing Ceremony he decided Erudite.Since he loves books and he loves to learn new things.Also he didn't want to leave his father.After all he has done for him.He couldn't abandon him.


-Loosing his father
-Getting Bad Grades
-Teaching Badly


-The Library


-Noise when he is reading or is focused
-The memories of the day his mother died
-Getting sick


-His Memories of his mother haunts him every day
-Telling Lies
-Using Weapons



Weapon of Choice:None but if necessary,a gun

Faction they instruct:Erudite

Lucas is really like his mother.They both have a great sense of humour and they both are really honest.He loved his mother very much.His father loved her very much too.Now Kyle looks out for Lucas and helps him out in any way possible.

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Just a few things I would add, I don't know what Ally will think but...

1. Maybe add more to the History. It shouldn't all revolve around his life with his mum. Maybe add initiation? And how that treated him...

2. I do believe he needs three weaknesses.

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Ok so I see all three weaknesses...
And I would like you to add more to the history, something that involves him during initiation or aptitude test scores or maybe life in the faction

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Bloodyhell Wow, 4 characters at once...

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Bloodyhell Actually scratch that, you are going to play 5 characters O_o. You're gonna be very busy...

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Ok Ally :)

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Fong wrote: "Actually scratch that, you are going to play 5 characters O_o. You're gonna be very busy..."

Ha yeah lol ;)

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Oh and sorry it took so long to do but I finally finished :)

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It's fine! And you're done?

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Yeah now I think I am :)

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Thank you :)!!!!!

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Thank you for making him

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments You're welcome :)
But sorry I made him a bit late :(

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You finished before Friday so good job

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Thanks :D!

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Do you know if Ginny is online?

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments I don't think so :(

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