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London Rae | 2 comments The Cheating Wives Club: A thief in the night

Here is the Amazon link

I have the first book in my series The Cheating Wives Club free today June the 11th. I would love to get a couple of reviews on it if possible. If not feel free to read and enjoy. There are currently three books in the series out with a fourth in the works. It is contemporary romance and here is the quick description:

Best friend means something different to everyone. For Madison, Zoey, Emma and Amanda the word best friend isn't enough to describe the bond they have together.

High school is where that bond was first cemented and even after all these years, through college, marriages and babies, these four women have stuck together through everything which life has thrown their way.

Now one of them has done something to threaten the trust which all great friendships are built upon and each woman must look inside themselves to figure out if they can forgive one of their own for doing something none of them thought possible.

Liam was brought on to help Madison cover the upcoming race for Governor in the great state of Michigan and the day he walked into her office, everything Madison knew about herself suddenly disappeared. Between her fledgling marriage and Liam's thirst for adventure, Madison soon found herself fighting a feeling which she hadn't had in years . . . Desire.

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Hi, i have downloaded your book there now and i will read it and put a review up as soon as i can.

message 3: by Amy (new)

Amy | 4 comments Just downloaded your book. I will read and review it over the weekend. Thanks!

message 4: by London (new)

London Rae | 2 comments Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did writing it.

message 5: by Paromita (new)

Paromita Goswami (paromitagoswami) | 2 comments Hi London. I have downloaded your book. Looks promising.

message 6: by Yolande (new)

Yolande Branch Hi, I've just downloaded a copy of your book. Will read and review as soon I can. Thanks. Yolande.

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