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•EM• | 25080 comments Hey!

message 2: by Bear (new)

Bear Carson | 252 comments Hey there! What do you wanna do?

message 3: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25080 comments Hey hey.
I like to do fantasy or real life sorta situations. You?

message 4: by Bear (new)

Bear Carson | 252 comments I do also I enjoy romance a lot

message 5: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25080 comments Yeah me too!!!!

message 6: by Bear (new)

Bear Carson | 252 comments What ideas do you have?

message 7: by Bear (new)

Bear Carson | 252 comments I'm thinking about a girl falling in love with her best friends older brother

message 8: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25080 comments Umm bit so much at the moment. Have you? Sorry I can't think just atm

message 9: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25080 comments Yeah I'm doing a roleplay pretty much the same to that at the moment

message 10: by Bear (new)

Bear Carson | 252 comments I have a few ideas I'm enjoying law/ criminal romances. I also like the idea of a younger woman using a fake idea to get into a strip pub and falling for a male stripper.

message 11: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25080 comments Haha that's sounds funny, how young would she be?

message 12: by Bear (new)

Bear Carson | 252 comments Eighteen so legal adult just not old enough to be in a strip club for twenty one year olds. I'm also thinking it would add drama if it was a friends brother so they'd have that tense secret between them.

message 13: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25080 comments Oh that's a great idea! I like it!! So maybe he's 21 or 22 and she's just turned 18? I like it! I don't think it should be we best friends brother though.. Maybe just a close friend..?

message 14: by Bear (new)

Bear Carson | 252 comments I agree completely. I think this will be fun! Is it okay if I play the male

message 15: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25080 comments Oh thank god you asked, yes! Hahahaha I don't know how to play a stripper ahahah
I'll be girl

message 16: by Bear (new)

Bear Carson | 252 comments Haha I can't Roleplay girls very well. I'm going to work on my guy:3

message 17: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25080 comments That's good. I'm very happy to be the girl.
Do you wanna do your character first?

message 18: by Bear (last edited Jun 11, 2016 01:58AM) (new)

Bear Carson | 252 comments description
Name: Jason Maddox

Occupation: Firefighter (secretly a stripper also))

Appearance: description
Personality: He is a kind and fun loving guy. He is a diehard romantic who will steal a girls heart way easy
Other: He enjoys both of his jobs

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Bear Carson | 252 comments Hows that?

message 20: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25080 comments So hot! Sorry was having dinner and had to help clean up.

Name: Analisia Peters
Nickname: Ana
Age: 18
Occupation/student: just graduated highschool. Barista at a local coffee shop.
Appearance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...
Personality: she's a sweet sincere person, always tried to do best for others. Loves to be around her family as they're a big part of her life.

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Bear Carson | 252 comments ((Where do you live if I may ask and I will start us out:3 ))

Jason pulled into his parents driveway slowly. He was exhausted from his two jobs. His family was having a get together with family and friends. He shook his head he figured his sister was going to have a crapload of her friends over like usual. Jason walked into the house trying to avoid his sister as long as possible. I swear my parents invite more people every damn time they party.. Jason sat down in the kitchen grabbing a Dr. Pepper glad people avoided the kitchen.

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•EM• | 25080 comments ((Australia. You?))

Analisia had been invited over to the get together by Jess, his sister. She was asking the girls from the party if they'd like another drink who had said yes, she headed through to the kitchen and got out the drinks. Not realising that he was in there. She also hadn't yet been to the strip club he worked at but she had heard from people she worked with that it was really good and she'd have to go sometime. She was planning in going that night.

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Bear Carson | 252 comments ((Montana in the US aha I don't sleep at nights I work usually.. So I should be on during your days))

"Well if it isn't Ana. I haven't seen you in a while."Jason smiled standing up to hug her. "How have you been since you graduated." Jason smiled drinking from his soda watching her carefully. She is still really beautiful.. He rubbed his shoulder slightly looking into her eyes

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•EM• | 25080 comments ((What's the time? It's 7:43pm here.))

Ana jumped as he suddenly talked to her from behind, she looked over at him and smiled "oh god, Justin. Hi." She said and smiled as she put the drinks she grabbed down "I yeah we havnt seen each other in so long." She said "I'm good.. Yeah been happy afterwards, it's finally done." She said happily "how are you?" She asked as she went to hug him

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Bear Carson | 252 comments ((3:57 in the morning haha))

" I'm awesome working as a Firefighter paying my way through medical school." Jason told her smiling. He hasn't been to a family event since he graduated." To bad I got here super late I work tonight. If I didn't work we could have caught up a little better." Jason replied a little sadly. He used to think Ana had a crush on him back when he was a senior in High school but nothing ever came of his thoughts. "I've heard from the boys down in the Firestation that you make some killer coffee I might have to stop by someday and see if the rumors are true." He laughed softly dragging his fingers through his hair.

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•EM• | 25080 comments ((Oh wow hahah))

Ana leaned back against the counter and nodded a little as she looked across at him "wow you.. I totally honestly forgot you were a firefighter, how's that going?" She asked "is it very exciting?" She asked him, she had missed him since he left school and she hadn't heard much. Ana glanced at the party thing again then back at him "oh. So you're not coming to mingle?" She asked "and youv got work? But you just got home from work." She said confused

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Bear Carson | 252 comments " A firefighter is always on call. It's going good I've only seen one fire since I started." Jason smiled slightly." I'm sorry that I can't stay and mingle. I wish I could stay longer but duty calls." He looked at the clock it was 8:30 and the club opened at 9:30." I promise I will visit with you sometime soon alright?" He hugged her one more time before running back out to his truck.

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•EM• | 25080 comments She looked at him again then hugged him also and smiled slightly "right well yeah.. Come visit me sometimes." She said and smiled again letting him go then taking the drinks back out to the girls

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Bear Carson | 252 comments Jason drove to the stripclub smiling. He stripped into his tight boxers and firefighter uniform. He watched the clock and smiled waiting for the all the male strippers to start in the usual order. Ana is gorgeous.. I wonder if she's still with that jerk she was dating when I graduated. he shook his head trying to get her out of his mind. He let out an irritated growl.

"Save the feisty attitude for your stripping."His boss snapped out walking by Jason. His boss always was a rude man but he always let underage girls in if they promised to avoid the booze and any touching they didn't want to recieve from the men.

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•EM• | 25080 comments Ana finally said goodbye to Jess and her family before she headed home, sneaking in to her room and getting changed into come tighter clothes then headed back out, she couldn't let her parents know where she was going. She looked at her phone as a friend from work text her, asking if she was going to the strip club, she replied with a yes and made her way there. Standing in line then thanking the security guard and going inside

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Bear Carson | 252 comments "First time at a stripclub." The boss asked Ana." For ladies here the first time you get to choose to kiss a stripper of your choice if you want." He told her winking and walking away.

Jason heard the music start for the first act. He was thankful he was the third man out on the stage. The ladies are a little more excited by the third act. Jason finished up his costume easily and bit his lip smiling. He was ready for a good show tonight and nothing would stop him.

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•EM• | 25080 comments Ana looked at his boss before he had walked away, she but her lip slightly, was it that obvious? "Y-yeah it is... How.. What do you mean choose?" she asked, interested

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Bear Carson | 252 comments "You look nervous about being here. Just watch and enjoy. Most ladies here have kissed one of my strippers is sort of an initiation." Th boss laughed." So after my five guys perform you can chose to kiss one of them." He shrugged her innocence off easily winking at the friends she was with.

Jason watched the first act step out onto the stage. He shook his head the guy was dressed as a cowboy. He stared at his hands.

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•EM• | 25080 comments Ana glanced back at her friends who laughed then she laughed also. Listening to what the boss had to say though she just went alone with the girls, taking a seat at a table with them when the show began to start

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Bear Carson | 252 comments Jason heard the applause when the first guy finished. He watched the second guy head out onto the stage. He looked at his phone before putting in his bag. He was nothing like the high schooler Ana remembered. Jason had a six pack now and he was in major shape to keep up with both jobs. He wondered what Ana was thinking about

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•EM• | 25080 comments Ana laughed a little as she spoke with the girls then watched the show, cheering along with then also. Happily watching. She had always wondered what the strip club was like, and this was by far a great start

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Bear Carson | 252 comments Jason saw the second guy come back form the stage. Jason ran out when his time started. The best part of this job is that the guys could strip without seeing the girls and being nervous because the bright lights blinded them. He was only able to see faces right when the lights turned off for him to step off the stage. Jason slowly stripped out of his uniform doing his usual grinding routine that drove some of the older women absolutely crazy. Today was his night to strip off his boxers and reveal himself to the ladies. Jason hit his lip in a sexy way before sliding his boxers off tossing them to the end of the stage. He slid his helmet off his head and covered himself waiting for the lights to dim so he could exit.

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•EM• | 25080 comments Ana was already having a blast, throwing some cash at the strippers before Jason, she had been thinking about the bosses statement and who she would wanna kiss, before seeing Jason come out she practically already decided on kissing number 2. He was hot! When Jason came out she was a little confused, not too sure if it was him or not, she listened to all the women around her squealing for him and go crazy over his moves, as she watched she began to squeal also, enjoying herself, she gasped when he stripped down completely, was he even allowed to do that? She was so shocked along with everyone else then decided that he would be the one she wanted to kiss. It wasn't until he took the helmet up to cover himself up that she knew for sure it was Jason, Jason was a stripper. She giggled a little more to herself and talked amongst the girls as they all cheated for him when he finished.

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Bear Carson | 252 comments Jason walked off the stage but stopped slightly swearing that he just saw Ana. He waited until the end of all the acts before walking out in tight shorts to serve the ladies drinks and food. He looked around to see if he could spot Ana.

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•EM• | 25080 comments ((Sorry fell asleep... Going back to sleep now though.))

Ana had quickly skipped off to use the bathroom before she would head back out and return to the girls with some more drinks. She thought about seeing Jason up there, he was a stripper! It was all she could think about. oh god he's so hot though... I wanna kiss that... No I can't! He's my friends brother, no ana don't she thought

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Bear Carson | 252 comments Jason laughed as one of the older ladies stuck a hundred bucks in the waistline of his boxers. He looked over seeing Ana come out of the restroom he was about to walk over to her but saw his boss walking over quickly.

"Have you decided which guy you wanna kiss?"the boss asked her smiling seeing it looked like she had a great time watching the men. He was lucky to have most of these guys since they have regular day jobs.

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•EM• | 25080 comments Ana was walking back towards the bar when his boss walked over to her, she smiled happily at him. "Hi.. Oh umm.." She thought some more about it, she wanted to kiss Jason so badly because she did, she always had a crush on him though she wasn't sure it was the right thing to do, what of she picked another guy, would he get jealous? She sighed and finally just picked "Jason." She said unsure if she was meant to know his real name or not

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Bear Carson | 252 comments " Ahh you want to kiss our firefighter."The boss chuckled." He is our youngest stripper so far he started when he was eighteen. The boy missed his senior prom to start working here."he looked around spotting Jason." Come over here kid duty calls."

Jason ran over to his boss quickly looking into Ana's eyes hoping she wasn't to disappointed in his choice of work. He smiled slightly and looked at his box." What's up sir." He responded softly.

"This woman chose to kiss you for her first strip club experience." His boss walked away so Jason could finish the job like usual. Jason looked at her curiously." Are you sure." He asked her softly walking closer to her

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•EM• | 25080 comments And blushed a deeper red as she listened to his boss, looking over across the room at Jason, he was so hot, she couldn't care less that he was a stripper, it just made him even hotter. Though, he started when he was 18? She looked at Jason when he walked over and his boss left them. Her heart raced as she looked up and down his torso, looking at his hard six pack abs, she gently bit her lower lip as she admired his body. Ana looked back up at him, her eyes immediately locking with his, softly nodding "I'm sure." She said quietly

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Bear Carson | 252 comments "Alright."Jason wrapped his arms around her body setting one of his hands on her ass. He kissed her lips hard and deeply. He always imagined kissing her but he never thought he would have the chance.

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•EM• | 25080 comments Ana gasped just a little as his hand touched and softly squeezed her butt though a second later she was lost on her thoughts, her lips were hard against his, she was finally kissing Jason. And he was extra hot tonight. She gently ran a hand of hers up and all along his torso. Feeling each muscle he had. She hoped that wasn't all he could do with her, she loved it already

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Bear Carson | 252 comments Jason pushed his tongue into her mouth pulling her body against his chest. He wanted to leave her wanting more. Hell he wanted more. Jason pulled his mouth away from hers gently pulling on her bottom lip. "Tell me.. How was it.."he whispered into her ear kissing her neck softly.

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•EM• | 25080 comments She had closed her eyes the second he was kissing her, his pressure and experience really showing, when he forced his tongue into her mouth she didn't protest instead she played with his tongue with hers, her tongue gently trying to go into his mouth. When he was pulling away and pulling her lower lip too she instantly tried moving forward and closer to him, not wanting him to stop, a soft soft moan escaping her lips too. She blushed more as he whispered in her ear and kissed her neck. "Jason." She whispered breathlessly "perfect."

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Bear Carson | 252 comments " Hopefully I didn't ruin your time here."Jason looked into her eyes. He wanted Ana and his eyes showed it. He took her hand kissing her fingertips gently." So are you gonna tell my sister where and what I'm doing." He asked her in a teasing manner. Ana and his sister always used to tease him and ironically it's why he became a stripper he wanted to become a rebel from his families values. "Also what happened to your boyfriend.."he asked her softly

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•EM• | 25080 comments Ana bit her lip gently as she looked at him again, he was so dreamy, and standing right in front of her pretty much naked made her want him, want him more than she ever thought. "I...no, I won't tell her." She said "there's a reason you havnt already done that. I'm not going to blab." She said to him, looking at his body again. She sighed a little as she looked away when he commented and asked her about her ex. "Nothing." She said

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