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Croker Diaries: Justice Be Mine (The Croker Diaries)
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 Eldritch Reading Reindeer 2021 In Cobwebs  (readingreindeerproximacentauri) "
Ryan Croker loved the law. As a child, he dreamt of someday standing in a court of law arguing his case. After passing the Bar, Ryan launches his own law practice, assembling a legal team of friends, who quickly learns how competitive it is in Los Angeles area. After several months of struggling, Ryan takes on a sexual harassment case against a large corporation, nobody else wanted. As the case progresses, Ryan discovers the lawsuit is just a coverup for something much larger and sinister.

Justice Be Mine takes the reader on a legal roller coaster of twist and turns, with a rookie attorney facing a plethora of insurmountable odds."

 Eldritch Reading Reindeer 2021 In Cobwebs  (readingreindeerproximacentauri) Ryan Croker, a former schoolteacher, has finished law school, barely passing. No employment or prospects, no residence of his own, so life is disheartening. His roommate Chris is affluent, top of the class in 3rd year of law school, and has a shaky psyche due to an overbearing, egotistical, parent. When for some reason Ryan passes the Bar Exam but Chris fails, Chris eventually suggests he fund Ryan in a solo practice start-up with Chris as law clerk, Phil from law school as investigator, and Brenda, a girlfriend of Ryan's from undergraduate days, as receptionist-secretary.

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