Dead of Winter (The Arcana Chronicles, #3) Dead of Winter question

Jack is dead or not?
Bijaya laishangbam Bijaya Jun 11, 2016 03:25AM
First of all, Jack Cajun is such class guy that he could not die. he is definitely a hidden card. me think sun card. Evie is having power base on plant, so sun is the card. if fact I think the flash happen may be due to some horrific happen to Jack during that time. what you say?

Totally agree that he's not dead and in the lengthy discussions with my group of friends we think if he is a card he is most likely the sun but- for some reason when Evie is with Jack Aric can't speak to her telepathically, so he could be something else entirely but I would be so surprised and disappointed if he is dead, I feel like that would negate the whole point of Evie making a choice between the two. I reckon Evie will train with Aric to avenge jack but then Jack will come back and we'll have to go through the whole love triangle all over again. But my number one prediction is that Aric will die at some point probably throuh heroic sacrifice as he's so tired with his unending life.

Bijaya laishangbam you just nail down my point.
Jun 12, 2016 01:27AM

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